Texas Takes Away Daughter From Couple For Marijuana Use . . . Two-Year-Old Girl Put Into Abusive Foster Home Then Dies After Injuries Sustained In Second Abusive Foster Home

timthumb.phpWhile Colorado has legalized marijuana and other states are moving to decriminalize or legalize its use, Texas takes a hard approach to pot. That was more than evident in the tragedy surrounding the death of a two-year-old little girl named Alexandria Hill who died from injuries in an abusive foster home after she was taken away due to her parent’s use of marijuana.

We have previously seen abuses of the child welfare system like the professor who had his custody taken away and was banned from his own home because his son unwittingly bought a hard lemonade rather than a regular lemonade at a Michigan football game. However, this case resulted in the death of this child who was first put through not one but two abusive foster homes.

Joshua Hill does not deny that he would sometimes use pot after putting his daughter to bed. This might be viewed as a minor issue in most states, but not Texas. Authorities removed Alex from the home and sent her to a foster home where she was abused. On visitations, Joshua Hill would find bruises on her and there would be mold and mildew in her lunch box. Finally, Texas removed her to the foster home of Sherill Small. It would be a death sentence for the little girl.

SherillSmall-300x168Alex was taken to the hospital and put on life support in a coma. Alex was hemorrhaging in her brain and eyes from blunt force trauma to the head. Those are classic symptoms of “shaken baby syndrome.” She lasted only a few days and died. They arrested Small for murder. Small and her husband, Clemon Small, reportedly handle five or six children as a source of income.

The case illustrates that the legalization of pot involves a myriad of issues beyond the question of arrests. Pot arrests lead to criminal records that bar employment and family law issues from custody to child welfare proceedings.

Of course, putting Alex in a succession of abusive homes was viewed as better than leaving her with parents suspected of pot use. Problem solved.

Source: KVUE

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  1. Tragic, and a lot of tragic comes from Texas. Texas killed her in order to protect her, which is similar to the abusive spouse who says ‘I beat you because I love you’…..

  2. Drugs destroy families, but apparently they forget that 10 years in prison at taxpayer expense does the same thing.
    Deluded taxpayers have been sold a bill of goods on the “War On Drugs”.

    Like they say “Pot won’t kill you, but the DEA might”!!

    And now we can add family services to the list…

  3. is it even possible to use anything of our system we have now if “we the people” started to take our nation back? for clearly it seems to me that every facet of our system it utterly broken beyond repair. so surely we should just have a totally knock-down and everything built from scratch. no need to use any of the corrupted parts, and lord forbid to use any of the broken pieces. just scrap-it all and just build from scratch is what i’d call for. maybe it’s just me, but hasn’t our laws been perverted from the beginning, or am i just to jaded and cynical? but folks, crap like this just makes me wanta go into a rage and fix this mess on my own. but of course i know better, it’s gotten bad here on planet earth, folks. where is your out-rage? why should we obey a corrupted system, the corrupted perversion that “they” call “the law”? My God, what and how far will you be pushed until it’s time to push back??? i mean, c’mon folks, when will we be able to use our Constitution? it’s the most thought out and close as human will get to a near perfect constitution, well maybe not near perfect, but a good one at least. but we don’t use it, why not give it to another people, another nation that would use it? another nation that at least will appreciate it. crap, who am i kidding, no-one gives one iotta what i think nor what i say. just blowing smoke here, taking up space. but does this not piss you off? news like this breaks this old man heart, my soul is crying out. ol yeah, for all you writers out there, don’t bother to correct me and my mistakes, i really could sleave-a-git.

    May God Have Mercy On the Spiritually Deaf And Blind, and all those in the middle.

  4. Cannabis doesn’t destroy families, but keeping it a black market substance certainly puts users in close proximity to drugs that do. It’s absolutely moronic to keep adults from using such a potentially helpful, but certainly not harmful, substance.

  5. This makes me sick as it should every thinking human being. Unfortunately our society is filled with religious people that think pot smoking is worse than death for a child. Am I being harsh. YES. This makes me so mad I could spit bullets. A society that takes away a child for a reason like parents smoking pot is in a sad state of decline. And yes, I blame the religious idiots for this as I know many of them personally.

    Stop this madness NOW.

  6. Such a tragic story. Pot use should not lead to foster homes for children.

    “Small and her husband, Clemon Small, reportedly handle five or six children as a source of income.” When foster care becomes a source of income the system is broken. Children are meant to be cared for and loved not “handled” like cattle for money.

  7. This is just one result of an idiotic, senseless, propagandistic “war on drugs.” Equally moronic are civil asset forfeiture, minimum sentencing, felonies for victimless crimes, Byrne Laws, loss of the right to vote, being locked out of the employment system—the list goes on and on—simply for mere possession.

  8. but yet is it just a religious thing? and religious idiots? i just simply disagree, for no, it’s all about power and money. i’ll try to keep this short, for it would take days if not longer to really have or to trade ideas about the major life changing problem. the whole point of this and many other if not all other problems is that most folks only know what they hear. they’ll repeat it the same ol rumors the rest of their days here upon planet earth. main reason, folks are mainly lazy and are willingly ignorant an or a bunch of dum-masses. folks like i said, they only repeat in what they hear, and never do any searches are any real researching on subject like this. i’ve known folks that only read a headlines of some news article and maybe the first paragraph and they would go to their death arguing with you til kingdom comes, and in their minds thought they were some kinda expert. but to think this is only, or mainly a religious problem is not even close. most doesn’t even know it was mandatory for farmers to grow a certain amount of hemp to pay your taxes. and only back in 1937 is when they really started making laws against buying, growing, selling hemp. hemp has alot of history here in the states, let alone all over the world. it’s said that this is the most useful plant on the face of the earth. over 2,000 uses, and this is not counting the medical uses that just here lately that doctors and scientist or just coming to find out about, an or just now coming back to realizes. you see much of the known uses has been forgotten. i’m an old man now, and i’ve smoked more pot in my younger days than most would ever smoke in a life time, maybe that explains my lack of writing skills, hahaha… but now i don’t smoke it, haven’t in over 35-40 years? ya know it’ll make you to forget? what were we talking about? i guess i have that sometimers crap with me-mind??? just have abunch of flash-back with Cheech and Chong Skits running through-em…

  9. Having spent eight years working in Child Protective Services I can tell you from actual experiences that the Foster Care systems in many, if not all States are broken. While there are some wonderful foster parents, it is a fifty/fifty proposition whether a child removed from their parental home will get one of the good ones. Foster Care institutions suffer from the same problem. While I and the workers I supervised made many removals we had a standing precept which I imposed and that was if the foster situation we took the child to seemed in any way problematic we would not leave the child there. Many foster parents are in it for the money and many foster care agencies despite their pretense of concern for the children are equally and cynically chasing the money. That has to be reformed but sadly it isn’t going to happen soon, if ever.

    The direct cause of this child’s death was a removal based on probably a stupid Child Welfare regulation. Many States have adopted rigid removal policies as a tangent to the “War on Drugs”. As someone who has actually had go into home and physically remove children, sometimes under police protection, I can tell you that there are few issues that are clear cut. To do the job right you must make hard and fast assessments as to the fitness of the parent compared to the bleakness of the foster care system. If you have a conscience these decisions weigh heavily on you. It may sound macabre, but the best cases to deal with were those where there was clear and convincing physical evidence of abuse. It was the “grey” areas like drug use, or lack of food in the home that caused nightmares and crisis of conscience with me that still haunt me after more than 25 years away from working in the system.

    The use of marijuana should not be a cause for removal in and of itself. There must be actual proof that this use is proximate to actual neglect and I would say that the instances of this are quite rare. Yet we are talking about the State of Texas where draconian solutions to everything, save the excesses of business, seems to be the rule. This case is a true tragedy that can never be made up to the parents. Sadly, I doubt that any of the officials involved, nor the Texas legislature will give anything but a passing thought to it. In the most negative sense “it’s the Code of the West” ruling Texas and the reality is that life is NOT a John Wayne movie.

  10. Marjiuna does not destroy families or people….Are you freaking kidding me! The destruction to a human life on pot is just to obvious to list. But I’ll give you one…..those who use pot do not live up to their potential! Here’s a few bonus reason…humans on pot usually become lazy, feel sorry for themselves, get cranky….I prefer to not be around them…but that’s just me!

  11. This is what happens in a one party state. There is no accountability and elected officials are immune from consequences to themselves.

  12. The death of this child is deplorable, but the reasons the state took the child from the parents remain unknown. The parents claim it was their marijuana use, but no state, even Texas, removes children for such a reason. Without in any way defending the Texas foster care or child protection system, it is important to note that because of reasons of confidentiality, the state is unable to publicly report on the neglect that led to the child’s removal. I’m absolutely certain it involved more than marijuana use.

  13. The War on Drugs takes another life. This time it was a young, defenseless girl. When will we declare a war against the corporate take over of this country?

  14. I want comment but truly don’t even know what to say. When it comes to Texas (and Florida) nothing is too idiotic, no consequences too grave for them to rethink their policies. Will the death of this child do it? Sadly, I doubt it.

  15. Jean,

    Louis Armstrong, one of the greatest musicians to ever live, smoked pot every day of his life, and all he did was change the course of music.

  16. On the surface and as it is presented, this is one of the most painful articles I have read on the Turley blog.

    Justice Holmes says very well,
    “Children are meant to be cared for and loved not “handled” like cattle for money”.

    This child got led to the slaughter. Any one know the price of child meat per pound in the Texas foster care system?

    Mike Spindell, I believe heaven exists on earth, and hell exists on earth.
    I have experienced both in my lifetime. As I age I recognize I can steer my path towards the “Higher Plains” and I can walk out of hell when I find myself near it or in it. Child protective service must be hell on earth at times. I truly think you were one of the better ones. This must be a hellish job.

    I wonder if Texas could funnel a little extra oil profits from the Oilagarchs to improve it’s foster care supervision ?

  17. Jean I disagree totally on your opinion of marijuana.
    Absolutely it’s use can be abused by individuals, but this is the exception, it is far removed from the reality.
    My anecdotal evidence is (I’m 58) 45 years of having knowledge of its use. 45 years of working, friendships, aquaintance with folks that enjoy it.
    Marijuana is very benign,and poses an infinitesmally small risk to 99% of its users. I want to say 99.99% but my example is anecdotal.

  18. To do a much better job of providing a safe place for children,no matter the reason for the need for such a place is what we should be looking at. How is it that these foster homes are abusive?

  19. Texas is the home of the stupid and bigoted right wing fanatics.It is certainly not surprising to learn how an innocent young child died as a direct result of the failure of the Texas Department of Child Protective Services to investigate the foster homes that they trust with the welfare of a child.

  20. My late daughter-in-law worked for the Department of Children’s Services in her state. As she put it, “I work in the Dead Baby Division.”

    It is sad to say that she never lacked for work. She traveled all over the state investigating cases of dead babies. Some were due to the DHS screwing up, and some where they did not get to the child in time to get it out of an abusive home. She died of a stroke at a relatively young age. One has to wonder if it was not at least partly due to stress.

  21. “Child protective service must be hell on earth at times. I truly think you were one of the better ones. This must be a hellish job.”


    There was one time as a supervisor I was reading a workers case writeup and I started weeping uncontrollably at my desk on a open floor with hundreds of workers. People rushed to my side to aid what they saw as my pain and it took me perhaps fifteen minutes to regain control of myself enough to explain to those around me. It could well be hell and my children were young at the time so the hurt to children resonated moreso with me. Honestly, to blow my own horn I was recognized as being extraordinary in the field and that was why I was plucked from the Brooklyn Field Office to the Agency’s Central Office. I became the recognized expert on field service delivery and even wrote the Agency’s Reorganization Plan in the 1980’s. When the Deputy Commissioner I worked for, changed that plan in a way that would have allowed for more political appointees who probably didn’t know the job I rebelled. She basically told me that she was sure I would go along with it if I knew what was good for my future. She was wrong. That occurred on a Friday. That afternoon I called up a friend I had made in another Agency and by Monday I had put in for a lateral transfer to that Agency that was accepted.
    I was blackballed by Child Protective Services and even after that Deputy Commissioner left they would never let me transfer back in. I loved my time there because I had a deep sense of an important mission, but I took it so seriously I could not tolerate not living up to the highest standards. Oh the stories I could tell………….

  22. Tragic and inexcusable. However, even considering this occurred in Texas, the fact that his child was taken because of cannabis use was tough for me to believe. A cursory check shows more complete reporting by other media. This gentleman and his girlfriend had a fight over who could best take care of the child. Other family members thought that it was a dangerous situation and called protective services. According to the father, PART of the reason the child was taken was his use of cannabis. If there were family members concerned about the child, it’s surprising they weren’t use as a temporary placement for this sweet girl. Maybe they too were unfit? However, when you enter the foster care jungle, this happens all too often. I’ll end as I began..tragic and inexcusable.

  23. Well it is sad to see this happen but this has been happening in the black community for about 30-odd years. The only reason why this is in the news is due to the fact she is white, everything like this happened to me for 16 years in DCFS ( i prayed very hard for death from the things done to me). I was taken due to the fact my grandmother was mentally ill and self medicated as a result. My mom did not know of this. My grandmother ened up going to the hospital while my mom was off at school. I was taken bounced from foster home then from group home to group home as my resentment and anger grew. One way the MHT’s found to control it was to make me turn the hatred of my situation against my mother and family. over timei became so angry that no one wanted to deal with me and the standard practice was to drug me and isolate me. by the time i was 19 i was a sullen, hair triggered individual. The only reason why i changed was due to m mother starting a conversation with me and getting to know me (they had prevented her from seeing me based on “inadequate progress”). she eventually helped me get free of that by signing myself out from their care and took me to therapy. After a year of good progress i was much much more communicative. By 21 i was functionally fixed of those issues. I mustered up the courage and joined the navy served 7 years saw much of the middle east (i was an AT or Avionics Tech) and was made whole through tireless efforts to improve myself. I apologize if this was too long of a post but had to comment and tell my story. TL:DR This has been happening a long time and eventually the the same issues black Americans face would be faced by the rest.

  24. Barnassey, Firstly thanks for your service. Secondly, thanks for talking about something that is probably pretty painful for you. We need the perspective of people that are from different backgrounds. Your input here is much needed and appreciated. Hopefully you come back often. And damn, man..if you think your comment was long look @ some of the ones on other threads. You’re Hemingwayish compared to some!

  25. Barnassey,
    I want to echo what has already been said. Thanks for sharing your story and congrats on overcoming the foster care system’s damaging effects on you.

  26. Thank you. I honestly admit i survived because i am one stubborn guy at times. Ive been a Long time reader for prof. Turley’s blog. He has a lot of insight about things that often makes me ask the hard questions about things.

  27. That is a testament to your will and strength (and your mother’s) that you could turn your life around.

  28. BARNASSEY God blessed and may he continue to do so. and like mike i can tell some stories about acs, i went up against them just 2 years ago and won, but not without a fight. they count on people not knowing their rights and they counted wrong with me. they took my daughter on a friday and she was back home by monday afternoon. the caseworker decided to tell some lies too make my case seem worse. the most laughable was she found a empty beer bottle next to my garbage can. the hilarious one she found a roach (marijuana) under my radiator now that was hilarious because one i dont smoke it. havent in 23 yrs. how she managed to see a roach so far back under the radiator i had to get on my hands and knees and dig it up is beyond me. she sent me for a drug test. not understanding that i was volunteering at a outpatient program at the time. so i asked them to do my test also. i took the tests 30 mins apart. the rehabs came back negative while hers came back with concentrations that you would need to snort or shoot cocaine for about a week straight on a non stop basis to have. by the time i got thru with her. she and her superviser were fired….

  29. Kudos to you Mike Spindell.
    Kudos to you Barnassey.
    Kudos to so many here that share civil conversation with open thought.
    Thank you Jonathon Turley for the opportunity.

    ….Oh Hell !! …. Kudos to life and the challenges it throws at us. We all can float to the surface and find exhilaration, when we learn what specifically in our lives keep tugging us under. …..
    I turn 59 tomorrow at 1030 am.
    Mike, I spent time with two therapists 15 years apart that were the best guides for me. / my health care and EAP at work allowed for them, my spirit needed help, and I was fortunate to find these two/ I found the surface. Now it’s up to me to keep above water and enjoy the sunshine and withstand the storms.
    Better late than never. Peace and balance is within us all.

  30. Barnassey and RobinH,

    Both your stories ring so sadly true to me. Barnassey that you made it through the horror of the foster home and foster care system is a credit to your innate strength. It is hard to generalize, but I expect your experience reflects a good many others in this country’s child care systems, most often without the positive results of your coming to terms with your life. Foster Care should be a priority in quality control and financial support because in effect the State is taking children from parents to protect the child from harm. There should be a sense of great duty and care for those children. The reality is that is often not the case. The issues are such that perhaps I need to do a guest blog about why the State fails so often in providing good child care.

    RobinH, your story reflects a dirty little secret about CPS, that also reflects the failures that hurt Barnassey. Many CPS workers and their supervisors are too quick to make uninformed judgments and get carried away with their authority. They don’t respect the civil rights of parents and fail to delve beneath the surface of the situation they faced. I always approached the possibilty of removing a child with trepidation because sometimes the judgments can go either way. I know that too many in CPS were cavalier in their work. When you are holding a family’s structure or a child’s future in you hands you need to be damned careful and some aren’t. Others are merely mean tempered bullies who enjoy the suffering they inflict. RobinH it sounds like you ran into the latter and I’m glad you struck back. There is so much I want to say but I really need to express it in a longer format to do justice to the subject. I’ll just finish here by expressing my sadness at what you both were put through. CPS should be a noble job that provides great service to protecting children and it is tragic that it fails so often in its duties.

  31. thank the officials of Texas for keeping the death penalty on the books! these people need to be executed as soon as possible

  32. There are two issues here. The mary jane causing a child to be taken from a parent and the other is the fact that two abusive foster homes befell the same girl, fatally in the last. Something is fundamentally broken there. 98% of foster parents are decent but there are some who use the foster children strictly as income and those are usally the worst kind.

    I feel for this girl and her parents first and foremost. But a big part of me hopes the dad sues the pants of the state for this outrage. I don’t mean any kind of insult to those here who have done good work for their state’s child protective service, but my experience with them in WA was such that I can no longer hear the name and not get angry. They were the most totally incompetent agency I ever had the misfortune of dealing with. They were either lazy when it came to having to deal with a REAL case involving a sexual assault against a child, or they were nazis in badgering a parent over a totally nothing issue and their egos just wouldn’t let it go, or they wanted us to do everything for them, like calling up wanting us to be taxi drivers for a child to a foster home. Anything that might be embarassing to them, they would sweep the issue under the rug and pretend it went away, regardless of the child’s needs. I better stop now.

  33. I had an ex-girlfriend who was in an abusive foster home living right behind me and I missed the signs.😦

    I was in foster homes too although most of them were decent – but being bounced around from home to home because the situation which made them put me in foster care left me hard to handle. And all of it could probably have been resolved by leaving me with my mother…but apparently the rest of my family wasn’t very keen on that because I was born out-of-wedlock… >_> (Well, I had religiots in the family.)

  34. “but my experience with them in WA was such that I can no longer hear the name and not get angry. They were the most totally incompetent agency I ever had the misfortune of dealing with. They were either lazy when it came to having to deal with a REAL case involving a sexual assault against a child, or they were nazis in badgering a parent over a totally nothing issue and their egos just wouldn’t let it go, or they wanted us to do everything for them, like calling up wanting us to be taxi drivers for a child to a foster home. Anything that might be embarassing to them, they would sweep the issue under the rug and pretend it went away, regardless of the child’s needs. I better stop now.”


    I find it interesting that your experiences with WA CPS, mirror my own with CPS in NYC. Let me explain because I think it may add further insight to our readers.

    When I graduated Social Work School and while I was working on my training as a Psychotherapist, I was marked by the NYC Human Resources Administration as someone to watch. My school was part of a work/study program funded by Title XX and I was granted a full scholarship after a competition with 25 others, who took three classes for nine graduate credits.
    For the first time in my life I worked hard at school and in my placement jobs and had straight “A’s” winning the scholarship. I was promoted to Supervisor and sent to work in Special Services for Children’s elite Confidential Investigation Unit. The Director there seemed to hate me on sight when I reported. She was large and heavyset. I learned later that she too was a graduate of Columbia University School of Social Work.and that had been the cachet that made her career. This Unit investigated cases of abuse and neglect in Foster Care homes and facilities. This woman’s disdain for me was centered around the fact that I never had worked before in CPS investigation and also that I had the temerity to look her in the eye when we spoke. The others in the unit were thoroughly cowed by her.

    Because I had been a well known Union activist was also a cause for resentment since when you do union work you learn not to be cowed by authority. I was there for going on six months and we began to have many clashes at that time when I discovered that the Unit’s purpose was really to cover up abuse in our Foster Care facilities since they were run by huge non-profits like Catholic Charities, that had much political clout in NYC. This was true of both the Jewish and Protestant agencies as well. I refused to engage in these coverups and this caused the director problems since I couldn’t be disciplined for really doing my job. At the six month point I finally had enough of her abuse and claim that I had no CPS experience so I put in for a transfer to the Brooklyn Field Office of CPS. My request for transfer out of Central Office to the boondocks was considered an amazing blunder on my part. While the money and title stayed the same all those who wanted to climb the bureaucratic ladder vied to get into Central Office and away from the field offices. I was doing the opposite. She disdainfully dismissed me when I left telling me I had destroyed my career.

    Child Protective Services energized me because as a troubled child (not abused, yet neurotically troubled) I had made a vow to myself to never forget the pain I felt in childhood. To have the chance now to protect children awakened a feeling of mission in me that I hadn’t had up to that point in my career. The Brooklyn Field Office at the time was the largest facility of its kind in the nation and Brooklyn itself was in a time of great social stress and upheaval. The Office was a large five story building about a block square. The middle three floor contained CPS units, each consisting of 7 rowed desks. There was the Supervisor I’s, the unit clerk and five caseworkers in each unit. My Unit was in the back of the room so as I looked in from of me I could see about 40 units in rows. I would regularly come in about 8:00am every day and work through the pile of case records that my workers had written in from the previous day. I would read every line written in every case, sign the entries and below them give my follow up instructions. I would make notes as to which of my workers I would speak to directly. One of my workers had been an old friend from years before in the Welfare Department. He had been transferred to CPS about five years before me. He had a part time business on the side and he figured that now we had reunited and I was admittedly new to the job he could just get by.

    His case write-ups were atrocious and it was known he never wanted to go “to court”, so he would ignore issues seen and provide such little detail he wouldn’t have a record to be hung on in case of trouble. His work was typical as I found. I kept talking to him nicely to give me more information and he would smile back at me in a way that conveyed “Yeah right, Mike”.
    I had been there for three weeks and I realized that this was not only wrong but intolerable. One morning I asked him to accompany me to our staff lounge. Shut the door, picked him up by his lapels and threw him into the wall. I held him there and told him that he would follow my orders or I would get him fired. He stopped talking to me after that, for awhile, but his work improved drastically. The message got through to the rest of my workers and my unit developed a sense of comradely Commitment. I reinforced that by becoming the only Supervisor I to accompany the caseworkers out to the field on difficult cases, thus learning by actually doing and building my worker’s trust by sharing the dangers and depression of the job.

    Since I was in early working on the cases and could observe the rest of the office I could see that the other Unit Supervisors would generally come in at 9:00am or later and socialize for much of the morning. Their desks were usually piled with unread case records as they drank coffee and chatted. It both astounded me and disgusted me that there was such a blase attitude among those who were in effect the Sergeants of the office and so directly affected worker morale. some of it no doubt was the shell shock of seeing so many serious cases, but a lot of it was apathy and laziness. They had a willingness to leave the burden on the worker’s back and when there was blame to be distributed it seem to always fall on the workers and not those who supervised them. It took me a year to become the Supervisor I in the office who other supervisors came to for advice. It was actually shorter in time because I was out for three months when I had my first heart attack at age 37.

    A pilot project was proposed to develop a so-called High Risk Unit, that would be made up of elite workers and would use a new form the CPSRD.
    This form was a brilliant development since it allowed any reader to follow how each case was investigated and forced the worker and supervisor to sign off at each step of the investigation. I loved it when I first saw it because of its utility and clear division of responsibility. I was chosen to supervise the unit I was allowed my choice of who I deemed to be the five best workers out of the 600 or so in the field office. Each morning I would choose my own cases from the ones that had come in overnight via telex.
    Those cases were the deaths, third degree burns, serious fractures or worst sex abuse cases. The pilot lasted for one year. By years end all of my workers had been burned out and were either on sick leave, or had quit the Agency. My best worker resigned to work in the Post Office because the job was destroying her family life. In the last month I was making all the visits myself and taking all of the cases into court. At the end of the year an outside consultant studied the results and concluded that my unit had outperformed the ten other regular, random, CPS units throughout the City by a wide margin. This was based on outcome and upon the thoroughness of the case file. I was promoted to Central Office and my career really began.

    Incidentally, years later at an HRA joint task force, I ran into my old boss from the Confidential Investigations Unit which she still ran. I outranked her.

  35. SWM Davis would be a shoo-in (well unless they succeed at their gerrymandering and suppressing the vote but they would have to find a way to suppress an awful of women)

  36. What about the issue of making money from fostering…that alone attracts a certain undesirable element in society…

  37. MIke

    An enjoyable read into your career. Another similarity I noticed is that some gov’t agencies tend to punish anyone who shows strong ability and initiative because wonks who move into middle management undeservedly (such as for political reasons or to attrition) view these two traits as threats. Lazy workers on the bottom don’t like to see someone making them look bad and they often join with the wonks to remove those with ability.

  38. It’ll soon be nice to have the IQ of the governors office raised……. But then again….. It will raised just because idiots are leaving….. I wonder if perry will move to the DC area like a number of other retired politicos…..

  39. “I noticed is that some gov’t agencies tend to punish anyone who shows strong ability and initiative because wonks who move into middle management undeservedly (such as for political reasons or to attrition) view these two traits as threats.”


    Many middle management people were threatened by me without cause, since I never try to hurt others, who haven’t hurt me, or climb up anyones back. In a sense, to borrow from the movie “Taken” my skill set was such that I was valuable, even if a pain in the ass, who refused to let my integrity be compromised, or break the law. I always considered myself a “one eyed man in the land of the blind” when it came to working.

  40. Some people ARE in fostering for the money. I think my ex’s foster parents were. Most of mine, otoh, at least started idealistic – whether the idealism survived, that’s another story. I had one foster father who had a hell of a time dealing with me, but in the end, he still saw me as his last attempt at raising a child and certainly kept the idealism to the end. He even put it on his stone that he was a foster father – I was the only foster child placed with him on a non-temporary basis.

  41. Its not an accident. THe “War on Drugs” and “War on Terror” were both False Flag Wars designed to expand the Police State and destroy the Bill of Rights. You have to be in a deep delusion not be able to see that 911 was an inside job.

  42. Texas, like many red states, has only a stingy budget allotment for social services, including Medicaid (and also education, but that’s another blog entry day). Which probably means social workers have overwhelming caseloads. When the front line workers are fighting a losing battle, the war will never be won by the generals. One thing to remember, though. We only ever hear about the failures, the mistakes, when things go wrong. No one writes an article saying, today, 1000 foster kids happily had breakfast in decent homes, went off to school, had band/soccer/whatever and came home to play with the family dog/cat/pet of choice. What we read instead are the horror stories. Now that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t keep striving for better. As long as 1 child dies, even if it’s 1 in a million, while under a state’s child protective services, then we still have a problem. Money won’t solve all problems, but lack of money will most certainly make things worse. And that’s why we hear these horrific stories like this one, so often out of states which would rather give tax breaks to lucrative banks and businesses than make sure there’s enough funding for services for the most fragile citizens.

  43. The same officials that removed the child for pot use possibly went home that night and celebrated another victory for the law by taking a few shots of hooch. That sure helps me feel safer.

  44. I know this is a bit off topic, but I don’t know how else to communicate with those in the upper echelons of JTLand…. Perhaps someone is preparing an post re this recent report.
    It seems to be of a piece with the general thrust of documenting the emerging authoritarian state. (Or would it be better to say emerged?)
    Ideas such as the police as military aspect that has been cited; the general state of low level fear and isolation created in our public life (“anybody could be a terrorist!” mentality. Or/and reference the TSA.). There seems to be a general systemic change in the notion of Citizen and rights, and the place of the state in re citizen.
    Anyway… all these and other notions seem to be implicated in this article.
    It is a reflection of the other horrible fact of 1 in 4 black males being part of the prison system. (or whatever the current number is).

    As the old song says ; ‘Something’s happening here… what it is aint exactly clear…there’s a man w a gun over there telling me I have to beware…… “…
    except the outlines of it are increasingly becoming clear…


  45. One of the outcomes of govt spy agencies is that it has allow certain mafia types to find out who the prevs & other criminal types were & blackmail them as they promote them into leadership positions to the point our govt has been overrun by a handful of completely insane sociopaths.


    Posted: 5:59 p.m. Wednesday, Aug. 7, 2013

    Former psychiatrist accused of decades-long molestations jailed

    1 7 11 84

    Dr. William Ayres, charged with multiple counts of molestation

    KTVU.com and wires

    REDWOOD CITY, Calif. —

    A San Mateo County Superior Court judge sided with the prosecution Wednesday and remanded into custody a well-known former child psychiatrist who pleaded no contest in May to molesting boys during examinations in the 1990s.

    The latest turn came this morning when Dr. William Hamilton Ayres, 81, of San Mateo, was due in court to seek a continuance for a sentencing date due to a delay in a doctor’s report. A new sentencing date was scheduled for Aug. 26, a day that Superior Court Judge Beth Freeman cleared for victims to address the court and recount their stories.

    According to District Attorney Steve Wagstaffe, today’s events couldn’t have come any sooner. He said Freeman made it abundantly clear that based on the seriousness of the crime and the number of victims, Ayres should be taken into custody without delay.

    “His freedom ended today and we’re hoping it goes until the remainder of his life,” Wagstaffe said. “His freedom should have been ended many years ago. But I am glad it ended today.”

    Six of Ayres’ victims spoke today, four of which spoke strictly about the motion to remand Ayres.

    A victim named Rion B. and his father were granted the right to give their victim’s impact reports Wednesday because they are residents of Hawaii and cannot attend court on the sentencing day, according to Wagstaffe.

    “It was a very, very emotional day in court today,” Wagstaffe said. “When victims talk about what happened to them it is very emotional.”

    Many victims are expected to take the stand at sentencing later this month.

    “It’s a big day for the victims they are finally going to get their day to talk about what happened to them,” Wagstaffe added.

    In a surprise move, Ayres pleaded no contest May 16 to the charges against him just four days into jury selection in his second trial in San Mateo County Superior Court. His first trial ended in a hung jury and subsequent mistrial in 2009.

    A former president of the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, Ayres was arrested on April 6, 2007, at his San Mateo home.

    He was charged with nine counts of lewd or lascivious acts on a child under the age of 14 for allegedly inappropriately touching five boys who had come to him for counseling in the early 1990s.

    Prosecutors believe the alleged molestations involved fondling of young patients during “medical” examinations while in counseling sessions with Ayres, during a period from 1991 to 1996. The boys were between the ages of 9 and 13 at the time, according to San Mateo County Deputy District Attorney Melissa McKowan.

    Ayres had a thriving practice treating children patients from the 1960s to 2006, according to the district attorney’s office. He was also called on to evaluate hundreds of cases, including sex offenders, in San Mateo County juvenile court going back to the 1970s.

    Ayres was taken into the San Mateo County Jail in Redwood City on a no-bail status.

    His sentencing will take place on Aug. 26 at 9 a.m. in Department 3, Freeman’s courtroom.


  46. Short interview: The Kidnapping of Our Children with Filmmaker Shaymus Crow

    re: Operation Paul Revere Film Entry- Uncle Sam’s Kids.

  47. In Texas, Equal or Shared Parenting is the exception rather than the rule. Thus rampant crime is being committed against children and one parent whose parent(s) have been relegated to such a position, as *visitor* to his or her child. Where so-called child support, via the Attorney General(OAG), enters the picture, the child gets turned into a commodity, by the state and by parents, who would use that child to create a financial extortion of monies from a so named non-custodial, ignoring all of the other many needs a child might have of this targeted parent.

    This group has been formed to identify any who have been oppressed by the Texas Family Court system and process. This includes but not limited to involvements you may have had with the Texas Attorney General, not leaving out inept and complicit attorneys, inept and corrupt psychologists, and demented, abusive advocacy groups like Justice for Children, http://www.justiceforchildren.org, Houston, Phoenix,Az., Washington D.C., and Michigan.

    One goal here is to identify you for activities and actions which are taking place now and into the future so that TOGETHER WE MAY REPUDIATE these crimes being committed against us mostly for absolutely no legitimate reason.

    Though this group has a gender based name, it is NOT sexist. Many of these so-called criminal processes are not sexist per se, as much as they are in my opinion, driven by addiction, addicted individuals, and addicted systems hence BLIND to the destruction they and it perpetrates and more ‘interested’ in preserving themselves and itself, thus using gender to do so. Therefore fathers, male children, adult children victims, women, second wives, female children, and friends of any of the above may join with this growing movement!

    May I also encourage you to join the Parental Alienation Awareness Organization. Google the site.

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