Texas Takes Away Daughter From Couple For Marijuana Use . . . Two-Year-Old Girl Put Into Abusive Foster Home Then Dies After Injuries Sustained In Second Abusive Foster Home

timthumb.phpWhile Colorado has legalized marijuana and other states are moving to decriminalize or legalize its use, Texas takes a hard approach to pot. That was more than evident in the tragedy surrounding the death of a two-year-old little girl named Alexandria Hill who died from injuries in an abusive foster home after she was taken away due to her parent’s use of marijuana.

We have previously seen abuses of the child welfare system like the professor who had his custody taken away and was banned from his own home because his son unwittingly bought a hard lemonade rather than a regular lemonade at a Michigan football game. However, this case resulted in the death of this child who was first put through not one but two abusive foster homes.

Joshua Hill does not deny that he would sometimes use pot after putting his daughter to bed. This might be viewed as a minor issue in most states, but not Texas. Authorities removed Alex from the home and sent her to a foster home where she was abused. On visitations, Joshua Hill would find bruises on her and there would be mold and mildew in her lunch box. Finally, Texas removed her to the foster home of Sherill Small. It would be a death sentence for the little girl.

SherillSmall-300x168Alex was taken to the hospital and put on life support in a coma. Alex was hemorrhaging in her brain and eyes from blunt force trauma to the head. Those are classic symptoms of “shaken baby syndrome.” She lasted only a few days and died. They arrested Small for murder. Small and her husband, Clemon Small, reportedly handle five or six children as a source of income.

The case illustrates that the legalization of pot involves a myriad of issues beyond the question of arrests. Pot arrests lead to criminal records that bar employment and family law issues from custody to child welfare proceedings.

Of course, putting Alex in a succession of abusive homes was viewed as better than leaving her with parents suspected of pot use. Problem solved.

Source: KVUE

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  2. Texas hates children and the disabled. Lived it. Experienced it. Im ashamed to be a Texan.

  3. In Texas, Equal or Shared Parenting is the exception rather than the rule. Thus rampant crime is being committed against children and one parent whose parent(s) have been relegated to such a position, as *visitor* to his or her child. Where so-called child support, via the Attorney General(OAG), enters the picture, the child gets turned into a commodity, by the state and by parents, who would use that child to create a financial extortion of monies from a so named non-custodial, ignoring all of the other many needs a child might have of this targeted parent.

    This group has been formed to identify any who have been oppressed by the Texas Family Court system and process. This includes but not limited to involvements you may have had with the Texas Attorney General, not leaving out inept and complicit attorneys, inept and corrupt psychologists, and demented, abusive advocacy groups like Justice for Children, http://www.justiceforchildren.org, Houston, Phoenix,Az., Washington D.C., and Michigan.

    One goal here is to identify you for activities and actions which are taking place now and into the future so that TOGETHER WE MAY REPUDIATE these crimes being committed against us mostly for absolutely no legitimate reason.

    Though this group has a gender based name, it is NOT sexist. Many of these so-called criminal processes are not sexist per se, as much as they are in my opinion, driven by addiction, addicted individuals, and addicted systems hence BLIND to the destruction they and it perpetrates and more ‘interested’ in preserving themselves and itself, thus using gender to do so. Therefore fathers, male children, adult children victims, women, second wives, female children, and friends of any of the above may join with this growing movement!

    May I also encourage you to join the Parental Alienation Awareness Organization. Google the site.

  4. Kids/Parents,

    We want you to to know we are here, tear, & we are coming at a run as fast as we can, hang on!

  5. Short interview: The Kidnapping of Our Children with Filmmaker Shaymus Crow

    re: Operation Paul Revere Film Entry- Uncle Sam’s Kids.

  6. One of the outcomes of govt spy agencies is that it has allow certain mafia types to find out who the prevs & other criminal types were & blackmail them as they promote them into leadership positions to the point our govt has been overrun by a handful of completely insane sociopaths.


    Posted: 5:59 p.m. Wednesday, Aug. 7, 2013

    Former psychiatrist accused of decades-long molestations jailed

    1 7 11 84

    Dr. William Ayres, charged with multiple counts of molestation

    KTVU.com and wires

    REDWOOD CITY, Calif. —

    A San Mateo County Superior Court judge sided with the prosecution Wednesday and remanded into custody a well-known former child psychiatrist who pleaded no contest in May to molesting boys during examinations in the 1990s.

    The latest turn came this morning when Dr. William Hamilton Ayres, 81, of San Mateo, was due in court to seek a continuance for a sentencing date due to a delay in a doctor’s report. A new sentencing date was scheduled for Aug. 26, a day that Superior Court Judge Beth Freeman cleared for victims to address the court and recount their stories.

    According to District Attorney Steve Wagstaffe, today’s events couldn’t have come any sooner. He said Freeman made it abundantly clear that based on the seriousness of the crime and the number of victims, Ayres should be taken into custody without delay.

    “His freedom ended today and we’re hoping it goes until the remainder of his life,” Wagstaffe said. “His freedom should have been ended many years ago. But I am glad it ended today.”

    Six of Ayres’ victims spoke today, four of which spoke strictly about the motion to remand Ayres.

    A victim named Rion B. and his father were granted the right to give their victim’s impact reports Wednesday because they are residents of Hawaii and cannot attend court on the sentencing day, according to Wagstaffe.

    “It was a very, very emotional day in court today,” Wagstaffe said. “When victims talk about what happened to them it is very emotional.”

    Many victims are expected to take the stand at sentencing later this month.

    “It’s a big day for the victims they are finally going to get their day to talk about what happened to them,” Wagstaffe added.

    In a surprise move, Ayres pleaded no contest May 16 to the charges against him just four days into jury selection in his second trial in San Mateo County Superior Court. His first trial ended in a hung jury and subsequent mistrial in 2009.

    A former president of the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, Ayres was arrested on April 6, 2007, at his San Mateo home.

    He was charged with nine counts of lewd or lascivious acts on a child under the age of 14 for allegedly inappropriately touching five boys who had come to him for counseling in the early 1990s.

    Prosecutors believe the alleged molestations involved fondling of young patients during “medical” examinations while in counseling sessions with Ayres, during a period from 1991 to 1996. The boys were between the ages of 9 and 13 at the time, according to San Mateo County Deputy District Attorney Melissa McKowan.

    Ayres had a thriving practice treating children patients from the 1960s to 2006, according to the district attorney’s office. He was also called on to evaluate hundreds of cases, including sex offenders, in San Mateo County juvenile court going back to the 1970s.

    Ayres was taken into the San Mateo County Jail in Redwood City on a no-bail status.

    His sentencing will take place on Aug. 26 at 9 a.m. in Department 3, Freeman’s courtroom.


  7. I know this is a bit off topic, but I don’t know how else to communicate with those in the upper echelons of JTLand…. Perhaps someone is preparing an post re this recent report.
    It seems to be of a piece with the general thrust of documenting the emerging authoritarian state. (Or would it be better to say emerged?)
    Ideas such as the police as military aspect that has been cited; the general state of low level fear and isolation created in our public life (“anybody could be a terrorist!” mentality. Or/and reference the TSA.). There seems to be a general systemic change in the notion of Citizen and rights, and the place of the state in re citizen.
    Anyway… all these and other notions seem to be implicated in this article.
    It is a reflection of the other horrible fact of 1 in 4 black males being part of the prison system. (or whatever the current number is).

    As the old song says ; ‘Something’s happening here… what it is aint exactly clear…there’s a man w a gun over there telling me I have to beware…… “…
    except the outlines of it are increasingly becoming clear…


  8. The same officials that removed the child for pot use possibly went home that night and celebrated another victory for the law by taking a few shots of hooch. That sure helps me feel safer.

  9. Texas, like many red states, has only a stingy budget allotment for social services, including Medicaid (and also education, but that’s another blog entry day). Which probably means social workers have overwhelming caseloads. When the front line workers are fighting a losing battle, the war will never be won by the generals. One thing to remember, though. We only ever hear about the failures, the mistakes, when things go wrong. No one writes an article saying, today, 1000 foster kids happily had breakfast in decent homes, went off to school, had band/soccer/whatever and came home to play with the family dog/cat/pet of choice. What we read instead are the horror stories. Now that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t keep striving for better. As long as 1 child dies, even if it’s 1 in a million, while under a state’s child protective services, then we still have a problem. Money won’t solve all problems, but lack of money will most certainly make things worse. And that’s why we hear these horrific stories like this one, so often out of states which would rather give tax breaks to lucrative banks and businesses than make sure there’s enough funding for services for the most fragile citizens.

  10. Its not an accident. THe “War on Drugs” and “War on Terror” were both False Flag Wars designed to expand the Police State and destroy the Bill of Rights. You have to be in a deep delusion not be able to see that 911 was an inside job.

  11. Some people ARE in fostering for the money. I think my ex’s foster parents were. Most of mine, otoh, at least started idealistic – whether the idealism survived, that’s another story. I had one foster father who had a hell of a time dealing with me, but in the end, he still saw me as his last attempt at raising a child and certainly kept the idealism to the end. He even put it on his stone that he was a foster father – I was the only foster child placed with him on a non-temporary basis.

  12. It’ll soon be nice to have the IQ of the governors office raised……. But then again….. It will raised just because idiots are leaving….. I wonder if perry will move to the DC area like a number of other retired politicos…..

  13. One small piece from AJ, he has some others when I find the links.

    Texas Town Kills Two Year Old Because Parents Smoked Pot

  14. MIke

    An enjoyable read into your career. Another similarity I noticed is that some gov’t agencies tend to punish anyone who shows strong ability and initiative because wonks who move into middle management undeservedly (such as for political reasons or to attrition) view these two traits as threats. Lazy workers on the bottom don’t like to see someone making them look bad and they often join with the wonks to remove those with ability.

    1. “I noticed is that some gov’t agencies tend to punish anyone who shows strong ability and initiative because wonks who move into middle management undeservedly (such as for political reasons or to attrition) view these two traits as threats.”


      Many middle management people were threatened by me without cause, since I never try to hurt others, who haven’t hurt me, or climb up anyones back. In a sense, to borrow from the movie “Taken” my skill set was such that I was valuable, even if a pain in the ass, who refused to let my integrity be compromised, or break the law. I always considered myself a “one eyed man in the land of the blind” when it came to working.

  15. What about the issue of making money from fostering…that alone attracts a certain undesirable element in society…

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