Schumer: Worry About Ticks Not Bugs

220px-Charles_Schumer_official_portrait220px-Ixodus_ricinus_5xYou know those Democratic members who are encouraging citizens to forget about warrantless surveillance (with the help of media allies who are calling for the country to simply “move on”). They seem to be struggling to find ways to change the story as President Obama proposes a facially meaningless set of “reforms” to lull the public back to a comfortable sleep. For civil libertarians, it seemed like Sen. Charles Schmuer was adding this week to the effort to get citizens to stop thinking about government bugs and start thinking about nature’s ticks. Schumer is calling on New Yorkers to check themselves and be vigilant in the face of the threat of ticks.

While I agree with the danger of ticks (my wife often relates how I am over-protective with my kids on such issues), I found Schumer’s effort notably in light of his virtual silence on surveillance (beyond supporting, of course, Obama entirely against privacy rights). Rather than encourage the same vigilance on surveillance, Schumer wants to talk about actual bugs. In other words, move on America. These are bugs that you can actually do something about.

Ticks are a great subject for a politicians. There are not advocates for ticks or two sides. It is like rickets. Who is in favor of rickets? So it is a perfect subject for a politicians to take a bold and uncompromising stand — even if such issues are generally state not federal matters. Schumer tied in the Center of Disease Control and stepped forward to oppose ticks no matter how the tick lobby might react. Notably, the Senator was able to get away with press conferences where he talks ticks but not the massive erosion of civil liberties and privacy. Not Clapper’s perjury. Not past false statements of Congress. That is what ticks me off.

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  1. I’m surprised that Schumer wants to concentrate on the threat of ticks. Why should he hate them so much? Ticks and Congress have a whole lot in common; they’re both blood-suckers.

  2. Bruce E. Woych,

    Shame on you. Now put down all that reasonable information and pick up a pitchfork … it’s torch time.

  3. My understanding is that Schumer has had a Lyme disease exposure and it is serious when untreated or undetected. Ticks are a serious threat to health in the North East coast. It has also been hush hush among politicians because of tourism and disputes over medical responsibilities and liabilities…let alone the Insurance Companies reluctance to take on the real cost. The results have been devastating over the past decades and the impact has ruined peoples lives. Schumer’s speaking out is not entirely a politically friendly issue, and he deserves credit where credit is due. The fact is that a new threat from ticks has been detected, and aside from lyme disease and bacterial Babesiosis that attacks the nervous system. Schumer is doing the right thing and it is unfortunate that the timing coincides with national issues that are being heatedly discussed in the news.
    See Subject: tick-borne Powassan virus: New concern
    Read: (see comments too). pass it along…you may help prevent personal illness & misery!
    US Sen. Charles Schumer urges attention to tick-borne Powassan virus
    also see the comprehensive report from the Poughkeepsie Journal:

  4. Ultimately, I’m extremely saddened that “change you can believe in” turned into this horrible state of affairs. Recently I realized that I’m a little bit democratic, a little bit libertarian and little bit conservative. ultimately, I prefer my own think rather than group think; I’m afraid a lot of the Democrats are becoming just as crazy as conservatives and libertarians. We’re becoming way too much like Russia.

    But back in 2008, when our only choices were Obama and McCain, it was a no brainer. And then again in 2012, voting for Romney just was not an option. one thing is certain, however, history is not going to be kind to Barack Obama. every good thing he has accomplished in his Presidency is far overshadowed by his successful assault on privacy and civil liberties that he and his politically ambitious allies are undertaking to the detriment of our society as a whole.

    For several months, I just couldn’t look. But now I watch it carefully and even occasionally comment. The Koch Brothers are no longer our worst enemies. Barack Obama, way too many Democrats and the press are right up there with them, albeit for different reasons.

    Love, Maggie

  5. I have chronic Lyme having been diagnosed too late for effective treatment. I’d much rather the government warantlessly surveil me.

  6. Hey…. He’s a demoshit…… Yawl should be kind to he tool… You never know when you’re going to need something to open a bottle of whine…..

    But then again… Aren’t ticks blood suckers too….

  7. I’m just surprised a pol would go after a tick what with both of them being blood sucking parasites, but I suppose professional courtesy is as dead as the Bill of Rights.

  8. How about just cutting to the chase Senator Schumer? You might as well just say…

    “Voters: Ticks are a threat to the bread and circuses we provide and I am personally committed to protecting you. Put this chain I mean, flea collar around your neck and I will lead you to a tick free life”

  9. Are we talking facial tics? Ron Paul just launched the Ron Paul network, no shit. It costs $9.95/month. He could use some help w/ facial tics.

    Schumer is an idiot errand boy. He is skewered in the book, This Town. For me, it was just more corroboration, as is this post.

  10. Chuck Schumer started out his career as a wonderful, idealistic Legislator. Too many years in Congress, too much electoral success, too much power and especially too much money have turned him into yet another corporate tool.

  11. Having had Lyme disease, I can attest to its unpleasantness. But of course one can check for ticks while also being concerned about bugs.

  12. Of course, ticks are serious business for many reasons and it is the middle of tick season, so was this a throwaway remark, meant to be serious? Or is it a way to avoid getting serious about government bugs?

    He is probably reluctant to talk about another summer pest, Kudzu. I saw a survey result last year where Kudzu had a higher favorable rating than congress.

  13. Nothing will change until the Campaign Finance System is “people represented” instead of “dollar represented”. Why does one person/company donating $1 million have more representation with the People’s Representatives – than a million people donating $1 each?

    Lobbyists voter every day Congress is in session (hundreds of days per year), most citizens vote once every 2 to 4 years.

  14. Ticks really are serious business. I’m allergic to beef and I have a friend who’s allergic to all mammal meat, ostensibly due to tick bites.

  15. Poor Up-Chuck……….. he’s eveolved into a ”sell-out”!

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