Better Taste, Less Throw Up: Australian Scientists Make Major Step Toward Hangover Free Beer

220px-The_wine_is_a_mocker_1663-1664_Jan_SteenFor many, major breakthroughs in isotopes or nanotechnology or enzyme can simply go over one’s head in their significance. However, scientists in Australia have developed something that will likely make them virtual Gods in their community: a major step toward a hangover free beer. The sudsologists say that they have found a way to increase the hydrating effects of beer by adding electrolytes, a common ingredient found in sports drinks. As Miller lite promises, “it is everything you always wanted in a beer. And less.” Finally, Joe Six Pack has his own scientists.

While many drink beers on a hot day, alcohol is actually dehydrating. The dehydration then leads to drunkenness and the loathed hangover.

The taste of the beers did not change and the light beers are the most hydrating with the addition of the electrolytes.

However, it would seem unlikely that such beer would stop drunkenness since alcohol remains a central nervous system depressant. Alcohol can only be metabolized at the rate of about one ounce every 90 minutes. If people do not fear hangovers, the effect could be to drink more liberally — producing greater harm. However, for many people, the possibility of hangover-free beer would make Sunday mornings as fun as Saturday nights.

Of course, this could produce a hangover gap if the Australians control access to hangover free beers. After all, as Foster beer promises, He who thinks Australian, drinks Australian.

I presume they are now working on those beer goggle problems.

Source: Australian Times

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