12 thoughts on “What Seems To Be The Problem, Officer?”

  1. Thanks for the memories. I had a Plymouth Fury from the mid-80’s well into the late 90’s. I loved that car (used to me) and hauled just about everything in my home in it. It rode like a big old oat. It had massive room in the car/trunk and I even got an old, large reticulated green, enameled stove inside it, this one in fact: a great old Magic Chef that has pride of place in the basement with all my other 30’s-40’s kitchen junk er, collection:


    INSIDE the car with bunchs of room to spare. I loved that car.

  2. raff, We loved it and it was free!! When we went to the ticket office to buy our tix on Saturday afternoon, for a Sunday show[better seat selection], a cop walked up to us. He was standing outside w/ a couple fellow bike cops when we walked into the foyer. As we spoke w/ the ticket booth guy he tapped me on the shoulder and said, “Someone just gave me two tix for this show, would you like them?” I said sure and that I can’t ever remember a cop giving someone tix that were worth $200. He laughed and said, “Enjoy the show.” The play was just starting as we were seated. The seats were one in front of the other in the mezzanine. Not great, but a great price. Elder Cunningham, who was in the cult classic flick, Pitch Perfect, was superb.

  3. I wouldn’t want to turn a corner with that load on top! Hilarious picture.
    how did you like the Book of Mormon?

  4. Well the first thing you know… Ole Putins a billionaire….the first thing he said was get your asses out of here…

  5. Come and listen to a story about a man named, Boris, a poor Ukraine barely able to buy a horse, then one day Putin came to him and said, “get you ass out of town or I’ll kill you in due course.”

    Lame attempt @ song parody.

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