The Seven Perils: China Communist Party Warns Members To Stomp Out Ideas Of “Western Constitutional Democracy” And “Universal Rights”

200px-Destroy_the_old_world_Cultural_Revolution_posterCommunist Party members across China are receiving secret instructions from Beijing to stomp out notions of democracy or rights that are growing among Chinese citizens. It appears that ideas of freedom are creeping into the worker’s paradise and, in a remarkably frank and brutal message, the Party is warning that such ideas (called the “seven perils”) are threatening its hold on China.

The seven perils as listed in the infamous Document No. 9 include:

1. “Western constitutional democracy”

2. “Universal values” of human rights

3. Western-inspired notions of media independence and civic participation

4. pro-market “neo-liberalism”

5. “nihilist” criticisms of the party’s traumatic past.

I cannot find reference to the other two “perils.” Notably, the memo talks of the rampant corruption of party officials but in terms of the insidious use of free speech to inform the public of such corruption. The memo states that democracy advocates “have stirred up trouble about disclosing officials’ assets, using the Internet to fight corruption, media controls and other sensitive topics, to provoke discontent with the party and government.”

Cheng Xinping, a deputy head of propaganda for Hengyang echoed the urgency in crushing hopes for free elections and self-determination: “Promotion of Western constitutional democracy is an attempt to negate the party’s leadership.” He certainly understands the point of democracy.

Once again, as our government joins in attacks on the Internet, Document No. 9 shows how vital this resource is in the fight for universal rights. Even a country with the authoritarian power as China is afraid of the power of ideas as transmitted over the Internet. What the Chinese Communist party calls perils, people call freedom. They are of course right. Freedom does threaten the Communist Party, which cannot exist in a free and open society. It appears that even China cannot stop the workers from whispering about basic human rights.

Source: NY Times

17 thoughts on “The Seven Perils: China Communist Party Warns Members To Stomp Out Ideas Of “Western Constitutional Democracy” And “Universal Rights””

  1. rafflaw:

    In retrospect, the most secure system I have used was perfected in 7th grade at Blessed Sacrament School. We called it “passing notes.”

  2. Mike A.,
    I hope the internet has changed everything here too. Maybe we need a people’s internet that the NSA does not have a back door already in place.

  3. The government of China is fighting a losing battle. The internet has changed everything, permanently.

  4. The Chinese CP is just kidding. Chinese Joe Blows know our “values” and system are no better than theirs.

  5. *Good afternoon Professor Turley,* * * *I have enjoyed your blog for a several months, while we do not agree on everything we certainly agree on our liberties being taken away. I have learned a lot from your blog and from the Comments sections of your blog. Keep up the good work.* * * * A friend of mine sent me the following link and I thought you would find in interesting.*

    *My best regards,* *Chuck Dorway in sweltering Miami, FL* **

  6. Dredd and Dan, Agreed. I’m just trying to give a bit of context to our CURRENT situation. I am as appalled as anyone at what is transpiring here.

  7. “However, we are not China. Not even close..yet.”

    a) It’s not the location, but the direction.

    b) When is the right time to defend your rights? When they are gone?

    c) First they came for the Jews, etc…

  8. nick spinelli 1, August 20, 2013 at 10:09 am

    Let’s all take a deep breath. Like many here, I have lamented the loss of our rights here in the US. However, we are not China. Not even close..yet.
    “Too close for comfort.”

  9. Let’s all take a deep breath. Like many here, I have lamented the loss of our rights here in the US. However, we are not China. Not even close..yet.

  10. Why are the people happy with the toxic land fill corporate America has created… They should just be happy with rice…. No more no less than the government rations for each province….

  11. Many Chinese people have stood up to their govt.. Interestingly, especially their lawyers have taken on that govt.. These people have been imprisoned and killed. Yet they keep going. They inspire me.

    I do think that BS about capitalism is just too much. They might has well called Larry Summers to come over and run things as vice premiere. That is one full on capitalist society. They’re already where our political elite hopes to take the US: no living wage, no safety, no social safety nets. Just unfettered rapaciousness.

  12. A political scientist or historian coined the phrase “convergence”. I think that it was John Maynard Keynes. The theory was that down the road (from the early 1960s) the Communist system would converge with the Capitalist system– that the Soviet Union and Communist China would adopt free enterprise and venture capitalism and that the West like the U.S. would go more socialist and more Stasi or mind and body control. The rats in the governments of both sides of the world are barking out against notions of freedom and individual rights. This Communist Manifesto which is the topic of this article could have been written by Clapper– and probably was.

  13. It seems to me that our business and political leaders are doing the groundwork for a takeover by Chinese values in the US. Eventually the Chinese are going to use their vast dollar reserves. They can buy either US goods and export them to China (why would they do that?) or they can buy ownership of US land and companies. Obviously they will want the US workers to be as oppressed and exploitable as the vast majority of Chinese.

    If you interpret our domestic politics in this light, I think things will be more clear.

  14. It will tough, and take a while, but the way the PRC is embracing capitalism in practice, if not in ideology, will inevitably creep into the mindset of the people there.
    They really can’t have both ways, although they have tried.
    They want the economic prosperity that capitalism and democracy can provide, but with the veneer of communist sensibilities.

    It will be an interesting transition.

  15. I think it says alot if the CP is sending these messages out now. They see that China is going to change sooner than later so the CP is hoping they stomp it out now before it gets too big.

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