Hindu Leader Who Allegedly Chided Rape Victims Has Been Arrested On Charges Of Assaulting Minor At Ashram

India flagHindu leader Asaram Bapu caused an outcry recently when he advised that rape victims like the medical student savagely beaten and gang raped in Delhi could have avoided the attack by simply addressing the men as “brothers” and asking for mercy. He also said that saying a prayer might have avoided the attack. Now the “godman” has been booked on charges of forcing a 16-year-old girl into “unnatural sex” at a Jodhpur ashram. It is not clear if she tried to call him “brother.”

The girl was studying at a school run by Asaram in Chhindwara, Madhya Pradesh when she became ill. She was advised by “authorities” to go to the Asaram for “a special puja for her cure.” Asaram called the girl to come to his private ashram and told her parents to sit in a another room. The girl says that she was forced into sexual attacks and told that if she did not comply, his guards would kill her parents.

Asaram’s spokesman Sunil Wankhede however says that Asaram was not at the location on the day stated by the girl and that “[w]e will take legal action against the girl.”

However, a medical examine later confirmed the sexual assault on the girl.

The spiritual leader has been the long-standing source of controversies and police reports.

The family went to an event to confront the religious leader but was not allowed to see him. Only then did they go to the police.

Source: Hindustan Times

10 thoughts on “Hindu Leader Who Allegedly Chided Rape Victims Has Been Arrested On Charges Of Assaulting Minor At Ashram”

  1. Now I understand his words about this gang-rape case: he didn’t want to be too harsh on his peers.

    Maybe both his discurse and his crime can be traced from the fact that, as a guru and religious leader, he feel empowered to consider his will and whims as law.

    I concur with Darren Smith and Bangalore Bubba.

  2. I guess this religious leader is going to have the opportunity to test his “brother” theory when he meets his new cell mate, Bangalore Bubba.

  3. That water trailer is simply beautiful.. A sad story to say the least.
    Religion is and always will be a cancer. It is the cause of 80% of the world’s strife. peace love and hope can change everything. ( Imagine )

  4. Well she’ll probably be forced to recant….. At some point…. It was all a misunderstanding…..Im sure…

    (Can somebody unleash the spam filter for me)….. Thanks….

  5. It is not simply religion…it is inculcated into the society that some give themselves more privilege and less reason to behave within the confines of the law…and they are not held to any other standard than that privilege no matter what harm they do to others,.just like here in the USA….

  6. Read the background link to this story which details this “gurus'” background. He seems just another sociopath on the make who chose religion for his scam. Already his true believers are making him out to be the victim.

  7. Finally a story about religion that is comforting.

    Comforting in that it shows that the huxters and ill-willed people of the world are willing to use any and all faiths as a cover for their crimes.


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