Looking For Profanity? Try The %&$#?@ Buckeyes!

390px-Seal_of_Ohio.svgnicubunu_open_mouthNow this I did not see coming. As a born and bred Midwesterner, I would have guessed that a study of which state swears the most would have led to the usual suspects: New York or New Jersey. Well, according to a study of more than 600,000 phone calls from the last year, the state with the highest use of profanity is . . . Ohio.

The Seattle-based mobile marketing company Marchex looked at largely consumer to business calls, including cable companies and car dealerships. With software programmed to pick up certain words, Ohioans showed the greatest potty mouths of any state with the use of the F-bomb in every 150th call. (The late loss of the Bengals on Sunday to the Bears must have clinched the competition for next year).

Ohio was followed by Maryland (2), New Jersey (3), Louisiana (4), and my birth state of Illinois (5). Louisiana is interesting because much of the state is religious and conservative. My surprise about Illinois is only that I would have assumed New York would have more profane. The New Yorkers may have been given an advantage by not considering traffic swearing, which would have swept away the competition.

Ohioans were twice as likely to swear as folks from Washington state (which used profanity in one in every 300 calls). After Washington, the most polite states were Massachusetts, Arizona, Texas, and Virginia. Frankly, I am a bit surprised about Massachusetts but not Virginia where I have lived for two decades. Virginia is notably polite and swearing remains bad form in the view of many in the state.

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  1. not enough apparently nick as lhota won the repuke primary. this is the man who ran the mta into the bta B=broke which they are not. they just refuse to sell off or rent out the many empty buildings and rail yards they own which costs millions to maintain.

  2. oooooooooo nick im born and raised in brooklyn well right now i live in the bronx. in the fordham section and one of the things that still amazes me to this day is growing up in bklyn we were always told. dont go to the phukking bronx they are psychotic so in 97 when i moved to the bronx and people found out the first things they said to me were.. ” oh chyt cant mess with you. you bklynites are pure phukking crazy. and all i can do is laugh.
    those who know me say. Robin is the sweetest lady. but honey mess with her family or friends and the phukking lady goes out the door and a pyscho itchB comes in the other. which is true but to hear them say it. cracks me up..

    digustedoneastbroadway it has certainly been cathartic for my soul especially when dealing with axxholes. who are always trying to turn my hair grayer then it already is….. lol

    Blouise damn it reading your post to nick i spit out my best damn drink apple juice all over the bloody keyboard. thank you very phukking much for the laugh……

  3. Thou gorbellied dismal-dreaming flax-wench!

    That is just the best thing EVER, Darren. :mrgreen:

    Bookmarked and due for a workout most certain.

  4. “Thank you for taking my call. Your mother was a hamster and your father smelt of elderberries, Ma’am.”

  5. nick spinelli 1, September 11, 2013 at 7:50 am

    Iā€™m afraid this poll is going to be a crushing blow to Blouise.


    What the f*ck you talkin’ about, f*ckhead.

  6. If you called me a Buckeye then I would call you a friggin erkJayoff. But seriously, Ohio has some of the most square and honest folks in America and if they curse a bit then so be it.

  7. Very interesting study on that company having the ablilty to monitor other companies with their software. Was Marchex one of the companies to help set up the NSA spy grid in the last decade or two? With their vacuming up words as clues against terrorism campaign. Guility till proven innocent. May God help us.

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