Looking For Profanity? Try The %&$#?@ Buckeyes!

390px-Seal_of_Ohio.svgnicubunu_open_mouthNow this I did not see coming. As a born and bred Midwesterner, I would have guessed that a study of which state swears the most would have led to the usual suspects: New York or New Jersey. Well, according to a study of more than 600,000 phone calls from the last year, the state with the highest use of profanity is . . . Ohio.

The Seattle-based mobile marketing company Marchex looked at largely consumer to business calls, including cable companies and car dealerships. With software programmed to pick up certain words, Ohioans showed the greatest potty mouths of any state with the use of the F-bomb in every 150th call. (The late loss of the Bengals on Sunday to the Bears must have clinched the competition for next year).

Ohio was followed by Maryland (2), New Jersey (3), Louisiana (4), and my birth state of Illinois (5). Louisiana is interesting because much of the state is religious and conservative. My surprise about Illinois is only that I would have assumed New York would have more profane. The New Yorkers may have been given an advantage by not considering traffic swearing, which would have swept away the competition.

Ohioans were twice as likely to swear as folks from Washington state (which used profanity in one in every 300 calls). After Washington, the most polite states were Massachusetts, Arizona, Texas, and Virginia. Frankly, I am a bit surprised about Massachusetts but not Virginia where I have lived for two decades. Virginia is notably polite and swearing remains bad form in the view of many in the state.

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  1. The release of James Trafficant from an out of state Federal Prison is what “won” Ohio this honor.

  2. No need for the NSA, you paranoids; the report tells you the study was conducted from consumers calling to businesses, those calls are pretty routinely recorded. I don’t know the law on this topic (I suppose I should, as a businessman, but I don’t), but I think the business could probably provide the recordings as material for an aggregating marketing study like this. If a lawyer told me I could, I would contribute my calls in return for the final stats, just because I am curious about such things.

  3. I believe, RobinH45, that a little ‘well placed’ ‘poddy’ mouth is required, at times….. If only to relieve a little steam. Of course, it has already been proven, that my favorite curse-word, the ”F” word, actually has hundreds of meanings, and can be uttered enumerable times….. without loosing it’s effectiveness………………… ;-D

  4. Robin, I didn’t know you were a “New Yaaker”. We are visiting family and friends in the northeast. We’ll be in Brooklyn Friday. I grew up in Ct. and I’m one who loves both NYC and “Bahston”.

  5. uhhhhhhhh psa… my post is meant to be sarcastic and sardonic for those who have yet to see my wicked sense of humor…. and my poddy mouth lol borrowing nicks spelling with no intention of returning it…..

  6. im from and in ny and its what nick who the phukk did this so called study? its a lot of bullchyt hmmph !!!!!!!!!!!!

    Digustedoneastbroadway you explained it perfectly. im not understanding why everything is blamed on nyers we are sweethearts unless or until you step over the dotted line.. of course then all sweetness goes out the damn window


  7. I’m originally from New York…. we don’t just throw out curse words for the heck of it, we curse creatively…… Of course, much of the rest of the country, now, has picked up on many of the curse words that originated in New York, with NY’s culture…..

  8. Jonathan, I really enjoy your blog, but it’s “potty mouth,” not “poddy mouth!”

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