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  1. This is why the arts should be fully funded in all schools, public and private — there is nothing that makes us more human, more connected, than art. Bravo to the wonderful dancers in this video — may they keep on reminding us to connect with all that is vital and truly important.

  2. @davidbluefish
    I have the full set of 20 and have read it four times. I will, before long, embark on that journey a fifth time. HMS Surprise in in San Diego, part of a maritime museum. I wrote a little piece on my blog a few years ago about an nice lunch hour I spent at that dock.

  3. @ Darren

    Patrick O’Brien has a series of books on the English Navy circa 1800.
    If you’re unaware of them you have a huge adventure ahead of you.:o)
    The best compliment I can give a book is, I wish I had never read it, so that I could read it again for the first time.
    I have every intention to reread all 20? or so books again.

  4. I saw something similar to this in Austin… While repelling off the side of a hotel….. Truly amazing….

  5. i saw this video a few weeks back on facebook and it made me cry then as it did just now. ive never seen anything in dancing form more beautiful or perfect and this from someone who used to be in the industry Thank God i got out b4 they destroyed it totally

  6. Try not to let what is dear slip away. For at best it may only be resurrected, if at all, if one is lucky and then it might only be a shadow of what it was in the past. The best moment is now.

    Fifteen or so years ago I had an opportunity to sail in a sailing vessel; a replica of the HMS Bounty. It was to be a round trip voyage from Fiji to Pitcairn Island. Imagine what it would have been like to sail as it was two hundred years ago on the open seas. But I foolishly turned the offer down.

    Try to make things happen before something else makes it not.

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