Seahawks Hire Undercover Officers To Dress As 49er Fans To Catch Thugs

135px-Seattle_Seahawks_helmet_2012135px-san_francisco_49ers_helmet_rightfaceFinally an undercover operation I can enthusiastically support. The Seattle Seahawks has hired undercover police to wear San Francisco 49ers gear to catch thugs. It is an inspired idea. As many know, I love football (and of course God’s team The Chicago Bears) but I do not go to games anymore with my family because I cannot stand the drunken fans screaming profanities throughout the game. It has gotten out of control and the violent thugs have added an element of actual fear for some fans that they could be physically attacked.

I am not sure what has happened in the last decade but I recall being able to go to games and have a fun time just watching the game. There was always drinking and swearing but it has become 100 times worse in my view. Some cities like Philadelphia are notorious for having the worst problems with fan behavior. It seems like football games have become a license for people to be obnoxious drunks. The Seahawks game this Sunday will be one of the most challenging for both teams. The undercover police will also be looking for unruly behavior, foul or abusive language and verbal as well as physical harassment of opposing team fans or stadium guests and staff members. It is a real change for NFL teams. I have long felt like the team owners have abandoned their stadiums to the lowest common denominator. The result is that fewer families are going. I know at least five other families that no longer go to their respective teams because they do not want to expose their children to abuse from fans.

Football owners have to make a choice. They can keep the broadest fan base or surrender their stadiums to thugs. The Seahawks have made a choice and more importantly have taken action. The question is whether other teams will show the same responsibility.

Of course, with the fight last night at the Jets/Patriots game, fans can just watch players throw punches. It was a bizarre game to watch with both teams struggling. However, the decision to throw two players out of the game after the shoving match showed both teams in the worst light.

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  1. I’ve never been to a pro football game, Baseball is it for me and even then it is maybe every four years. I prefer to be in the front row off the 3rd base side so I don’t have any fans in front of me. The last thing I want to deal with is some drunk idiot hooligan. Watching the game and relaxing that’s where it’s at. Not filling out paperwork and dealing with some stinky drunk

  2. Glenn, Miley Cyrus showed us the versatility of those foam fingers. She is a wonderful role model for young women. My daughter was the Britney Spears era, another puta who allegedly sings and dances.

  3. JT is right and the violence problem is growing among fans and players — even at high school games. Here’s one disturbing scene from a recent game:

  4. Re: Darren Smith

    It can also go both ways under federal “color of law” statutes, where a citizen could file criminal or civil charges against police officers acting under color of law that violate the citizen’s constitutional rights. That said many citizens don’t report color of law crimes to the Department of Justice and it usually has to be a “pattern & practice” of police violating someone’s constitutional rights.

    Basically violating constitutional rights is not an official police duty so it’s not protected by sovereign immunity like official police duties.

  5. Well, I can see it now….A fan will have a foam finger that doesn’t measure to NFL standards, and six cops will beat the hell out of him for “resisting”…

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