Beef, Its [Not] Whats For Dinner: Chinese Suppliers Found To Be Selling Pork Saturated in Chemicals As Beef

180px-pig_usda01c0116black-and-white-cow-3We have previously seen stories of fake eggs, the sale of rat meat and other disturbing accounts from China’s food supply system. Accordingly, this story is not quite as shocking as it probably should be. Chinese officials in Xi’an, Shaanxi province have seized over 20,000 kg of fake beef made from pork and treated with chemicals to be sold for human consumption.

The pork was saturated with chemicals like paraffin wax and industrial salts.

To make matters worse, Xi’an has a large Muslim community and may have been eating the adulterated pork under the belief that it was halal beef.

Source: Shanghaiist

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  1. Randyjet.

    You are correct, virus not bacterium.

    The discoverer of smallpox immunization, I forget his name, observed that milk maids rarely caught small pox. The reason, a closely related virus called cowpox that infected cattle and which milkmaids acquired from cattle. It is not deadly but is so similar to smallpox that inoculation with cowpox generates immunity to smallpox.

    I was unaware of the use of smallpox pus too immunize people. I suspect that careful control of the amount of pus would be needed, too much and smallpox would be transmitted. Presumably the virus in the pus must be weakened somehow. It is possible that the inoculation of Native Unamericans was actually meant to kill them by infecting them.

    Countries hate to be accused of genocide, in fact genocide is normal and natural human behaviour, Everwhere that colonists are afflicted with the nuisance of inconvenient minorities or indigines they eventually get around to exterminating them. Sometimes explicit government policy is involved and sometimes all right thinking people agree on the necessity but hide it from wrong thinking defenders of undermen.

    1. The fact is that smallpox was never used in the US as germ warfare. The only reference was from Lord Amherst who wrote that he thought of doing that before there was a US. The FACT is that such a scheme never occurred. For your info it was Jenner who came up with the first smallpox vaccination which he got from milk maids with cowpox. The germ theory of disease did not gain acceptance until the late 1890s. In fact Pres. Garfield died from the doctors dirty hands who treated him. The doctor was more lethal than the bullet, as were most doctors of that time.

      So the transmission of smallpox is mainly by airborne contact of person to person transmission. If you think about it, the only place in the body you have very porous blood vessels is in the lungs. Thus viruses and bacteria have a very easy way into the blood in massive numbers there. Thus even putting active pus into an open wound is less dangerous than airborne virus through the lungs.

      Since the people back then did not know about viruses and germs, they simply used the blankets of those who died from smallpox. They could not go down to the local Walmart and buy new ones or discard the old ones from a sickbed. The person who died from smallpox did not have their bedsheets burned or thrown out. They were simply re-used.

  2. ” The only thing giving such blankets to Indians would do is to inoculate them”

    Randyjet, you are wrong. The smallpox vaccination does not contain smallpox, rather a related bacterium cowpox which is nonlethal but which generates an immune response which is effective against smallpox.

    1. I do not know the actual content of the modern smallpox vaccines, but I do know that when Washington insisted on inoculating his army, he faced a near mutiny. The way that they did it back then was to cut the arm of the healthy person, and take the pus from an active smallpox victim, and put that into the cut. Also, from what I have read smallpox is NOT a bacterium, but a virus. So I fail to see how a bacterium would be effective against a virus.

      Also for genocidal falsifiers of US history, they fail to mention the FACT that the Congress in 1832 provided funds to inoculate Native Americans AGAINST smallpox.

  3. That is an outright lie about so called infected blankets since it is damned hard to transmit smallpox that way. In FACT, I have a smallpox scar from when I was given live smallpox virus when I was young. They did not use blankets, but they cut my skin and put the virus into my blood directly. The only thing giving such blankets to Indians would do is to inoculate them if they were lucky enough to have a cut rub up against the blankets. This accusation also forgets that the US Congress appropriated millions for inoculating Native Americans in 1832.

  4. Gene, yes, I think so too, but a quick glance at the hearings didn’t seem as though anyone had those kinds of worries. Are you being seious about weaponizing food? I was thinking more along the lines of melamine. Shows how much imagination I have.

  5. pdm,

    I think you can make the case that food safety is a matter of national security. I think I can do it in one sentence.

    Commercial food products would be a perfect delivery vector for biological weapons, especially some kind of bacteria or virus that has a long gestation period before the infected become symptomatic.

  6. Spam pork and beef. Parafin oil spam and beef. Chicken spam pork and beef. ….S.P.A.M. Specially Processed American Meat.

    Monty Python says it best.

  7. Just did a bit on the google… I don’t think they can stop it. They’ve had some Senate hearings but can only stop it if it is a national security issue. (Remember the port deal that was closed down.) The CEO maintains that he will make a lot of money (sorry, he forgot just how much) but everything “will remain the same”. HA!

    And somebody above blamed it on Obama. Not so much. It’s called capitalism with a side order of lots of money. Let me know when you want to move to a different system.

    One other thing. Stebenow worries about our pork technology being shared with China. Another HA! Lovely the way we pen those pigs up and build lakes of their wastes.

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