Beef, Its [Not] Whats For Dinner: Chinese Suppliers Found To Be Selling Pork Saturated in Chemicals As Beef

180px-pig_usda01c0116black-and-white-cow-3We have previously seen stories of fake eggs, the sale of rat meat and other disturbing accounts from China’s food supply system. Accordingly, this story is not quite as shocking as it probably should be. Chinese officials in Xi’an, Shaanxi province have seized over 20,000 kg of fake beef made from pork and treated with chemicals to be sold for human consumption.

The pork was saturated with chemicals like paraffin wax and industrial salts.

To make matters worse, Xi’an has a large Muslim community and may have been eating the adulterated pork under the belief that it was halal beef.

Source: Shanghaiist

32 thoughts on “Beef, Its [Not] Whats For Dinner: Chinese Suppliers Found To Be Selling Pork Saturated in Chemicals As Beef”

  1. pdm,

    I’m not sure if efforts to block that are underway or not, but I certainly hope so.

    Otherwise, Nal will soon be doing a totally different kind of “find the kitteh” columns.

  2. The FDA and the Obama administration is planning to allow Chinese chicken and Chinese prepared chicken to be sold in thei country UNLABELED! You won’t know and won’t be able to choose. It is more important that US corporations get to make more $. As a result, choosing chicken won’t help you to avoid Chinese tainted and or fake food. Isn’t that nice!?

  3. I wondered if the Chinese were providing their own people with the same shit they send us. Guess they are operating under the proverb “Plenty more where they came from” regarding those who die from poisoning of their food.
    What happened to US inspection of imported food? The inspectors all Chinese? Or are they the same bunch of incompetents who run the DHS airport (and soon coming to your bus and train stations, then to highway inspection stations) security?

  4. They may be showing signs of believing us.

    If we act like their enemy enough, they may be convinced.

    “Don’t give the enemy the good stuff” may be an old Chinese proverb.

  5. Stop it. Just stop it. The Conservative Right guarantees the Free Market will provide what is best for us all. Integrating regulation-free Chinese food system products into the US food supply is a no-brainer to increase profits. The consumer, those that survive, will decide if they wish top buy it. Exactly how they will determine this in the absence of origin labels is their problem.

  6. and just think. Obama is going to let them process our chicken now and not have to disclose it ! Yay Obama! Hero of the People!!

  7. At least the officials thre are doing something in this case. That it got to that point is alarming though not suprising.

  8. Paraffin wax is used in powder residue forensic testing to determine if someone fired a gun. Who knew it could turn pork into beef.

  9. Not to mention they are also poisoning our pets dogs especially…

    Who do they think they are Monsanto..?

  10. As long as such crap stays in China, I find it amusing that the Muslims get to eat pork, as long as it does not kill them from the other ingredients. Maybe they will rise up and make a revolution and take back power from the ossified Chinese CP. These things are happening to people who deserve each other.

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