17 thoughts on “Girls Don’t Poop”

  1. Hilarious. But if one’s own poop stench is a problem for which one doesn’t want to be embarrassed, save yourself a bunch of money and just carry a book of matches with you wherever you go. Does the trick every time.

  2. I love human ingenuity!

    And Tom, stop your knee jerk alarmism. This is made with natural essential oils. In other words by “squeezing” the natural oils out of completely natural materials. So it’s not another “evil human product”, so you can go on to worrying yourself about other things.

  3. Bet this doesn’t work on the FlachspĂĽler ones in Germany and The Netherlands.

    Yeah, I would have to agree it would be bad for the next 10 years after the comercial aired, you would have to respond “yes, I’m the poo girl.” dozens of times a day.

  4. What a crock of . . .

    Just what we need, more human-made crap in the environment! We must be the most gullible and idiotic inhabitants on Earth the way we live as if we’re separate and “something special” as we pillage the planet of resources, kill everything that gets in our way (including each other), over- populate to the point of ridiculous, and pollute our way to extinction.


  5. “Good girls don’t poop” or loose their virginity.

    Taboos and responses are absurd sometimes, which makes for comedy when the politicians are on vacation.

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