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  1. This video cheered me up today. My two white cats, Countess April and Countess Angelina might be able to learn to count to 10 at least and be on Sesame Street after all. Thank you for posting this video!!!

  2. My cat couldn’t turn on the faucet but loved to drink from the bathroom faucet. When the water was out in my apartment he jumped onto the kitchen sink. I had that faucet open so I would hear when the water was back on. As soon as he saw the water coming from the kitchen faucet he jumped down, ran to the bathroom and waited for me to turn that faucet on for him to get his drink. I can’t imagine how his little mind let him make the connection that kitchen water running meant the faucet he liked was now ready fro business.

  3. We have had several dogs and cats through the years. One of the cats loved to drink water from the upstairs bathroom tub spigot. She would follow whoever was going to use the bathroom, jump in the tub and meow till the human figured out she wanted to drink and turn on a thin stream of water. It mattered not who the human was, family, friend, or stranger. If one didn’t allow her to follow them into the bathroom, she would sit outside the door making god-awful noises till the occupant gave up and opened the door. It finally got to the point that everyone knew what the cat wanted so simply invited her to come along as they walked up the stairs.

    I eventually had to put new handles on the tub as she had learned how to manipulate the old ones to get her stream of water without the presence of a human.

    She would also talk to whomever was in the bathroom with her. She’d talk a quick drink followed by a short meow, then another drink and a longer meow … this would keep up until the person using the bathroom figured out they were supposed to talk to her too. Men found it most unnerving

  4. It’s merely a small step up from drinking from a garden hose. Call me when they can get the Brita from the fridge and pour a drink.

  5. When my wife and I got married, we first lived in her apartment while looking for a house; and were adopted by a stray long hair gray cat. A female without collar or tags, I think some apartment dweller must have left her behind. I called her “Little Girl,” scratched her ears, and eventually the name stuck. I wanted to give her a flea bath before making her a house cat, so I geared up (long cuff work gloves) to give her one, but the gear wasn’t necessary: She tolerated the hose, soap, water and towel without complaint. She wouldn’t voluntarily play in water, but if I put her in a sink of it, she didn’t bolt or struggle.

    She came when called, even though food wasn’t a reward. She was the only cat we ever had that wasn’t afraid of the vacuum cleaner; she kept an eye on it and swatted it if it came within swatting distance, but stood her ground; I would pick her up to vacuum under her. She also stood her ground against dogs and other cats.

    One of the tricks I taught her was “say please,” at meal time: Raise her right paw to get the food poured in her bowl. One Saturday I had just returned from a business trip and my wife had just left on one. I was supposed to feed Little Girl. But I had fallen asleep reading, and was still asleep on the couch for about two hours after her dinner time, when I felt the cat land on the couch and walk across me to sit on my chest.

    I opened my eyes and said, “What’s up, Little Girl?”

    She raised her right paw.

  6. I recently got a ‘Maine coon’ kitteh. Smartest cat I’ve ever seen and takes to training quicker than any dog I’ve worked with before. He’s learned to sit, lay down, shake, and jump through a hoop/over a stick in just a few days. Working on roll-over next. He’s not afraid of water and tries to get in the tub/shower with ya, too. LOL!

    Think the bathroom in the video is a mess? St. Bernard’s have the drool thing happening a lot. I imagine it drinking from the sink, shaking head, and plastering walls with slobber.

  7. I could do that with a beer tap…. One smart dog… Water is better for you… Unless it’s more toxic than beer….

  8. our german shepherd used to do that to. and we never taught him how.

    lol OS thanks for the early morning laugh. i’ll be crying the rest of the day. everyone stay safe and be blessed…

  9. My father had a dog that he trained to turn on the television and change the channels for him. One of my wife’s cats used to open locks and jump up to door knobs and swing her hind quarters to open doors (her name is, Houdini).

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