The Killing of Shiner Bock: Artist Sues Austin Police In Death Of Dog

shinerweb_13486There is another lawsuit over a family dog shot by police. In Austin, Julian Reyes has sued over the killing of Shiner Bock, his German Shepard. He claims in the lawsuit that police were responding to a burglary call and shot Shiner Bock when the dog challenged them by barking.
An artist, Reyes was preparing for a festival when the police arrived around midnight on April 24th. He was going to present his art at the festival and was working in his storage unit with Shiner Bock keeping him company. In interviews, Reyes says that Shiner started growling at something outside of the storage unit. He said that he told him to stop growling but then saw a flash of light and saw Shiner try to run away. He said the police officer then shot him repeatedly. He was still alive and crying when police threw Reyes to the ground and cuffed him. He says that they would not let him go to his dog and he had to watch Shiner die 50 feet away.

The police department has issued a statement that the officer fired out of fear for his own safety when confronted by a dog that was growling and showing his teeth. Jermaine Kilgore with Austin Police insisted that an officer is not required to use pepper spray in such a circumstance: “If a dog is acting aggressive towards an officer and the officer feels that the dog is going to attack, the officer is not going to pull pepper spray. He’s going to eliminate that threat, the dog. And the only way to do that with the options that we have is with lethal force. So we’re not obligated to pull pepper spray when we have an aggressive dog that appears to be trying to attack us. That’s just not the way we’re trained and that’s just not what the department expects of us.”

Reyes says that the officer did apologize to him. He said that he told the officer “I hear what you’re saying, I hear you apologizing. And I forgive you. So I forgave him that night. And that’s grace. That’s what we can do when bad things happen, we can still have a little grace. I wish the police officers would have a little grace when they operate.” He has however sued the police department for a million dollars. If the scene unfolded as he related, there may be need for such litigation to force changes in the training of officers.

These cases often raise difficult questions on the valuation of the loss. The law still treats dogs as chattel so the high damage awards are not for the value of the dog but the valuation of the pain and suffering of the human.

My problem with the police account is that it is hardly unforeseeable that approaching a home or storage locker late at night will result in such a confrontation. I am not sure why pepper spray is not part of the training as an initial response. As we have seen, it often seems that the escalation to lethal force is far too rapid in such encounters. However, it is difficult to judge such actions without being at the scene and seeing how the animal moved or acted. That is precisely what makes these cases so difficult.

Source: KEYETV

Reyes has created a Facebook testimonial to Shiner Bock.

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  1. The scene is Regensburg, Germany, in the year 1538. Someone is shrieking in more agony than anyone today would believe possible. The victim is tied down to a large wheel with wooden spokes. An executioner is shattering his bones with an iron bar, starting with the feet, ankles and hands. The agony beggars language to describe. After several dozen bones are shattered, the victim, still alive, is left to die of shock, blood loss, dehydration, and crows picking at his body. All policemen in the USA today—with no exception—are possessed by the same spirit of murder and barbarism that executioner had. Good policemen? There are none. We best legislatively and otherwise castrate them before we all end up on this modern breaking wheel they so gleefully operate. Police HATE the public. Photos of cops must be posted so people can know who to jeer at in places of business. Most people in prisons—never belonged there to start with, and the incarceration industry started by Wall Street must be stopped. All drugs must be legalized on the Portuguese model.

  2. Wow, what gets me is, what kind of ‘investigation’ was that?! You get a call that someone might be trespassing and you go in there all guns blazing, shooting animals and cuffing people? What happened to ‘innocent until proven guilty’?
    Alright, might be suspicious that someone was in a storage unit in the middle of the night. But people do odd things sometimes – this guy was preparing for a festival, could be someone working on a similar project, could be someone had a fight with there other half and went there to cool off… Could be someone just hanging out in their storage unit with their stuff. Either way they all have a right to be there.
    So you get there, and there’s no sign of anyone breaking in (because its his storage unit!), the person in there isn’t hiding in there with the lights off, hasn’t legged it at the sound of people approaching, in fact is not making any effort to hide the fact he’s there, and you don’t think ‘doesn’t seem anything is wrong here, maybe the person who phoned was mistaken and this person is here legally. Maybe I’ll call out and see what they have to say.’
    Nope, you just charge right in, shoot his animal (which is scared because you charged right in) and forcefully restrain the guy without taking a look at what he’s doing, how he’s acting, or ASKING HIM: “Hey, Is this your unit?”.

    I just… My brain can’t handle the ineptitude….

  3. MY house, MY dog, what the heII are you doing in MY back yard shooting MY dog when I DID NOT CALL YOU??????? Go to the guys yard that called you and look into my yard like HE DID, stop trespassing and shooting my property!!!!!! You are not my PRISON GUARD A-hole!!!!!

  4. Well after two decades of the ADL and Mossad training our Police chiefs and police upper management. This is what it has come down to. I saw these changes right away when our San diego police chief came back from his Israeli training trip in the 80’s. All of sudden unarmed people were being shot. One poor guy did not know the police had followed him to apt. blg. when he backed up and hit them. They shot him. They have shredded the Constitution.

  5. There must be some really fearful cops out there these days. I suppose the day of the real lawman, who feared neither criminal nor dog, is long past.

  6. So why was Reyes handcuffed? Was he the burglar they were after?

    Recent event: Man is awakened about 4:30 in the afternoon by the police banging on his door. He opens it crack so his dog can’t get out. Police officer says, “You’re under arrest.” Man says, “For what?” Cop says, “For resisting arrest.” Man says, as he puts his hands in front of him, “I’m not resisting.” His plea is not guilty but he’s against one officer’s lies and another who is backing him up. Witnesses don’t want to get involved. Afraid of retaliation? He later found that the original charge was a misdemeanor harassment due to a verbal altercation with a woman. She attacked him, lost her footing and rolled down an embankment. He was blamed for her bruises even though he didn’t touch her. He’s willing to plead guilty to the harassment just to have it done with since there was a verbal exchange and he doesn’t want to be near the woman again. Court again! tomorrow.

  7. Killing is fun for these people. Don’t believe anything else. I know, I have cops who I personally know. They do this shit and then laugh about it and then laugh how they are able to talk so nice about it. These people are just murderers.

  8. Shooting a dog has become standard response for any police encountering one. What happened to the days of police not even liking to discharge their weapons because of the paperwork?

    This should never be accepted or standard practice.

    With todays technology, police officers should be required to wear shoulder cams on all calls. Then all shootings should go through independent review and bad ones should have real consequences.

    First step is to get rid of police unions though

  9. the total point of the escalation of all the violence concerning cops is to brainwash the people into thinking, feeling that when they see the cops to go into slave mentality ex yes sir, no ma’am, as you wish officer. its to force us to accept the lot in life the elites think they have pushed us into which is enslavement. i have the greatest love for German shepherds i grew up with them. so of all the species of dogs shepherds are at the top of my list. with that being said. these cops need to realize one thing. they are hated and enslaved just as we are. and one turn of the wind and the so called blue brother/sisterhood will turn their backs on him/her in half a heartbeat.. ask adrian schoolcraft and serpico.

    there is a reason they are being trained by the russian military and until the day they (leos) open their eyes and see the truth these situations will escalate

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