Islamic Militants Kill Dozens Of Students and A Priest in Nigeria

125px-Flag_of_Nigeria.svgThe hatred for educators by Islamic extremists is well-known. It is difficult to keep people in a pre-historic mindset if they attend schools that open them up to the world and different ideas. For that reason, students and academics are routinely targeted in various Muslim countries for acid attacks, bombings, and shootings. However, even with this history, the slaughter last week in Nigeria is breathtaking. Some 50 students are dead, including some burned to death in the name of Islam by these extremists who use religion as an excuse for murder.

Many students were killed in their beds and both dormitories and classrooms were torched. Over a dozen students were injured in rural Gujba. The rest of the student body has fled — as the militants had hoped. The extremists have been fighting for the creation of an Islamic state in the area. The militants, Boko Haram, opposed any Western education is forbidden in the local Hausa language.

Islamic militants have also killed a pastor, his son and a village head and then torched the Christian church in Dorawa. These are people who demand death for anyone who insults the Prophet but have no qualms about killing priests and burning down churches.

Source: NY Times

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  1. Mike S you’ve hit the nail on the head… its why the elites have eroded the education system here slowly but surely. they do not want our descendants to understand the fact that they are free and that this is a democratic world. they do not want them to be able to read about the civil rights movements, about the marches on washington, potus who have been impeached, polietrickers who were jailed for breaking the laws. and they definitely dont want them to know and love GOD or whatever your higher power is known by to you. they are not supposed to dream past low wage jobs. notice they dont even teach the kids how to write in script anymore?

    the same goes for these so called clerics who are nothing more then paid off power hungry mongrels. i have nothing against islam itself i know many muslims my uncles and a grandfather being muslim and they denounce these practices and the muslim clerics and countries who do denounce these practices are never written about in the lame stream media just as its never written about how the jews in israel are doing the same things to the palestinians.

  2. @mespo727272 – All I am saying is that lets call a spade a spade. Just because one PROFESSES to be of a religion does not mean they are adhering to the tenets of said religion. Case in point. You are referring to CRIMINALS who subvert the teachings of Islam for wanton violence and murder.

    Your quotation from Quran (2:216) is not about murder and mayhem. It’s not even about “jihad” which means “struggle” not offense-warfare. Mohammed was talking about “self-defense”. Even the Bible supports self-defense even lethal self-defense.

    I am not a Muslim. I am a Judeo-Christian. I do not support any Fundamentalist organized religion as it seems almost all of them have misinterpreted their own holy books – to some point or other. The people you refer to are NOT the same people they claim to represent.

    Al-Qaeda for instance “claims” to represent Allah but seem to only carry out the evil will of certain evil men with evil hidden agendas. And I can assure you some of those men are not even Muslims. For instance the lunatic that invented the phrase Al-Qaeda and decided to arrange for UBL’s take over of it after the evolution from Afghan Mujahedin during the 1980’s was a white American man from San Antonio Texas who “claims” to be a Protestant. He lives in Northern Virginia today with a $600,000 security system obviously due to his very burdensome guilty conscious.

    BTW the Kenyan massacre was led by a white woman with a British accent. Her name was Samantha Lewthwaite nicknamed “White Widow”. She was killed in the incident. Her reasons for converting to Islam where IMO not for the right reasons. Her attack on the mall where purely revenge-driven for the death of husband Germaine Lindsay. I believe she was brainwashed by Lindsay and her new husband Habib Saleh Ghani who all represented a terrorist group known as Al-Shabaab.

    These “groups” claim to represent Allah and follow the teachings of Mohammed but prove false to it by their evil actions. It’s not fair to blame Islam nor Muslims for what these CRIMINALS do in the name of their hidden Western human handlers.

    Now I’m not against drone strikes against these criminals which the inventor of said program (John O. Brennan and intrinsically Nikola Tesla believe it or not) at Mr. Obama request. However, I only request that they modify the “twins” (they use TWO drones in an attack not one – one for laser designation and the other carrying AGM-114 Hellfire missile(s)). Modify it with a TRULY surgical strike weapon, an Israeli WASP remote control sniper rifle. The target can be positively identified and collateral damage can be mitigated with mini-UAV drones fresh out of DARPA.

    I have no problem with dealing with these criminal extremists with extreme prejudice. Just stop vilifying the major organized religion that does NOT support them. The real Islamists denounce and some are willing to fight them.

    We (USA) have many Islamists in the fight from US Congress to our military to our Intelligence Community. Just don’t count US Army Maj. Nidal Hasan. He got his retribution for his crimes as he is now paralyzed in a wheel chair and will face an all American execution at Leavenworth (maybe).

  3. sonofthunber etc:

    “Let’s be honest here. It’s not ISLAMIC Extremists. It’s CRIMINAL extremists.”


    Ok that obvious they are criminal but the two are not mutually exclusive — some would say one follows the other. For example, where are all the Jaina extremists? Or the Shinto extremists? How about the Baptist extremists? You’re just denying what is plain for all to see. These are Islamic fundamentalists with a world view that is perfectly consistent with the one they have held for centuries and which is fostered in part by religious leaders who share the same view. They have no regard for human life or Western morality and thinking they do is merely wishful thinking. Disagree? Ask the Kenyan hostages’ families whose loved ones had their eyes and noses ripped from their bodies by pliers in the Westgate Mall.

    Here’s a primer from their Holy Book on their lot in life:

    “Quran (2:216) – “Fighting is prescribed for you, and ye dislike it. But it is possible that ye dislike a thing which is good for you, and that ye love a thing which is bad for you. But Allah knoweth, and ye know not.”

    Why don’t we call them what they are and deal with them? They are bloodthirsty religious fanatics driven by their interpretation of Islam taken word for word right out of the Qu’ran and the Hadith. The same books that held sway from the 7th Century through the 9th centuries when their minions trampled over the Byzantine Empire and southern Europe. To that extent they are religious warriors and fundamentalists. In fact ,they are doing literally what those Islamic texts specifically and lovingly approve for them to do. They are barbarians in every sense and a direct threat to civilization precisely because of their religion and not as some adjunct to their religion.

    It is a delusion of some in the West that these people are the result of Western imperialism and grinding poverty. Homeless people don’t rent store fronts, manufacture sophisticated bombs from C-4 gel, and buy automatic weapons.

    Bring on the drones.

  4. There must be sanctions against these territories that refuse to weed out their muslim bro terrorists. No trade, bar Americans from going there as tourists, shun them at international get togethers, fly over and flush.

  5. I agree with Mike S. Let’s be honest here. It’s not ISLAMIC Extremists. It’s CRIMINAL extremists. There’s a big difference with a Fundamentalist organization that does something diametrically opposed to the mainstream teachings and dogma of said “professed” religion.

    Case in point. Would you call Timothy McVeigh (i.e. Oklahoma City Federal Building bomber) a Catholic Extremist? Would you call the Abortion Clinic bombers Protestant Extremists? Same goes for KKK, American NAZI Party, Sinn Fein, IRA, Mossad, etc. They are all arguably terrorists organizations that “claim” or “profess” that they represent a particular Fundamentalist religion and that they do what they do for their god.

    Just because someone PROFESSES to represent a particular religion should not cast any aspersions on the said religion nor God. If you properly research any of those religion’s basic tenets you will see that NONE of them condone terrorist acts of murder and mayhem. The Quran nor the Christian Holy Bible teaches hatred of people to the point of murder. The clergy, no matter how fundamentally misguided their understanding is of the holy scriptures, goes so far as to allow the wanton murder of people.

    These people JT is talking about are totally unrepentant criminals that are twisting the words of wisdom to fit their agenda. Some may ask why the clergy is “allowing” them to do this? How can they stop them? The clergy doesn’t have troops, weapons, and spies (or at least they shouldn’t). That’s the job of the secular governments.

    And in the case of Saudi Arabia they do put on a good show that they are trying to address it. I do not believe they condone it, at least in the name of religion. In the name of petroleum is a totally different kettle of fish!

  6. I hate the fact that the only way to stop this kind of thing is to raze all the mosques in the area, and execute some mullahs. Then make it clear that other mullahs will be the next victims if any other atrocities are committed. These people only understand force and have to be met with force and the loss of what they want. This is in addition to going after the criminals as well.

  7. It’s them versus us mentality…. There’s only one god…… You think they’d think….

  8. All this in the name of some supernatural gobbldy-gook.

    How can people burn other people alive? This level of pain and suffering leaves scars on a society that take generations to fade..

  9. Rich Muslim Arab states do not stop thes people because a) they agree with them; b) they would rather these people kill people elsewhere rather than in their rich countries; c) they pay these murders to destabilize the region to keep the West enthralled; and d) as long as these murders are attacking the “infidels” elsewhere they will forget about the infidels that are running the Arab states who go to London and have fun while their wives walk around in tents to prove how really pious their husbands are. Take your pick. Remember the Rich Muslim Arab states are by and large theocratic monarchies.

  10. Fundamentalist religious fanaticism is one of the greatest dangers to freedom in the world today. This is true in Islamic countries and it is true in our country, though seemingly only by degrees. In order to maintain a mindset that keeps people from rejecting the basic flaws in their system of belief the defense mechanism of denial must be enforced by coercion. Knowledge is the greatest threat to these belief systems and in their closed mindset must be destroyed.

  11. I keep wondering why oil rich Muslim Arab states do not stop these murderers who slaughter innocents in the name of their shared religion.

  12. Religious doctrine taught from ignorance, hatred and bloodlust form a tragic and deadly combination. Killing innocents in pursuit of religious domination is the work of the Devil, not of Allah.

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