Florida Man Arrested A Third Time Trying To Sell The Same Undercover Officer Drugs

drugsJustin Baker, 20, may have thought three times is the charm for selling drugs but it is not quite same if you sell the drug three times to the same undercover police officer.

Baker was arrested for trying to sell cocaine and a prescription painkillers to the officer in June and August. He then met the same officer at a Subway for a third sale.

He is now facing one count of selling cocaine, two counts of selling it near a school or park and one count of selling opium or a derivative near a school or park.

At some point, you have to get a sentence increase for simply not trying very hard. With falling educational standards, declining economic indicators, and a political system functioning at the level of kindergarten, our leading place in crime may be the only thing that distinguishes us but people like Baker give American criminals everywhere a bad name.

By the way, if you are nailed three times selling drugs to the same officer, is he still considered undercover?

19 thoughts on “Florida Man Arrested A Third Time Trying To Sell The Same Undercover Officer Drugs”

  1. Seamus,
    Well done. More on the same subject. Florida does not have a lock on reverse evolution.

  2. Beldar here: I am doing a study on ants and humanoids here on this planet. I note that if one puts poison down on the ground, the ants scurry away. But if one puts poison down on a table in front of a human, he will often snort it up his nose. We are thinking of populating a planet with either ants or humans and thus far the ants have it. But, we are from France, and what do we know.

  3. Take me out to the ball game… Sell me some weed and crack cocaine…. It’s, 1, 2, 3 strikes your out of the old ball game…. Potential for a life sentence at 20….

  4. It’s just a drawback of his “door-to-door” sales profession, after a few thousand door knocks the mark is a blur, just “some woman”, “some guy”, “some kid.” You only see a handful of stereotypes, enough to pick your pitch and start talking.

  5. And insanity isn’t the same thing as legally insane.

    Nonetheless, it does seem like the actions of a man without a fully functioning elevator, but to paraphrase Heinlein’s Razor, “Never attribute to stupidity that which can be attributed insanity, but don’t discount stupidity.”

  6. Lottakatz is right. This gentleman’s actions fit the common definition of insanity.

  7. Makes for easy report writing, just copy the original arrest report and paste in the new dates 🙂

  8. This guy is just sad. I’d be sending him for a mental health assessment if I was a judge and he came up before me for an arraignment, just to satisfy my own curiosity as to his mental competency.

  9. Remind me to stay out of Florida. This guy should go to jail just for being stupid.

  10. JT: ‘a political system functioning at the level of kindergarten’

    Oh, Professor, you give them too much credit! Or, perhaps we are looking at a picture of Rick Scott’s successor.

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