Ohio Man Abuses, Starves and Keeps Dog Chained To Tree For Four Years . . . Fined $25

article-0-1880838E00000578-838_634x474article-0-1880839200000578-436_634x459We have often discussed the low level of punishment meted out for the abuse or killing of animals in this country. Perhaps no case better illustrates the problem than the “prosecution” of Jeremy Shane Temple. A malnourished and flee-covered German Shepard Toby (later named Joseph) with teeth knocked out was found chained to a tree by Temple, his owner. Toby was left chained to the tree for four years and showed signs of abuse. The punishment thus far? A $25 fine.

At that rate, years of torturing and abusing an animal will cost you less than $7 annually. For those with a taste for torture, that is cheaper than a movie. Temple was released, though according to one report he will have to return to face charges of cruelty to a companion animal, unlicensed dog and improper chaining or tethering. Charges like have an unlicensed dog and improper chaining rarely generate significant penalties. That will leave the cruelty charge as the sole but unlikely hope for additional punishment. However, the Ohio statute provides only for an misdemeanor in my first reading. (“Whoever violates division (A) of section 959.13 of the Revised Code is guilty of a misdemeanor of the second degree.”).

Police say that when they asked Temple about the condition of his dog, he is quoted as saying the “dog is not a human.” Of course, most people would say that about Temple but such irony seemed lost on him as he left $25 bucks and walked free.

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  1. Please write a respectful letter to Judge Mark W. Wall who will hear the case requesting he find Jeremy Shane Temple guilty and request the maximum penalties. Address is:
    Middletown Municipal Court
    Attn.: Honorable Judge Mark W. Wall
    One Donham Plaza
    Middletown, Ohio 45042

  2. Okay, I will not personally harm this horrible person but I agree he shod be chained to a tree with no clothing, food, or water. His face should be shown all over Middletown, Ohio and everywhere else. He is supposed to be in court on Monday, October 14th. I’ve emailed PETA and PAWS and ASPCA. Everyone shod show up at the Middletown courthouse with signs that say “Animal Abuser”. Let’s get this guy. I live in New Jersey and can’t get there but people in Ohio can. Don’t let Jeremy Shane Tempme get away with this atrocity. Meanwhile, thanks to some miracle, the dog is doing better and will survive. And beloved.

  3. I would tie him up on a chain naked for one year and feed him scraps and once a week whip is ass

  4. This scum deserves the death penalty or at least life in prison and neutering (surgical). Well over 90% of those in prison for violent offences have been known to have animal cruelty in their backgrounds. Shame on Ohio for all but condoning this lowlife’s behaviour with a $25.00 fine. Any one who lives near this piece of garbage should also be imprisoned for not reporting this sooner, or better, rescuing the dog themselves. Cowardice breeds cruelty. I can only hope this jerk dies a long, painful death and that the dog finally finds love and mercy in what is left of his life.

  5. There are times when Biblical law looks pretty good. Here is a perfect instance where an eye for an eye would be suitable.

  6. Jeremy Shane Temple is a low life and looks quite simple. He should never have children or animals. God help us if he procreates. I pray he is punished one way or another for his wickedness.

  7. thank you animal rescue for saving this pooch. Did you kick the owners ass and if not WHY

  8. This man is a PATHETIC piece of CRAP and I hope he pays in more then one way for what he did….He will be looking over his shoulder now hopefully for the rest of his life. Chain him to a tree for 4 years would not be enough time for what he deserves. Shame on the Ohio court for not severe punishment.

  9. God only knows how many other animals are in the hands of psychotics. Were there any neighbors or visitors to the house? If so, they are responsible, too. Someone else must have run across the dog during the years he was chained and abused. I’d like the same thing done to the culprit!

  10. NMDOG
    20 hours ago
    RIP KIESHA You are part of The Link, may your death not be in vain! To be lost in such a hateful, brutal way extends beyond our understanding, we only find comfort in knowing you are now free. We will carry your spirit with us each day in the work we do, in the strong partnerships we build & in the name of our Mission. You will never be forgotten
    Our paws are high to BCSO & BCACS for their united fight against animal cruelty! We would like to extend our most sincere gratitude to the Judge that spoke for KIESHA, sending a strong message that with violence towards animals, comes consequence. Violence is violence, no matter who the victim, & should never be tolerated.
    Fly Free KIESHA…

    Subject: Extreme animal cruelty arrest
    On September 30, deputies were dispatched to 2222 Paul Road SW in reference to a domestic dispute. Upon arrival, deputies learned that the argument was between Stephen Cervantes (5-1950) and his son. Cervantes claimed his son’s pit bull had killed his small dog. Cervantes threatened to shoot the pit bull, but instead took a wooden handle and began beating the dog. The dog tried to hide in a doghouse. Cervantes flipped the dog house over and continued striking the pit bull. When deputies and animal control arrived on scene the pit bull was lifeless and had difficulty breathing. The dog was euthanized for humane purposes.
    Cervantes was transported to the hospital and was not able to be interviewed that night. Detectives from the Special Victims Unit, secured an arrest warrant for Cervantes. Today just after 5:00p.m. Cervantes was arrested and booked into MDC on a $100,000 cash only bond for extreme animal cruelty.
    Sergeant Aaron Williamson
    Public Information Officer
    Bernalillo County Sheriff’s Department

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