Walmart Worker Intervenes To Help Woman In Parking Lot . . . Walmart Fires Worker

kristopher-oswaldWalmart appears to struggle at times to find ways to lower itself in the estimation of the world from stripping people of benefits to firing sick employees to arbitrary treatment of employees to destroying history to alleged bribery to reporting families to police for innocent pictures. Not long ago, the store fired an elderly greeter who was attacked by customer. Now, a Michigan man, Kristopher Oswald, says that he was fired after trying to help a woman being assaulted in the parking lot during one of his breaks. What is interesting is that Walmart is not denying his account.

Oswald, 30, said that he was on his break at 2:30am when he saw a man assault a woman. When he tried to intervene, he says the man assaulted him. When he was able to overcome the man, he says two men jumped him from behind. He was heralded as a hero and then he was fired.

Walmart company spokeswoman Ashley Hardie insisted that “We had to make a tough decision, one that we don’t take lightly, and he’s no longer with the company.” What tough decision? He intervened to help a woman on his break. Most people would view that as an easy decision — reward him. Only in the world of Walmart does the company immediately think that “we need to fire that guy.”

Oswald had worked for Walmart for about seven weeks. He was trying to finish his 180-day probation period when he apparently made the mistake of helping a woman.

As always, I read these Walmart stories and think that are a hoax or are wrongly reported. Then I find that they are actually true. In this case, I have found various stories repeating the allegations and not one denial from the company that it fired Oswald for helping a woman in need. If true, I am not sure what is more shocking: Walmart attitude toward its workers or its customers. Either way, I am long past serious shock over Walmart policies.

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  1. Heh. I guess Wal-Mart feels the employee interrupted the alleged hoodlums during an act of ‘Social Justice’, believing that somewhere in the thug’s ancestry someone who may or may not have been an ancestor of the alleged victim or may have vaguely resembled her in that said mythological ancestor was a biped, did something to the alleged thug’s ancestor, triggering the innate need to exact ‘Social Justice’ from the alleged victim, for her possible ancestor’s possible crimes.
    Screwy isn’t it?

  2. I had a friend that worked for MickyD’s for a while and he and his co-workers saw one of the MD’s employees coming into work at shift change be set upon roughed up by some hooligans as he crossed the street. My friend and some of the co-workers ran out and confronted the hooligans and ran them off. The manager went nuts and told them that that kind of thing was a firing offense due to liability. That meant that the company was afraid of being sued by the hooligans for MD employees possibly kicking their butts if in fact it came to butt kicking. They should have called the police was the instruction going forward. She didn’t fire anyone though, she let them off with a warning.

    I would not doubt that WalMart has a similar concern. I also suspect that Walmart values passivity in its employees and anyone that demonstrates other than that, in any number of situations, during their probationary period is going to get fired.

  3. Walmart wants to open a new store near Oriental, NC. The residents are opposed and on a variety of grounds. This gives them another reason. Wally in Leave It To Beaver, Wally World. Schmucks.

  4. Lol. Welcome to Walmart! I guess we need an opinoin of a police officer as to why Oswald (fired employee) should’ve called 911 from his cell phone, instead of intervening? He should’ve known that criminals, like wolves, travel in packs of 3-4?

    Target or K-Mart is going to hire this guy to be in charge of their Loss Prevention Department.

  5. “Oswald had worked for Wal-Mart for about seven weeks and said he would not have been considered a permanent employee until after his 180-day probation.”

    Six months!

  6. Well, come on, Dr. T, give us the legal view on this. Is a company right to terminate employees who interfere in crimes during working hours or in uniform? Does that protect the company from potential liability? If you were hired to advise Malwart on this, what would you suggest?

  7. A girl gets dinged for picking up her drunk friend, and now this kid gets fired for trying to save a woman from assault. I guess it doesn’t pay to be altruistic these days.

  8. Walmart is a stain on society. Amazon isn’t that far behind, although their misdeeds are slightly more hidden in backwoods warehouses. I’ll shop at neither. It may be a small act of disobedience, but one I am OK with.

  9. Well, I think it’s quite apparent that the gentleman’s intercession extended beyond his allotted break time, a clear violation of company policy. The rules are there for a reason.

  10. I was helping my brother-in-law one evening as he was trying to collect carts as a car pusher and store employees just stood outside and smoked and when just before 11pm the overnight stockers came forward and took all the carts from the west side cart bay leaving customers to bring in their own carts. I asked them to come outside and get them and was ridiculed and swore at and told to get back out there and do my job! As the night manager came to see what happening a customer flew by her with a small screen TV and I tackled him. I was surprised when she said I had to let him go as the store had no security working this late. So, I called the police with a citizens arrest and since the store manager refused to file a complaint he was allowed to leave and I was told to not come back to the store. My brother-in-law was terminated for me helping him. This is just one of many stories I could tell about this Wal-Mart and they are truly ugly. I personally would love to see all employee’s stop working and force management and corporate to get off their high and mighty rear ends and do a real job for the same amount they pay these good people. STOP BUYING AT WAL-MART and go to Target or elsewhere.

  11. The only reason I can even fathom from Walmart’s perspective is to avoid a lawsuit from the thugs that the employe fought.

  12. Not that I needed it, but another convincing reason to not shop at Walmart – callous attitude toward victims and the good Samaritans who help them.

    If the poor victim had been seriously injured and Mr. Oswald intervened, WTFmart would probably not be content with a simple termination, but might have pressed charges (of some type) against him.

    But, Always Low Prices!

  13. not impossible to believe anymore since walmart which is own by those who believe in chaos and we all know where that stems from.. they wouldnt have to worry about being sued if their accredited schools didnt continuously put out ambulance chasing lawyers who do not know the real law. but the law taught to them by accreditation and accreditation is taught to keep you from knowing and understanding the truth.. i posted about that earlier this week on another article on this blog with a link to the original site

  14. “Oswald had worked for Walmart for about seven weeks. He was trying to finish his 180-day probation period”.
    Well there ya go. He was due for a pay increase. (Maybe? does walmart give any raises)

  15. Corporations no longer consider their employees Human. We are work units. And we are to NEVER get out of line. Expendable.

  16. I read the article from the news. Evidently the man punched the employee so it was self defense before he helped the woman. So Walmart says we don’t care what happens on our grounds and you get fired even when it is self defense. Right. makes sense to me.

  17. It is all well and good to discourage employees from acts of vigilantism, but it is sometimes reasonable to recognize exigent circumstances that justify employee intervention.

    If a Walmart customer suffers a heart attack, are Walmart employees forbidden from giving CPR on the grounds that it poses a liability risk?

  18. When and if he applies for unemployment Walmart will have to roll over or oppose his benefits. He should ask for a hearing. Bring in witnesses. Get a transcript of the hearing. Put it on the internet. Then he should run the benefits down to the last nickel. Then apply for a job at Walmart. Then file an age discrimination case against them. He is over 40. Put it in federal court. They cannot articulate a rational reason for not hiring him because they hired him in the first instance. Now their only reason will be for helping the victim. It is one hell of a pretext. They fired him because of his age and would not rehire him because of his age. He is entitled to back pay and emotional distress damages. And attorney fees. And reinstatement. The news will not be good for Walmart. They discriminate on age. A lot of us old farts will boycott them.

  19. Many companies have a similar policy of discharging any employee involved in any way in violence, even if the employee is attacked on the premises. This is mostly because they want to limit their liability exposure.
    If you want to boycott all companies that have and enforce such a policy, good luck.
    If this is simply the “last straw” with Walmart, go to it.

    I was a contractor barred from Walmart for having unsealed product without a sales receipt. It was not sealed when it came out of the shipping carton. I was instructed to empty such into the compactor and put the empty bag in the credits box. The Walmart asst. manager saw the bag before I took the latest bunch of open ones to the compactor.
    No one ever warned me of this and as I was not an employee of Walmart but of a vendor, I was not given a Walmart employee manual, so the only way I had to find out the rules was to violate one and be called down for it. Oh – my supervisor was also barred for not warning me. He had been working the store for 21 years!

    “If a Walmart customer suffers a heart attack, are Walmart employees forbidden from giving CPR on the grounds that it poses a liability risk?”

    Wouldn’t be surprised. Only 18% of heart attack victims given CPR AED (defibrillator) survive. Their survivors will sue you. And your company. The 18% will sue you for cracking their sternum, bruising, etc., which is the natural consequence of CPR. “Good Samaritan” laws give protection but you still have to hire a lawyer, go to court. Fat chance your company will pay you for your defense expenses. The company may offer them a settlement, or fight it, citing their inflexible rule forbidding employees to intervene, resist or do anything but stay back or run.

  20. “One of the reasons I no longer do business with Wal-Mart….”

    Yeah, good. If you live in a small town that is just big enough to attract Wal-mart, all the other stores go out of business. All Walmart has to do is set prices on major draw items 1% below the local family owned stores and practically all their customers go over to Walmart. All the non-draw convenience stuff is higher priced than the local stores, but no one pays attention that their overall cost of shopping at Walmart is higher.

  21. “A girl gets dinged for picking up her drunk friend…”

    Another kid gets expelled from the government indoctrination facility (publik skule) for playing airsoft in his own home yard.

    When I was a kid most of the boys carried a “Boy Scout” camp knife. If you took it out of your pocket without teacher’s permission it went into the teacher’s desk drawer for the rest of the school year.

    Another kid at a rougher high school carried a .38 with him to keep from being robbed of his lunch money on the way to school and from being beaten up by the duck tail hood[lum] crowd. He kept it in his locker during school.
    I was only kidnapped and taken for a joy ride once by some of the punks.

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  23. I wonder what a judge would find if a civil case came before him from a customer beaten in the Walmart parking lot.

  24. As long as the American people lay down to tyranny regardless whether it originates from government or the private sector, they will continue to get it shoved down their throats. It’s past time for patriots to strike back-violently. This Walmart can be burned to the ground. It’s store shelves can be sabotaged and plundered.

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