Fat Leonard And The Sailors: Navy Rocked By New Contracting Scandal

170px-Reuterdahl_Navy_recruitment_poster_2No it is not the latest rock band. Fat Leonard is the nickname for the rotund contractor named Leonard Glenn Francis, chief executive of Glenn Defense Marine. The Asian company is accused of greasing the skids in the Navy with bribes ranging from prostitutes to luxury hotels to tickets to Lady Gaga concerts. Snared in the scandal are an array of top Navy officials, including an official at the Naval Criminal Investigative Service and a Navy Commander known “Little Bro” to Fat Leonard. Fat Leonard was well known in Naval circles and was given his nickname because he dressed out at 6-3 and 350 pounds.

One of the greatest disappointments is the alleged involvement of Cmdr. Michael Misiewicz. Misiewicz was born Vannak Khem in Cambodia but escaped the killing fields when he was adopted at 6 by a U.S. embassy worker. He later attracted global attention by commanding the destroyer USS Mustin in a return to Cambodia for the first time in 37 years. It was a moving story for both countries. However, he also attracted the attention of Fat Leonard for another reason. Francis and an unnamed manager identified Misiewicz “as someone who might be susceptible to providing favor . . . in return for things of value.” The Navy says that he was right. They accuse Misiewicz was given prostitutes, tickets and other bribes to influence him in his later job as deputy operations manager for the Navy’s 7th Fleet, overseeing all naval activities in the western Pacific and Indian oceans. His relationship was so close that he called Francis “Big Bro” and he was called “Little Bro.”

Fat Leonard and his company then proceeded to overcharge the Navy for various services. Just a few examples cited by the Navy exceeded $10 million. Since 2011, Fat Leonard and the Glenn Defense Marine has received a staggering level of contracts worth over $200 million. Francis was allegedly after inside information and steering vessels to ports that used his company for pierside services.

Some of the most incriminating emails come from NCIS Special Agent John Beliveau, 36. According to media reports, Beliveau is accused of helping Francis in dealing with the investigation. He allegedly sent Francis emails. The complaint alleges that in return, Beliveau helped Francis craft a response to an NCIS inquiry and even searched an internal computer database several times for details on the investigation.

Beliveau reportedly emailed Francis, “I will always be your friend but you will get nothing else until I get what you promised . . . I can be your best friend or your worst enemy… I am not an amateur.” If these charges are correct, he is worse than an amateur in sending emails complaining about the failure to make good on bribes.

Misiewicz has his own emails to deal with. Misiewicz, who has a family and children, was noted by the company as preferring Japanese prostitutes and allegedly given such services on more than one occasion. He will have to face emails thanking the company like one that read, “Take care gents, thank you for the best leave (w/o kids that is) ever!”

Given the description of the charges, it was probably better to leave the kids at home when Fat Leonard was entertaining.

Source: Washington Post

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  2. And I sing, “Little boxes on a hilltop little boxes made of ticky tack, little boxes on a hilltop and they all look just the same.”

    wouldn’t have taken you for a “weeds” fan, nick

  3. I know, I vote for them. I want one that’s not wackos! I want some REAL choices and so do most folks. I don’t want these arbitrary rules on who can get into debates. The deck is stacked. Ralph Nader has spoken eloquently about this. You’re content w/ the status quo. You’re happy w/ your choice, Dems. To each their own.

  4. patsy, My position is they both have the same agenda, to keep our political system a duopoly, and dupe people into thinking there’s no need for another choice. They’re happy to take turns in the WH and Congress, running on the slogan, we’ve all heard, “We may suck, but we don’t suck as much as those other guys.” I’m not satisfied w/ that, and neither are 60% of the public according to Gallup. For the first time in polling history, 60% of Americans want a 3rd party. Have you read, This Town? I think you would like it.

  5. Nick pretty much just have different priorities. I don’t think in black and white conceptual exegesis. Much more complicated than that. I look for leaders and politicians who can walk and chew gum. I need answers to more than who pays for female parts activities and who is persecuting Christians, and whether Hillary Clinton, should be executed or only imprisoned.

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    A military allowed to run unchecked readily leads to corruption and spending excesses. We have been “at war” since 1942 – it is time to stand down.

  7. When the majority of federal legislation is being written primarily by lobbyist, and the individual constituent has become meaningless because he can not compete with the corporate influence that runs congress due to the constant need to seek re-election funds – then the actual political party seems to matter less and less, and other than minor squabbles that are played up for major attention they become difficult to actually tell apart.

  8. Simply a symptom of being at war non-stop in some fashion since 1942 – never dismantling the apparatus and letting it run amok, unchecked, because the Feds loved the increased powers the war footing & never ending pseudo-emergencies grants them. Now we have an over reaching executive branch, a corporate owned legislature, a virtually useless Supreme Court and the people sacrificing fundamental civil liberties. With the militarization of virtually all federal, state & local police agencies that have any quasi-police powers – we are rapidly sliding down a very slippery slope. All Governments given powers will eventually put all of those powers to use, and we are simply allowing (or more properly, they are now assuming) far too much power across the board.

    We are rapidly becoming all of those things this country railed against during the 20th century. The fiscal excesses of the military is only a symptom of their virtually unchecked power in our system today.

    Of course – with all of this happening you can continue to argue about petty scandals at local colleges all you like. That’s actually funny in context.

  9. Dear Nick, John Kerry was wealthy before he married Teresa. Investments are American participation in our opportunities! Making money on the security of other countries, or the Keystone pipeline, or arms sales, or care giving facilities while others are deprived, put in danger, or ignoring the care of their environment. Crusading against the good of America should be capital offense. The Koch Brothers will make $100,000,000,000 on the Pipeline deal. And they will continue to annihilate the Democratic Party. Read WRAPPED IN THE FLAG, by Claire Connor to understand the philosophy of the Kochs preference for Birtchers. It was a movement which caused ruinous events in this country! And you want to back there, I don’t. The Navy shenanigans are a bleep, on you mental device!

  10. I never kid myself, Patsylvania, but duopolists do daily. It’s the only way they can get through the day. Doing the “dupolist duwop” song.

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