Jets Fan Shown Striking Woman After Jets-Patriots Game Identified As Former Felon

102113_ff_jetspunchshort_640We have previously discussed how many families, including my own, have abandoned football stadiums to rowdies who have turned games into a contest of obnoxious drinking, swearing, and fighting. Games are now viewed as a license what is becoming the American version of Soccer hooligans. That element was on display this week with the video below of a New York Jets fan punching a woman in a Patriots jersey. According to reports, the man is Kurt Paschke, who was previously found guilty of negligent homicide in a stabbing death outside of a pizzeria in 1992. However, the Patriots fans come off as no better in the video, including the woman, identified as Jaclyn Nugent, 26, who is seen as hitting Paschke before he hits her.

Paschke’s mother, Colleen, insisted that the Patriots fans were harassing them throughout the game and pursued them after the game. She says that the Patriots fans yelled “get them” and were throwing punches. She insists her son was protecting her. The video does show the woman throwing punches before being hit herself.

jets22n-12-webAccording to reports, Paschke stabbed a man four times outside of the restaurant, though his lawyers insisted that he only used the knife after being severely beaten. The victim’s family insisted that Paschke got a special deal because his father was a sergeant in the police force.

It is interesting that the police have been seeking Paschke but reportedly not Nugent or the other fans in the melee. As shown by the wonderful photo below, Paschke seems like just the type of guy keeping families away from stadiums. However, the Patriots fans were clearly pursuing at the time of the videotaped attack. When reporters tracked down the woman’s brother, he reportedly responded with the articulate instruction to “Go screw!” From a torts perspective, if he was hit first, Paschke can claim self-defense and defense of others. Unlike his stabbing incident, he is responding in a commensurate fashion though we do not see what happened before the clip below.

Interestingly, the incident has created a debate over the common view that a man can never hit a woman. Many have objected that when a woman hits a man first, he is within his rights — and social standards — to hit back. Do you agree?


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  1. I’ve played that youtube Tina posted several times and I’ve noticed first the big guy was be pulled away from a fight by two other guys where there were at one or more people on the ground. One woman in a dark blue jacket tries to grab him from behind before she is pulled off by one of the guys and she soon walks off. Then that woman runs up to him angry pointing at him and is up in his face before she is slugged and one of the guys who as pulling him off tries to punch at him, the big guy doesn’t even punch him back but eventually the smaller guy backs off and the confrontation is over. In the other angle I agree she is not seen punching but shoving at him has both her arms out reaching at him and he has his hands out appearing to block her. Rather than slug her he could had just grabbed of hold of her arms , then should her away. Plus I too notice he seems to be smiling during the whole time and doesn’t appear fearful of his safety. Since then, reports claimed he was being kicked and punched by two women even no one is seen kicking him and the second woman with the blonde is not seen touching him at all. Both his parents his lawyers defended his actions claiming he was victim and just trying to protect his mother and some of his friends who were injured in the fracas. However, his mother is nowhere to be seen if friends were injured it was done by another crowd nothing to do with the woman who was punched. I also agree with Blhll’s points that the physically stronger as more obligation harm the more smaller and weaker but use minimum force to subdue them in an attack which since men on average have more physical advantage I stand by my points. Many people who defend this guy’s actions misses all these points and so caught up on who started it and the “women acts like man treated like one” or ” hit me I hit you back” mantra that belongs in the playground. I’ve over this story anyway and this will be the last discussion on it.

  2. I wasn’t taking about a legal stance, on this subject but a moral one, legally they were both in the wrong and deserved to arrested, morally they were also both wrong, however, simply tussling with burly man doesn’t compare to punching a smaller petite woman even though these are both wrong. As stated before, reasonable force is the issue not self defense, and it doesn’t seem logical to believe the man couldn’t subdue the woman half his size without striking her.

  3. randy, Did you look @ Tina’s camera angle just a few comments above? She’s not even looking @ him or threatening him when he cold cocks her.

  4. randy, They were BOTH charged w/ assault. I think she, as well as the convicted killer, should have been charged. Both people being charged happens all the time.

    1. The cops are being PC by charging the guy. He is clearly the victim in the video and unless the DA can show another video or testimony that he hit her first, he should walk.

  5. After hearing some many comments on this topic I have to say that I agree with Nick, Tina and JAG the most. I’ve too read majority the comments defending this man’s actions with the excuse if a woman acts like a man, she should be treated like one, she hit first, equality etc. I don’t by this for a second. I don’ consider behavior violent and aggressive very manly but rather thuggish, men who act that way are normally just macho jerks who need to grow up. As for all this equal rights, that what was about laws and the economy, equal protection under the law, and equal access to workforce, education, healthcare, etc which applies to all people as citizens. However, men and women are not equal in all ways, since we are not equal in physical size and strength, and there some areas where men and women shouldn’t compete as equals like in a physical fight, in professional sports. Plus there gender equality doesn’t have place in bad conduct and shouldn’t be confused with a code of ethics. I think many people are taken the equal rights things a little too extreme that is has become misinterpreted or distorted that many miss or overlook these simple facts. I don’t let equality or feminism blind me to the fact of gender differences and physical inequalities between the sexes. As for the fight it is not about who started but if the man’s actions were reasonable. He is a well built muscular guy up against a petite smaller woman he could easily outweigh it wasn’t necessary for him to strike her when a simple grab or hold could worked to restrain her even shoving her away would do. Also despite what many say, the girl is never shown punching him, nobody can see what she is really doing since they’re were others blocking the view. I saw another video that shows a different angle which she appears to be shoving or tussling with him but not punching in in the face. I understand self defense but this is a case of excessive force.

    1. sorry Adrienne, but if a cop had been there, and seen the whole thing, the woman would go to jail for assault and battery. The law does not make it legal for smaller people to beat up on larger folks. Nor does it deny bigger folks the same right of self defense as others.

      I have read some complaints that illegals who are women get taken into custody by the cops in a domestic disturbance. The reason for that is that the women think that once the cop is there, they get free hits on their man. Thus the cops arrest them too.

  6. Tina, Agreed. I hope people look @ this great video clip you posted. I just directed a guy from the other thread on this topic to come look @ it and discuss.

  7. “The question that is not being asked is why was he being pulled off of the person on the ground and who was the person on the ground. Why were so many people angry with him? Why was he smiling and apparently enjoying himself? View the video again and you will ask the same questions. No one lunges at another person without provocation, what was he doing to cause such a reaction in her? Think about it! I don’t think anyone deserves the violence displayed in this video including this guy!”

  8. Tina, GREAT WORK! Not only did this convicted killer throw a haymaker, the woman was not even looking toward him! He was not under attack when he threw it. It’s all about the camera angle…the perspective. You have given us your perspective and now another camera perspective. Kudos, Tina. Anyone care to amend their remarks?

  9. Tina, Great comment. We need all perspectives and in a post like this, I think a woman’s perspective is more important. Thanks for joining in!

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