Tennessee Police Officer Fired After Using Gun And Pepper Spray Against Squirrel In Store

131021110548_dollar-general1018341.jpgWhat is it about law enforcement and squirrels recently? We previously discussed the pepper spraying of a squirrel. Now Tennessee police officer Officer Jody Putnam has been fired after he tried to get rid of a squirrel in a Dollar General store by shooting at the animal and using his pepper spray.

Putnam was in the store in Mountain City when employees spotted the squirrel. Putnam first responded by shooting at the squirrel and then used his pepper spray. Even if one were to use lethal force on a squirrel, it is curious why you would use the gun before the pepper spray.

To make matters worse, Putnam did not report the discharging of his weapon in a store — let alone at a small rodent. Presumably, he hit the squirrel since it reported as dead as Putnam’s law enforcement career.

Putnam is an experienced officer. He spent 14 years with another department and has been with the Mountain City police department for five years.

31 thoughts on “Tennessee Police Officer Fired After Using Gun And Pepper Spray Against Squirrel In Store”

  1. for years poor TENNESSEANS have feared their on police because of sadistic brutality in fact they have a saying,WHEN IT RAINS IN TENNESSEE ITS REALLY ALL THE ANGLES CRYING FOR ALL THE SINS THAT TENNESSEE POLICE DO TO THE POOR.PEOPLE.that saying sums up police in TENNESSEE

  2. “One of the penalties for refusing to participate in politics is that you end up being governed by your inferiors.” Plato
    I wonder if that Cop ever read any Plato?
    Damn Damn Damn !!!!!! And I am the one who can get employed.

  3. WHAT does the government have to do, before the people realize they have lost control of their government and NOTHING BUT MORONS are running everything,,watch the FOOTBALL game on HOLLOWEEN NIGHT,in MIAMI ,FLORIDA,and see what they really think of americans,OH,for the really stupid,ITS called a false flag event,but then again we know how stupid americans are don’t we………………………….

  4. So, what’s the over-under on how long it takes the police union to get him his job back with back-pay for time missed? Dibs on 3 months.

  5. “it is curious why you would use the gun before the pepper spray.”

    Because you suddenly realize just how terrible a shot you are, and how ineffectual you must look to all the people watching you.

  6. PIECE OF ADVICE,take their guns away,if you don’t, I guarantee your going to be wishing you had,you’d be better off if ten year olds were protecting you then fat stupid morons,TAKE THEIR GUNS AWAY,OR WISH YOU HAD,they never cared about you anyway……………..

  7. If the squirrel was a person who survived the shooting, he or she’d be arrested on a trumped up charge of resisting and assaulting an officer.

  8. Blouise, There was a much easier way to make sure that squirrel didn’t come down the chimney ever again. We must all follow our own path.

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