Chinese Journalist Shown In Public Confession After Accusing Company Of Fraud

Chen-Yongzhou_2714702b200px-Destroy_the_old_world_Cultural_Revolution_posterWe have seen in the last year a shocking return of the Chinese government to the practice of public confessions that were regular displays during the Cultural Revolution. Environmentalists, dissidents, and reporters have been frog-marched in front of television audiences to confess their evil ways and praise the authoritarian government for teaching them the correct path of obedience. The latest is Chen Yongzhou, 27, who committed the sin of writing about fraud committed by Zoomlion, a Chinese heavy machinery manufacturer. In a pathetic nine-minute confession, Yongshou apologizes to Zoomlion for his lies and deceit in covering the alleged fraud. The public demonstration led many to question the official account of the bribing of a reporter.

The Chinese propaganda office had earlier barred media from reporting on the story.

Chen wrote for New Express and was arrested after being lured to a police station. His newspaper fought for him with two front-page articles and included the revelation that police from Zoomlion’s home city, Changsha, travelled 440 miles to arrest him in another province.

The story reveals the depth of the Red Aristocracy that now rules China in the name of Communism. The father of Zoomlion’s chief executive, Zhan Chunxin, is the former head of the supreme court in Hunan province and his father-in-law was once the province’s deputy party secretary.

Chen’s confession was as implausible as it was chilling for many journalists. He proclaimed: “I am willing to confess and repent my crimes, and I would like to apologise to Zoomlion, its shareholders, the media groups whose credibility suffered [because of me] and my family. I did this mainly because I hankered after money and fame. I’ve been used. I have realised my wrongdoing.”

He confessed that he did not write or read the article, a highly implausible statement for a rare article taking on a major company. In addition, the All China Journalists Federation, agreed with the government that Chen had made a “serious violation” of journalistic ethics and damaged the credibility of the media. His own newspaper also publicly apologized and said that it failed to investigate before supporting Chen.

The entire story leaves many wondering why the government would blackout stories and then engage in such a public shaming of a reporter if he did in fact take money to publish false stories about the company. Fraud is rampant in China. What is less common is investigatory reporting.

In the United States and other countries, these type of allegations are handled in civil litigation. The involvement of the Chinese government in such stories as a criminal matter only reinforces the disbelief for many as to the motivation and means used in securing the confession.

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  1. If we could only get PETA and ELF to do the same…… No one should talk about GMOs…… Such unholy folks…..

  2. Really, I think it is quite okay to buy Chinese products if they have what you want at the right price. The Chinese people have increased their freedom with world trade & moved a long way from literal starvation, when I was a kid, due to the one child policy. Freedom is relative. Those who starve have less freedom even than those who are enslaved but fed. Maybe they could relax the one child policy now, though I heard they can ‘buy’ the right to a second child. If China gets past their pollution phase, it will be less of a threat to the world than India who could really do with a one child policy.

  3. Dont buy Chinese products.

    I know I am going to make sure where my chicken comes from.

    I might remind people of the many articles and books written about business in America during capitalisms heyday. Ida Tarbell and Upton Sinclair come quickly to mind.

    As the Limey stated, the biggest impediment to our freedom today is the MSM and their slavish devotion to this administration.

  4. Disgusting story. RTC is correct that China needs to be held accountable for its abuses. Of course, so do we.

  5. This is a result of the frantic need of the Chinese to “save face”. It’s why the global community needs to start calling China out on it’s abuses and the environment, wildlife, human rights, and dangerous products. Their need for respect is almost as powerful as their desire for money

  6. This is the first time Chinese and libertarian has EVER been used in the same sentence. “FORE”

  7. One would think that the Chinese are becoming almost libertarian in their defense of free enterprise.

  8. We are not free. They are not free. There is one important difference though: the Chinese people are getting more freedoms & we are getting less. We had quite a lot & are getting less, but guys like Eric Snowden & the internet in general, slow it down & give some small hope for a turnaround. We still have more freedom of the press & media here, this blog being a good example, but the mainstream media have already sold their souls to government & bad guys.

  9. “What’s worse is the treatment of our own people by the Government, ”

    It’s not worse. It’s _the_same_.

    Which is worse.

  10. China’s plan is to become the #1 economic power on earth. Anyone that gets in the way of that paints a target on themselves. That corrupt business practices are involved is of no consequence. No sabots in the Chinese economic engine will be allowed. There is historic resonance with the war on labor as labor organized in the US, the state was arrayed on the side of capitol and deployed its resources to assist capital.

    Whenever I see the public apology tours of politicians for various private indiscretions or the public apologies by Republicans that wandered out of bounds ideologically to people like Grover Norquist or Rush Limbaugh I always think “How Chinese”.

    “It’s Chinatown Jake” comment in 3, 2, 1,……

  11. What’s worse is the treatment of our own people by the Government, Snowden having to run for his life for telling the truth, and now that the truth is out there, other countries are being outraged by American Government abuses.

    Gee, lets point our finger at China again for bad examples…..DUH…

  12. Eric Holder has been getting consulting fees on how to keep Chinese journalists in line.

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