Feinstein: I Will Investigate The NSA . . . To Protect Foreign Leaders

225px-dianne_feinstein_official_senate_photo220px-Angela_Merkel_(2008)For civil libertarians, there may be no more unsettling statements than “Dianne Feinstein is here to protect civil liberties.” Of course, it is not quite that bad. The Senate Intelligence Chairwoman Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) has been the greatest champion for the creation of the massive surveillance of U.S. citizens and effectively blocked any demand for a perjury prosecution of National Intelligence Director James Clapper for lying about the programs. She has called for the prosecution of Edward Snowden for revealing years of deceitful or false statements made to the public. She has criticized the media for disclosing information on the programs despite admissions that of unlawful conduct by the government after the disclosures. No, none of that bothers Dianne Feinstein. However, she is outraged by the monitoring of foreign leaders and promised a “total review” surveillance program.

What is striking is Feinstein’s outrage that there is a dire need for oversight after the government was given carte blanche to grab millions of emails and phone calls of U.S. citizens. Feinstein of course first moved (as have all Democratic leaders) to protect the President. There has been a full court press to maintain that Obama was entirely unaware of the surveillance — a curious position that I have previously discussed. Feinstein’s outrage appears calculated to support that new spin. She has said Obama’s lack of knowledge is a “big problem.” She added “The White House has informed me that collection on our allies will not continue, which I support.”

Continuing to refer to the widely ridiculed secret court as legitimating the massive surveillance of all citizens, Feinstein says that this is a problem because it was not carried out under such claims of oversight: “Unlike NSA’s collection of phone records under a court order, it is clear to me that certain surveillance activities have been in effect for more than a decade and that the Senate Intelligence Committee was not satisfactorily informed.”

By the way, you will note that, as usual, Feinstein is not particularly concerned about average people or their rights. It is the leaders (like herself) that concerns her: “Unless the United States is engaged in hostilities against a country or there is an emergency need for this type of surveillance, I do not believe the United States should be collecting phone calls or emails of friendly presidents and prime ministers.”

Feinstein’s outrage therefore seem a bit forced . . . much like her concern over the regulation of drones. Clearly, the prior effort to shrug off the surveillance or even to embrace it has not gone over well. The alarm raised by Feinstein comes right on cue as the White House struggles to assure allies that Obama is not personally responsible for what his government does. It is the only avenue around the growing international crisis: the ole plausible deniability. The abuses would be officially attributed to faceless functionaries acting on their own. While that may not make a lot of sense since this intelligence had to have been shared at the highest levels, it allows people like Feinstein to implement meaningless investigations while the intelligence community burrows deeper out of the public eye. It would simply have been more plausible with someone who has shown a modicum of concern for civil liberties in the past. The current security state was created with the enthusiastic support of Feinstein and other members who have shown little inclination or interest in serious oversight.

And so the narrative is set. The surveillance of Merkel was an over-zealous group of spies and has left American leaders perfectly horrified and disgusted . . . and all will be made well by Dianne Feinstein.

Source: The Hill

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  1. The U.S. Government, Feinstein are guilty of every murder, every crime in the U.S. illegal wars.

    1.5 murders in Iraq and the murders of about 5000 of the U.S. Military in Iraq alone.

    War Crimes Tribunal Looking to ARREST Obama & Bush

  2. Somebody needs to investigate Supreme War Criminal Feinstein for “Planning, preparation, initiation or waging of Wars of Aggression or Wars in violation of international treaties, agreements or assurances.” Also she and the congress have committed War Crime every time they have voted funding for the U.S. Wars of Aggression. They are guilty of many counts of murder… they are Mass Murderers / Maimers / Torturers.

    All the U.S. Invasions are Illegal as were the Nazi Invasions.

    Washington, DC = Nazi Berlin

  3. james bamford….A Pretext For War…Double day p. 163… reported the NSA had bin ladens phone number
    … 00873–682505331…and was able to …”secretly eavesdrop on it as the signals transited communications
    satellites.” i also referenced these sources in my book…MidEast ChessBoard…on … http://www.amazon.com

  4. Very few of the establishment pundits have reported on the FBI, CIA, NSA, identifying 911 terrorists beforehand
    or buggin of their telephones. …but a newsweek article of june 10, 2002…by michael isikoff documents
    that a wiretap was placed on the phone of Ahmed al hada which was the main logistic line for relaying messages
    to bin laden around the world and informed the agencies of the al qaeda meeting at Kuala Lumpar, mayalasia


  5. Di Fi along with most of elected pols are not qualified to lead in 2013 soon to be 2014. The ship of he future has left them behind, and their cluelessness endangers us all.

  6. I see she…. Wants to investigate the powers that be so she can see what needs expanding….. You can believe it if she said it I’m sure…. But I’m sure if I disagree with her stance….. I will be labeled a misogynist……oh well…. A direct order again….

  7. So, the person charged with turning the lights on and examining the room for evidence of critters like cockroaches and mice, is complaining about being left in the dark?

    Isn’t it true that if Diane Feinstein, the Chairperson of the Senate Intelligence Committee, had been following her own Committee meetings, she would have noticed long ago, grave inconsistencies and red flags among the filthy critters of the NSA she keeps inviting to come stink up her joint?

    Four years in position and she just NOW is getting parts of it?

  8. “Our guy sucks but not as much as your guy.” And sycophants call that VICTORY. It’s Cuckoo’s Nest and we need RP McMurphy.

  9. Do we need another reason NOT to vote for a D or an R? They both are shills for big business, big banks, and big spy. Get rid of them all and start with something new.

  10. Gene,

    “But thinking about Paul spreading his theocratic bent to the fine people of Boston?”

    I think it’s code for “Tea Party” but I can’t be sure ’cause my ear doesn’t hear the conservative dog whistle.

    Now, excuse me as I must return to my mission of destroying SOTB’s love for General Alexander.

  11. gee, i wonder if the good folks over at goldman-sachs the treasury dept. knew about the conversations of other world leaders?

  12. If one’s supposed “subordinate” failed to inform Obama on such a gravely important matter, wouldn’t he be fired for misconduct? Yet today, Obama expressed his utmost support for Keith.

    There’s also that important link from Anon Posted. Pretty obviously, they were told.

    And certainly, it is fair to say that what is disturbing Diane is the higher orders had it put out in public that they were spied on. That’s just so embarrassing!

  13. Blouise,

    Such sarcasm coming from such a cultured and upstanding lady! I never! Well. Okay. Sometimes I do. Alright, alright. Frequently. But thinking about Paul spreading his theocratic bent to the fine people of Boston? Is enough to give one the vapors! I do declare! :mrgreen:

  14. SwM,

    Rand Paul is bemoaning the War on Christians … “From Boston to Zanzibar, there’s a worldwide war on Christianity.” Then he endorses Cuccinelli in front of a crowd at Jerry Falwell’s school. Yeah, that’ll change the minds of all those Virginia’s voters willing to go to the front to defend Christianity … in Boston. That’s a sure fire winning strategy.

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