Happy Halloween!!!

Happy Halloween to all of the ghostly regulars of the Turley Blog! Despite the theory that Halloween is just a cry for help from my rotting soul, I love this holiday and the house is covered with our annual display of skeletons, webs, and spooky items. Our 8 foot pumpkin/witch joined the land of the spirits after ten years on upper balcony. (I found her hanging, deflated on the side of the house after returning from Tennessee last week). After a panicked run out to a distant rural county, I was able to secure a 7 foot talking witch who now oversees our cemetery scene with rising ghouls and a witch coven (with cracking caldron). It looks pretty cool with floating ghosts, flying witches, and a moving black cat among the tombstones.

As soon as night falls, we trigger the lightning machines (2) and thunder sound effects! It looks menacing with giant cob webs running from the roof to the yard and a flying six foot ghoul above the garage. Yes, I am one of those over-the-top parents.

The kids are adopting an assortment of handmade costumes and the haul should be good this year.

In one bizarre twist, Longfellow Middle School announced that it would hold a costume competition at lunch. However, in conformity with school policy, kids would not be allowed to wear hats, masks, carry any weapon-like object, or makeup. Otherwise, they should have fun. Of course, that makes the kid dressed as the hatless radish the winner again this year.

Have a great and tort-free Halloween!

31 thoughts on “Happy Halloween!!!”

  1. The most creative was a girl who cut out green Styrofoam and was Medusa. I think she was the kid of a professor. I let her pick out 5 candies. It rained all day and night and the crowd was WAY down. Kids and parents are pussies nowadays.

  2. Dredd,

    It was the same here. We had hippies, a conehead, a young boy who had on a costume that read “outer space party” so I asked him what an outer space party was and he said “A planet” … took me about five minutes to get it and he was long gone. I wanted to call him back and adopt him.

    There were a lot of kids and the majority of the costumes were really distinctive and original

  3. The kids in the neighborhood have had exceptional costumes this year so far.

    Candy hasn’t run out yet …

  4. I keep my inner demon on a very short leash, but the good news is that he and my inner child really like to play Dungeons & Dragons together. So I got that going for me. Which is nice.

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