Girl’s Suicide Was Real – Rest Of Story Looks To Be A Hoax

-Submitted by David Drumm (Nal), Guest Blogger

Maria-KisloThe Mirror and Daily News reported that Maria Kislo, 12, of Leszno, Poland, was found hanged in her bedroom. She left a short note: “Dear Mum. Please don’t be sad. I just miss daddy so much, I want to see him again.”  Maria’s father died in 2009 from a sudden heart attack. There appears to be reason to doubt the veracity of this story.

A review of Polish news sources reveals:

First and foremost, there was no suicide note. Maria’s motivations are a mystery. The police are investigating her computer and diaries, but refrain from commenting on any clues they may have found so far. Secondly, Maria’s father didn’t die of a heart attack, but was brutally shot to death by his new girlfriend’s brother-in-law in 2009, about six months after Maria’s parents’ divorce. Thirdly, Maria’s mother wasn’t going to read a bedtime story to a 12-year-old, but just started wondering why the girl was staying so long alone in her room supposedly reading a book.

The four year lapse between her father’s death and her suicide bothered me.

H/T:  Terry Firma.

36 thoughts on “Girl’s Suicide Was Real – Rest Of Story Looks To Be A Hoax”

  1. HumpinDog 1, November 3, 2013 at 4:44 am

    [music] Suicide is dangerous….

    You’re thinking of the theme to MASH, Korean wartime medical unit series

  2. OS,

    Great points… A child’s suicide still touches my being…. The death of a child is painful period…..


    I really don’t think you erred…. Sometimes propel read story’s and only skim them…. There is a lot more to this than is being told….. We may never know the full story…… I Appreciate your candor…..

  3. I’ve found that those who claim they are critical thinkers and those around them are not are usually delusional thinkers and narcissists.

  4. “There are some conditions of living that are worse than death, but I am not sure the alternative should be characterized as a better place. ”
    Otteray Scribe
    1, November 2, 2013 at 11:38 am

    and given that the so called ‘brother in law’ (such an interesting phrase)of the girls father; ‘Maria’s father didn’t die of a heart attack, but was brutally shot to death by his new girlfriend’s brother-in-law in 2009, about six months after Maria’s parents’ divorce.’….I would venture to look into the fact that there may have been conditions that fit that description affecting the people involved.

  5. [music] Suicide is dangerous….

    I cant recall the lyrics. It was a song on a movie in the sixties. It was about skepticism and an portrayed an incredible lack of critical thinking. I agreed with the song lyrics but even today I question the ability of people and dogs to think clearly when they have committed suicide. Maybe someone killed the kid and made it look like suicide. God only knows where this story is going. I agree with Mike and I agree with Nick and if one agrees with both then one is at divergence usually.

  6. When I was up there at the Pearly Gates requesting in this incarnation to be sent back as a dog, there was another candidate there in front of me. The other guy had committed suicide. The stand in for Saint Peter that day (it was Wednesday and golf day) told the guy that he could not come back as a dog like he wanted because dogs are supposed to give guidance in life. So they sent him back as a human with an admonition to not push his luck and slit his wrists next time around. But they sent him to be born in a poor part of Afghanistan. He will be a Muslim and they don’t believe in suicide. Different strokes for different folks.

  7. bettykath, That is certainly one lesson. I see a lot of over the top skepticism and incredible lack of critical thinking on this blog, the ying and yang. I’m not talking about this post, it was an honest mistake and owned up to righteously. Healthy skepticism w/o cynicism has served me pretty well. I was a professional skeptic but never allowed that to make me jaded. It is however, a daily battle not always won.

  8. nal, Thanks for the explanation. So the point of the post is: Tabloids make stuff up and sometimes the rest of us believe them.

  9. Nal, I think more of you for being so forthcoming. Way to go. The tragedy remains, my prayers are always for the living as they were when I first read the account. That never changes, it is the living who suffer. I think we all agree on that.

  10. I wonder if this topic could be visited historically.
    Did Joan of Arc commit suicide? or was she a martyr?
    Did the old man of the mountain promote suicide with the promise of paradise. Were Kamikazee pilots merely bullets, fired by the emperor, willfully committing suicide. Are the many suicide bombers committing suicide. Is suicide by cop suicide. Bhudist monks burning themselves?

    My impression of suicide is the ultimate escape from insurmountable difficulties of life. It is done in desperation, confusion and overwhelming grief.

    Is there a word or words to define suicide, for a purpose other than escape?

    I cynically state, Governments and Religions have words for this…..
    But it depends which government or religious “side” one is on.

  11. Post, response, riposte, repost, admission, remission. rectified.
    Egg on the face when acknowledged and then cleaned up well, is good for the skin and the soul. Well done Nal.

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