Big Foot Fever: Oklahoma Family Arrested After Friend Is Shot On Sasquatch Hunt

originalWhen a group of guys say that they want to go on a hunt for Bigfoot, there are a host of concerns that come to mind about heading off with weapons to shoot at a mythical creature. None of those concerns appear to have stopped men in Oklahoma this week. Indeed, police say that Omar Pineda, 25, (left) may have thought he had Sasquatch at least when he heard “barking” behind him and fired. He bagged his friend with a shot to the back. Then it gets really weird.

Pineda was arrested and charged with reckless conduct with a firearm and obstruction. However, the police then arrested his father-in-law, Perry Don James, 53, who they found out had thrown Pineda’s gun into a pond on the property. James was arrested and booked on suspicion of a felon in possession of a firearm and destruction of evidence. Then they arrested Pineda’s wife, Lacey Jane Pineda, 22, who was charged with obstruction for telling police that someone else shot at her husband and his friend. That pretty much clears out the Pineda house.

Next to hunting Bigfoot, the idea that they could hide the facts of the shooting seemed rather fanciful with the victim in the hospital and able to talk.

We have often discussed hunting torts and the concept of “Buck Fever” or in this case Big Foot fever. For a prior column, click here.

The injury is a clear case of negligence. All hunting regulations state that a hunter should have visual contact before shooting at an animal. We have previously discussed such hunting accidents (here and here and here and here and here) and “buck fever” cases. Reckless driving is often charged as a crime, but not reckless hunting. Since I have often questioned criminal negligence and criminal recklessness prosecutions, I tend to view these cases as matters for tort liability. However, there is a lack of consistency in how recklessness cases are handled in hunting versus non-hunting cases.

While there is no indication that Simmons will be less than sympathetic and sue, it would make for an intriguing case. Would Simmons’ leaving the campsite be viewed as contributory or comparative negligence. Hunting communities often expect a certain wherewithal from citizens. Consider Maine hunter Donald Rogerson. Mistaking a 37-year-old housewife for a white-tailed deer, Rogerson shot and killed her. Locals insisted that the victim (who had recently moved from Iowa) was to blame because she was wearing white mittens during deer season. And a Bangor, Maine, jury cleared him of manslaughter.

In this case, the negligence of firing without a clear sighting of the animal is magnified that, in all of the accounts of Big Foot, no one has suggested that he barks.

As for Bigfoot, he has to be enjoying this immensely.


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  1. No, mate, I ain’t nearly so hairy as that — though there was that one time I was compared, unfavorably, to a skunk-ape…

  2. TG,
    Welcome aboard this mornin’ cap’n. Now Cap’n Zach wouldn’t have been out in the woods would he? I mean, with all that rum around and after an evening out with that redhead from the Bahamas, he might easily have been mistaken for Sasquach.

  3. There is one clear and glaring mistake in the original diary:
    “…in all of the accounts of Big Foot, no one has suggested that he barks.”

    See, for some reason, I watched several episodes of “Hunting Bigfoot,” wherein Sasquatch experts were wandering around the woods at night. Being experts, and you know they are, since they’re on the teevee, they clearly know better than I would, wouldn’t you say?

    What I thought were coyotes yipping away, they confidently identified as bigfoot.

    What I thought was a hoot-owl, they insisted was sasquatch.

    And, yes, what I thought was the common bark of the common dog was, instead, pointed out as bigfoot vocalizations.

    Who are such as we to argue with the experts…?

  4. Ter ber,

    Don’t worry one iota about that.

    I’ve been all over the back woods down here & there are plenty of missing links running around!

    Why do you think the Oklahoma car tag has “Oklahoma is Ok” on it?

    Because they couldn’t spell mediocre!


  5. Please hunters…..Do not shoot at the only missing link for the evolutionist out there.

  6. No raf, it doesn’t appear there was a beer cap within a mile of the accident, just some brain dead zombies from one to many Govt Vaccines.

    But just because that lone beer cap was a mile away with no finger prints on it doesn’t in any way mean they won’t later be charged with an alcohol related crime as we Amerikans are under almost full Gestapo control now.


    ** By Michael Purdy

    Rogers County β€”

    A man is shot in Rogers County Saturday evening by his friend, while they were hunting for Sasquatch.

    Deputies say the sober two men were back-to-back in a forest, when a coyote spooked the shooter. The guy then spun and shot his friend in the back.

    The victim called his girlfriend who came and picked up both men. Deputies say the victim was taken to a Quiktrip near 161st and Admiral to call for help. No word on why they didn’t just go to the hospital.

    Tulsa police, EMSA and deputies received the call about the shooting just before 10 p.m.

    Deputies say the victim was transported to an area hospital where he’s now stable.

    No word on what charges, if any, his friend will face.

    Sasquatch was never found. **

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