There Is A God: Bears 27, Packers 20

imagesGreenBayPackersHelmetIt always seems that when the world is failing apart with war, religious strife, and natural disasters, God sends a sign that all will be okay. Last night, he again used his favorite team, the Monsters of the Midway, The Chicago Bears. The Bears beat the Packers for the first time since 2007 at Lambeau Field which seemed cursed for the team. What made the game interesting is that both teams played with back-up quarterbacks with both Aaron Rodgers and Jay Cutler out with injuries.

McCown was the greatest and most welcome surprise. He has proven our MaryAnn to Culter’s Ginger: the guy next door who was always overlooked but proved to have the right stuff all along. McCown was great in the box, great in stopping plays, and basically carried off the entire playbook for the Bears.

Trestman’s work with the offensive line also showed up in full glory in the game. While the defense needs some tuning, the O Line was terrific.

Alshon Jeffery was brilliant with five catches for 60 yards as was Brandon Marshall with seven catches for 107 yards. Then there was Matt Forte, who ran for 125 yards and a TD. The size of these guys again gave them a distinct advantage. (They were also helped by my wearing my lucky Walter Payton jersey to class on Monday and releasing powerful juju powers).

On the Packers side was the truly incredible work of Green Bay’s Eddie Lacy. He is an amazing rookie who seemed to run through people to make first downs. The Packers also showed what an amazing team can do with critical players injured but a creative playbook and outstanding training. The surprise onside kick was both brilliant in theory and brilliant in execution. The Packers turned to a running game with Rodgers out and repeatedly punched holes in the Bears defense line. We hate to admit it, but the oldest rivalry in the NFL is based on a grudging respect and, yes, pride in our rivals in Green Bay. The fans are a lot alike. I never celebrate the injury of a player, particularly not Rodgers who is a work of football art. I hope he recovers quickly for the Packers.

In thanks to the Almighty, all prisoners held in the Blog dungeons will be freed and all Res Ipsa regulars will be given extra rations of food.

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  1. raff,

    On a sports level, I hate the Packers, but you’ve got to respect how good they’ve been and I love the model of the only publicly-owned major sports franchise in the country. Besides, nobody can say that Lions fans haven’t paid their dues—we spent 50 years under the curse of Bobby Lane until going 0-16 got us Stafford.


    I think you’ve got to consider the Lions favorites since Stafford, Megatron, and Bush are all healthy and the Bears defense is decidedly not. Whoever plays against Stafford wont be as good, will have less potent weapons (Brandon Marshall is good, but Megatron is Barry Sanders good), and will face a healthier defense—hard to score more points in that situation…

  2. As a Lions fan, I have to offer my sincere thanks to the Bears for putting us atop the NFC “Norris” division! Not only that, but by knocking out Rodgers (assuming he misses next week’s game), you’ve probably set us up to take sole possession of first when we beat you guys at Soldier Field on Sunday. Are you sure you know which team God really likes? 😛

    Kudos for getting a win on the not-yet-frozen-tundra of Lambeau, though—Rodgers or not, that’s a tough get.

  3. nick spinelli 1, November 5, 2013 at 2:54 pm

    Dredd, My “promiscuity” is not just in sports and politics. I learned just serendipitously when teaching, if you want to get a quiet class jump started to have a lively discussion, start w/ 3 words, “Coke or Pepsi.” Even the introverted kids will raise their hands. I drink both of them. Stones or Beatles, again usually passionate debate, I lean Beatles but love the Stones also. A little background on my despising our duopoly, something we both share. How about sports, soda, music w/ you? Are you staunchly in one camp?
    YES! I am very staunchly in one camp at a time.

    Except the duopoly.

    I am celebate.

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