What Elks Do When People Are Not Looking

What is interesting to me is the concern of one of the Elk with the trapped animal. The others do not seem particularly bothered.

The only think more exciting is to see members of the Benevolent and Protective Order of Elks on a trampoline after a night of drinking.

Buffalo clearly want to bounce but simply do not have the hoofs for the hop:

Moose on the other hand prefer water sports:

11 thoughts on “What Elks Do When People Are Not Looking”

  1. This is a little early in the year to worry about it too much, but stressing elk and deer in winter can lead to their deaths. They simply don’t have the fat reserves to deal with it, which means that, while it’s still autumn, this little guy just ran down his tank more than was “funny,” nor is the prospect of a broken leg from slipping through the trampoline “funny.” I expected the guy, once he handed over the camera, to come into the shot and tear down the netting, but it’s hard to tell what he was doing.

    On the other hand, people mistaking an adolescent boy’s voice for that a woman? Okay, that’s funny.

  2. The elk interacting with the one inside the trampoline is not “concerned,” he is trying to pick a fight. That is two juvenile males “playing chicken.” The one coming in later appears to be Mom, making sure the kids don’t get out of control.

  3. What do any of you know about elk? Little to nothing I would guess. What I know is that I don’t know much and lived with them for years. I hunted, oh my gawd freak out time for you bambi lovers, them for a living and to feed my family. They are amazing, beautiful, tough animals. I know for a fact that after wounded by a bad shot by a hunter the herd pressed in, one on each side and helped the bull get away. We got him the early next day. I once made a bad shot, the elk moved at the exact moment I squeezed the trigger and didn’t die instantly. I had to finish and in doing so I apologized to the elk and thanked for the food. The idiot woman my friend had with him (she shot a hole in his truck floor board by ‘accident’-there are no accidents when it comes to weapons in my book) asked him what was wrong with me. She never hunted with us again. Respect what is given to you, always. The elk, along with deer and once upon a time buffalo gave us life. Respect and thank them. Lilly livered city folk can stay home, cry about us hunters and eat the slaughtered chickens, beef, pigs without realizing what it is like to earn a meal.

  4. Looks to me like the elk, at least the one to the right of the trapped one, and then the larger one that came a few seconds later were very concerned about their ‘buddy’. I wish the woman had the same level of concern that the elk showed, hysterical? Laughing? And when I saw this on a newsshow this morning they were laughing too, thought it was ‘hysterical’. (At least the guy was concerned at first although not sure what turned his worry about the animal into thinking it was so funny at the end, I cant figure out.

  5. I’m appalled the woman doing the filming thought the situation was ‘hilarious’.

  6. What’s interesting also is the other elk that at 1:16 starts becoming concerned, finally.

  7. “… the Benevolent and Protective Order of Elks” – JT

    Don’t leave out the:

    Afro-American Sons and Daughters, Aid Association of Lutherans, Chautauqua Institute, Danish Brotherhood in America, Fraternal Order of Owls, Fraternal Order Orioles, Improved Order of Heptasophs, Improved Order of Red Men, Honorable Order of the Blue Goose, International, Knights of Columbus, Knights of Peter Claver, Knights of Pythias, Knights of the Golden Eagle, Knights of the Maccabees, MEANA (Malayalee Engineers Association in North America), National Haymakers Association, Native Sons of the Golden West, Order of Heptasophs, Order of Scottish ClansOrder Sons of Italy in America, Order of the Arrow (BSA), Sons of Confederate Veterans, Sons of Norway, Sons of the American Revolution, Sons of Union, Veterans of the Civil War, The National Grange of the Order of Patrons of Husbandry (The Grange), Unico National, Woodmen of the World.

    They have all entered the World Trampoline championships.

  8. Such a beautiful location – God’s country if you will – marred only by the ungodly sight of a backyard trampoline. Humans…… I am envisioning a flashing neon “Liquor and Cigarettes 2 Miles!” banner popping up from the ground at the next Old Faithful eruption….. .

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