New Mexico Man Stopped For Minor Traffic Violation and Given Digital and Surgical Anal Exams Is Charged $6000 By The Hospital For His “Medical Care”

220px-PVC-HandschuhYesterday, we discussed the horrific allegations against police from Deming, New Mexico and the medial staff of Gila Regional Medical Center in Silver City, N.M. They (and others including the local prosecutor) allegedly conducted repeated digital anal searches of man stopped for a minor traffic violation and then performed multiple enemas and a colonoscopy in search of drugs. David Eckert has sued for both compensatory and punitive damages. However, I learned today that in addition to the alleged physical abuse, he was sent a $6000 bill from the hospital for the involuntary colonoscopy.

His lawyer says that the hospital sent him the bill, which is perfectly bizarre. They must be treating this as if he had come into the hospital unconscious and required the procedure. Yet, he was objecting to the procedures and the other intrusive measures taken against him. Hopefully, the court will rule against the likely motion al limine filed by the hospital to keep the bill out of the trial. I would love to see the jury that is informed at the end of this alleged nightmare, Eckert received a bill for his mistreatment. As opposing counsel, it is sometimes better to be the one to mention such damaging facts in your opening argument to avoid Plaintiff’s counsel dropping it with greater effect at trial.

What is clear is that, regardless of the outcome at trial, someone needs to be fired for such absurd acts. My assumption is that the police declined the bill for the procedure but it is not clear who made this decision.

Source: US News

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  1. Elaine:

    I never said they were. All I am saying is that some seniors use medical visits as a social outing.

    My mother inlaw did, your mother doesnt. DavidM’s mother inlaw did, my wife’s grandmother did.

    Just because your mother doesnt, doesnt mean other seniors dont and just because my mother inlaw did, doesnt mean all seniors do.

    You and Blouise thought DavidM was preposterous for positing geriatric proclivity for medical social visits.

  2. Bron,

    Not all elderly people are the same–just as not all young and middle-aged people are the same. We don’t all become uniform in our thinking processes as we age. My elderly mother–who is now ninety-five–has never considered her visits to the doctor as social events. I have accompanied her on many of those visits. She usually groused about having to see her doctors.

  3. Bron,

    You need to read my responses to davidm more carefully:

    Elaine M.
    1, November 7, 2013 at 8:20 pm
    davidm wrote:

    “For seniors, going to the doctor is the social event of the day. For other people, they don’t need the doctor.”

    Oh, good grief! I’m a senior. I don’t consider going to the doctor the social event of my day. Many older people are vital and keep themselves occupied both physically and mentally. There are also many children and young people who have serious medical issues. I lost a good friend to Ewing’s sarcoma when he was in his mid-thirties. He fought the cancer for six years. The eighteen year old daughter of two other good friends was diagnosed with a cancerous brain tumor when she was two years old. I had students that I taught in elementary school who had juvenile diabetes, juvenile rheumatoid arthritis, cystic fibrosis, ulcerative colitis, brittle bone disease, blood disorders, asthma, etc. Need I go on?


    Elaine M.
    1, November 7, 2013 at 11:24 pm
    davidm wrote: “Bron, do you ever get the feeling that we live on a completely different planet from these people who frequent this blog? Sometimes I wonder if they are just toying with us. A few of them I feel certain are doing that.”


    Too funny! Both you and Bron frequent this blog. You must be living on the same planet as the rest of us.

  4. Elaine:

    “I cannot speak for all seniors but my mother inlaw certainly used the doctor visits as a social event. In fact I am pretty sure some of her doctors bulked up their medicare billings on her visits.”

    A response to DavidM on his mother inlaw and doctor visits.

    You disagreed.

    That is what I was talking about in that post to you, Mike S and rafflaw.

  5. page 2 of 2

    **What is occurring in this country is the redefinition of political systems by ultra rightist Corporatists like the Koch Brothers, who unfortunately have read too much of Ayn Rand. These Corporatists control government to a great degree, but they hate having to expend any energy/money controlling it. They are rich enough not to need any government at all. Hell the don’t even need roads because they can helicopter to and fro. The government of the United States, set up by our founders in the Constitution has been made the enemy, rather then looking at what is really going on. Our government is under the control of those same Corporatists (doesn’t matter which party) and that is the problem, not the government. Barack Obama has not been a good President, but you must agree that a major part of the reason is that he followed the policies of G.W. Bush when it comes to war, spying and torture. Are you calling G.W. Bush a socialist as well? **

    Yes, we are in complete agreement.

    Also, yes GW Bush is some sort of Commie/Nazi Socialist,… his dad/mom, friends , Clintons, I would like to see all of them in the Dock along with Obama up on charges of treason, war crimes, crimes against humanity, etc.

    **We agree on a lot of things Oky1, but this one I can’t let pass because the misuse of words adds to the confusion the Koch Bros., ALEC and their allies are trying to keep us all in. **

    Again we completely agree. And words have powerfully meaning, and it’s made worst when I miss use them. I never was a big word smith, I’m just attempting to deal within my own limitations.

    *OT, an ole friend at DOJ I used to write to used to try to help me with my word smithing. He also reminded all of us that as people get older they lose their old friends & that we all should constantly attempt to reach out & stay in contact with them even if it’s just for short conversations. A good friend he was indeed. **

    Words Matter: I can be pretty fair at marketing. I’ve been back testing the phrase Commie/Nazi here locally, it phk’in sells! They laugh, I’ve hooked them. They sense a Commie/Nazi is bad/evil yet they laugh. The jingle they can’t get out of their head…

    The next time they hear it they’ll hear it they hear: that ole boy GW Bush, Obama, Clinton, etc…, is a crazy ahole & he’s evil.

    I’m not sure what the complete fix to all these issues are, but I & others are positive that that one of the keys is regaining control over what we use as currency and stopping Wallst’s selling fraudulent securities based on assets they do not own and nor can they deliver when called upon to do so.

    When “Informed/knowledgeable” people have personal control over their money/assets they tend use those resources to best meet their personal needs.

    If people will continue to use every non-violent means at their disposal those many messes could go away very soon.

    (I’d hoped to put a better end to this, but the evening got away from me. Mike, I may fall over any day, I don’t know when, but I don’t give up the chase to fix this mess.)

    1. “I may fall over any day, I don’t know when, but I don’t give up the chase to fix this mess”


      Let’s both hang in there and maybe we’ll accomplish something.

    1. Oky1: I’m not sure what your point is, but you’re indulging in a false premise — as most “capitalists” do . Unfortunately, hard work doesn’t very often lead to wealth. But perhaps the ACA will sick people get medical care so they can be useful citizens, again.

  6. ** Be eager and earnest to learn more and more about the art of joyful living, the art of being happy always. People are happy when they dress well, wear rich clothes and strut about the streets. At times, this may cause envy among the little children who cannot afford these, and one may even feel elated with that response! But you can afford to be legitimately proud, only when you are able to control the vagaries of your mind and direct your emotions along honourable and healthy channels, braving even the ridicule of your so-called friends. That is true freedom; that is true success. If you reach that stage, then you become a seasoned driver and you can be trusted with the wheel on any road, and with any cargo, however precious.
    –SSB Nov 1959 **

  7. Rafflaw/Elaine/Mike:

    I witnessed this phenomenon with my mother in-law. I dont know how wide spread it is. But you have 2 people saying it happens. In fact my wife pointed it out to me and also said her grandmother did the same thing.

    Those are 3 separate individuals who did what you are denying the elderly do. All living beings of a particular species act in certain ways specific to that species. And all human beings have certain behaviors at each stage in life.


    What “phenomenon” are you talking about? What did I deny that the elderly do?

  8. Ratigan now has a policy that actually covers something. At his age, and with his lack of talent, he should be grateful he can even get insurance without a job.

  9. Example of another American outraged & ranting at the strip mining of our Nation by Wallst Globalist Bank/Insurance Scum.

  10. 1 of 2

    ** “The primary tool of Fascism is force, and while that force usually begins with good intentions codified into law, it inevitably ends up with the kind of force used by Adolph Hitler to murder millions of his own citizens. “Political power grows out of the barrel of a gun,” he famously stated, and Tea Party supporting Conservatives are following in his footsteps.” **

    Couple of small points:

    1. Mao= “Political power grows out of the barrel of a gun” , not AH

    2. T Jefferson, Madison, founding dudes only trusted for the most part the weapons/guns to be in the hands of “We the People” & not in the hands of the govt.

    It’s not something new that the Tea Party came up with on it’s own

    We witness how bad & how many rapes & assaults are happening everyday at the hands of govt agents/bureaucracies, ie: TSA/DHS, etc., just imagine how bad it’ll become if the citizens are ever completely disarmed.

    3. The Tea Party is not a monolithic group. It contains many sub groups within it. I support one of those sub groups that follows Jefferson’s & Madison’s “intent” through the “Preamble of the Bill of Rights” & the “Rights” contained there-in

    TJ, Madison, most of the the founding dudes were Liberals of that era.

    4. Political definitions, Commie/Nazi authoritarians

    In this USA, a democracy type govt in the form of a Republic, it’s easy distinguish the correct type political posture that needs to be taken in most cases.

    ** Does the Govt agency, regs, laws grant “We the People” more freedom and liberty or do they take freedom/liberty away from the people.

    In most cases if Govt agency, regs, laws do the later, take away freedom/liberty, then those agencies should be disbanded & the offending regs & laws be made null and void. **

    Does it matter what the political affiliation of a govt agent/bureaucracy is to one of us when we see/read of them raping/assaulting lil kids, young & older adults?

    Yet we as citizens have to remain non-violent even as govt agents/bureaucracy are violently bashing in the brains of our follow citizens.

    **Up to a point*

    Is it any wonder that I don’t fly off the handle more then now at the fact of seeing No Action from local/state/federal govts on these important issues month after month, year after year.

    You, I & most of the others here know full well we could immediately put an end to these govt’s current Military psychology warfare experiments, including the rapes, being carried out against “We the People”.if we were in charge.


  11. Mike S,

    That Star Fighter I was flying last night had a stabilizer break loose & the main frame’s neuronet must have been in the close vicinity of an EMP blast.

    It made for a damn rough landing.

    The mechanics say it’s read for a test flight. We’ll see. LOL 🙂

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