10 thoughts on “The Reason All Dog Defendants Plead Guilty”

  1. Statements given by those who cnnot testify in English must be translated by a certified translator. The translator’s translation is not a “third-party” statement.
    Cops who handle and work with dogs can understand dog talk and translate it into English, especially if the defendant is guilty.

  2. davidbluefish, Very good! I had 5 uncles plus my old man serve in WW2. Only one uncle remains, and he is struggling w/ congestive hear failure. I called him today to thank him. Uncle Mike fought in the Pacific. If you haven’t read Unbroken, you should. It tells you the savagery our men had to endure.

  3. 11 11 11 folks. Kudos and Thanks to all our Veterans and current service members of the armed forces.

    This little beagle may be thinking of the war hawks and war profiteers that so abuse the true sacrifices and hardships our troops endure.

  4. Cats, on the other hand, are always as innocent as a new born babe, even when caught sitting in the middle of the cargage they did (not) cause.

  5. Thanks Dredd and nick….. I have a beagle… Blue heeler mix…. He’s quite the manipulative one….

  6. nick spinelli 1, November 11, 2013 at 9:00 am

    All dogs must be either Jews or Catholics.

    Guilt is canine canon.

  7. Dogs play poker every day. The Supreme Court let them off the hook in taking the stand in criminal trials. Perhaps I should say that the dumb lawyers on both sides of the two Florida cases let dogs off the hook in the so called “dog alert” cases, one involving a dog saying that there was pot in a car and another case where a dog told his partner cop that there were drugs in a home. In both cases the dog told the cop partner something. He did not say: ” I gotta pee” or “Fido wants a biscuit.” When talks talk, people listen.
    So, the issue is this. Cop comes to court and under the guidance of the prosecutor states that Fido “alerted him to presence of pot in the trunk of the car.” He does not say that Fido held up his right front paw and pointed to the truck and snorted at the same time. What we have here is a dog statement. It is being related by a third party. In America we call that Hearsay. In our system we have an enumerated list of Exceptions To Hearsay. This was not a hearsay exception under Florida law or rules of evidence. There is no hearsay of the dog exception under the Federal Rules of Evidence either.

    Now, on topic here. The photo of the dog. He is not guilty or looking guilty. He is, by that look, telling you that he peed on the rug in the next room. You mistake it for something else.

    Technology changes things. There is now The Dogalogue Machine. It hears my bark and converts my bark and howl or growl into printed English. Like on this comment that you all are reading. If you are in Florida then I can say : Y’all are reading.

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