Alabama Police Officer Loses Job After Shown Drag Racing On Video With Another Motorcyclist

race14n-2-web A Montgomery, Alabama officer has resigned shortly before being fired after the release of a video shows him drag racing another motorcyclist. The other man, Lawrence Lee Spillers, recorded the encounter on his helmet camera and says that he never thought the officer would be fired in releasing the video.

The officer released a statement that said “I don’t have any hard feelings against the department. All my life and throughout my career I have tried to be humble and reserved, but I’m not perfect. If I could start over I would have never done what I did. I appreciate everyone’s support. I can’t believe how everything has turned around for me. I guess it’s the will of God.”

What is astonishing is that the officer raced Spillers twice from light to light on the city street. The officer could still be charged.

The resignation was clearly filed shortly before termination. Do you think that this incident is serious enough to fire the officer?

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  1. I’m pretty tough on cops but firing for that? A ‘come to jesus’ talk with his Sargent and an ‘I’m gonna’ be watching you’ would do it, IMO. If it happened again (or anything similar) it would be a much different story, then it would be insubordination.

  2. There’s a lot one can learn about people, safety & govt regs in this movie.

    And of course, who doesn’t like old planes.

  3. Mack,

    In the best part of 4 decades there was never a man killed while doing work for me.

    Knocking on my on coffin for luck.

    One guy got a springed ankle & it was his own fault for not pay attention to what I told him to do.

    Think Safety 1st.

    A training film from an insurance company I saw when I was young helped a bunch over the years.

  4. Mack,

    Have you ever managed a large group of men, equipment & property for which you were personally responsible/liable for?

    May your personal task master’s hand gentle hold the whip.

  5. Mespo and OS,
    I agree that this offense is not enough to fire him, unless, his prior record shows a history of these kind of dangerous stunts. He should have been disciplined, but not terminated.

  6. mespo, Following your thought process, if Dennis Hopper were still alive you would want him to be a cycle cop! We visited the beautiful old adobe mission, Saint Francisco de Asis in Taos, NM, where Hopper’s funeral was held. He was buried in a nearby cemetery. Hopper fell in love w/ the area when they were filming Easy Rider.

  7. I say we give each person that says no to his firing a business, with a fleet of vehicles. You will be paying for the insurance, fuel, tires, repairs and maintenance. When a vehicle is down, that is lost revenue in your business.

    Now how many of you are going to let your employee use your vehicles for racing up and down the streets with your vehicles?

    This cop works for you. You are paying for the insurance, fuel, tires, repairs and maintenance. FIRE HIM!

  8. OS,

    An ole friend I haven’t kept with got on the fire dept. I don’t recall his rank, but the kid grew up driving most every kind of heavy equipment made as his dad was in the biz.

    Call comes in one day & 2 engines from different stations came racing to the location. Just before they got to the scene the other truck T-boned the rear of my friend’s truck in the intersection of the last corner.

    Investigated: Found they were both racing, both were reprimanded, took a pay cut & demoted in rank.

    But I fully understand what you’re saying of what was in the patrolman’s personal file. He may have just run out of 2nd chances.

    That’s the reason management should never react to quickly if they have luxury of time for due consideration of all the know facts & likely fallout.

  9. I clicked on the video expecting to be outraged at grossly dangerous driving. Honestly, it didn’t look that bad to me at all. I couldn’t tell the speed they were going, but they definitely were not blowing by traffic, so it couldn’t have been all that excessive, and it never looked particularly reckless to me. Stern warning and maybe a small suspension, but firing for this is over the top. As others have said, I’d much prefer a friendly cop who can interact with people than a super tough guy who’s quick to use force.

  10. mespo, et al,
    Regarding some folks being “uncoachable,” a term I first heard from a high school football coach. He was grumbling about players who simply would not listen to instructions and kept making the same mistakes over and over. The remarks about reviewing the officer’s jacket, i.e., personnel file, is on target. Makes one wonder if this guy had a history of disregarding rules, policies and protocols.

  11. Ya, I’m sorry to, if you can’t find something in Henry Mancini’s playlist you like then you’re just a music hatin Commie/Nazi! 🙂

  12. I hate the internet, I never know where it’s going to take me!

    Start out with cycles racing & then…. lol

  13. This is the best sort of cop, with a little tune up. He is the cop of the neighborhood, the one that shined an apple on his jacket, said hi to all the people on his beat. So they fire him and keep the ones that beat the crap out of people. Some people deserve to have the crap beat out of them and some cops should be kept on after a lecture and perhaps two weeks lost pay. You want this sort of cop on the beat.

  14. Ok, so what was in his file jacket…. Did he have beating under his belt….. But based upon this incident.. No… Cops have records of driving patrol cars down RR tracks to go after a suspect…. That’s kinda crazy…. Then bill the apprehend defendant for the cost of arrest… included….

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