Oops, Our Bad: WHO Withdraws Claim That Half of New Cases of HIV Infections In Greece Are Self-Inflicted [Updated]

800px-Lytras_nikiforos_antigone_polynicesA new World Health Organization report contains a truly shocking claim: roughly a half of new HIV infections in Greece are self-inflicted to get the monthly 700 euro payment for those with AIDS. It is the sign of the desperation felt by many in the country to get government benefits after the austerity measures required under European bailout agreements. The report also says that suicides are up 17 percent between 2007 and 2009 and then another 25% in 2010. In 2011, they were up another 40%. Now WHO has withdrawn the claim and says that there is no evidence to support it.

Unemployment in the country is now 26.9% and health care access has been slashed 40 percent.

The WHO figure relies on a 2011 report by the University Mental Health Research Institute that found evidence that large numbers of people were “intentionally infected with HIV, because of the benefit that are entitled to (approximately 1,400 euros every two months).”

It is astonishing that WHO would tell the world of this alarming practice and then say “There may be anecdotal evidence [of self-inflicted HIV infections], but no evidence as such.” Exactly how could such a provocative finding be lost in careless editing or drafting in an international health document released to the world community?

The thought of such of desperate calculation was crushing. Now the withdrawal of the claim by one of the largest international organizations in the world adds an element of true absurdity. Either way, it is a true Greek tragedy.

“Leave me to my own absurdity.”
― Sophocles, Antigone

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  1. Robin, check Naturalnews.com

    I’m not sure on everything yet we are all searching & back checking all the info we find.

  2. wow. i wonder when the people are going to find out that the test they give for hiv. is no good smh. if you ever had a illiness like chicken pops or something along those lines. once you get them they never really leave your body. that test is designed to recognize a illiness in your body. and when it does it comes back positive. of course then the drs tell you well you have hiv and immediately stick you on medications that are designed to keep you sick. which keeps you running back to the drs.

    The medical industry will never allow the people to know the truth. about hiv, cancer, and others nor will they allow the people to realize that the reason so many hospitals are closing isnt due to money problems but to drs leaving the field in droves. the dr shortage is worse then the nurse shortage. drs are beyond disgusted at the way the medical field has been turned into a literal corporate business. and it makes no money by making and keeping people healthy they hate that the corporation has put drs on a gag order when it comes to their health and altenatives to medications for dealing with certain diseases and illinesses…

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