25 thoughts on “Father-Daughter Bonding Moment”

  1. Max-1 you bet little boys need their Dads too! I will take the humble bow, I was a good parent because I did not want my children to go through what i did. I played with my kids. I observe so many parents do not. I had a neighbor who would send his 7 year old out the door and told her not to come back until the street lights came on SO he could be on his computer playing games. She looked so lost. She would come to my house for hours. This was a long time ago. I bet this had a profound affect on her as a woman…those kinds of things make many of us woman too needy and can drive men nuts. I also would not be surprised that when dad is aging he will want his daughter to care for him…even tho he did not care for her as a child.

  2. Jean
    1, December 2, 2013 at 8:23 am

    Little boys need their father’s support, too.

  3. i wish i had memories like this.. but my father was to busy making other kids besides me to spend time with any of us… she might not appreciate it now but she will later on

  4. davidbf

    my daughter loves roller coasters and has been on just about every one on the atlantic seaboard (and every one in florida). whenever i took her i’d just have her bring along a friend. the last time ive rode a roller coaster was with her brother at six flags over georgia. as we pulled up to the platform at the end of the ride he looked at me and said “wow that must have been really scary with your eyes closed like that”.

    i don’t do roller coasters

  5. I never EVER liked roller coasters. When my daughters were too small to get on one without an adult, I bit my lip, gritted my teeth and rode with them. If a picture had been taken, I would have had terror on my face, and glee on my daughters!!!! When my grandson gets old enough, I may pay someone to ride with him. :o)

  6. I did that with my dad at about the same age in the 1950s, and didn’t like it, but he liked it and it made me happy to see him happy. I hadn’t given it much thought until seeing your photo. Today I expect fathers to be better fathers than they were in the 1950s. Maybe nothing changes.

  7. Keep the kids at home in a locked room with no outside interaction. Speak in a quiet, muted voice, feed them by spoon, play soft music. No dogs, cats, parrots, or other pets in the house.

  8. Many years ago, on a family vacation in the Pocono’s, we all went to a go-cart track. My daughters were 13 and 8. The 8 year old insisted on driving her own go-cart and we relented, despite misgivings. She actually drove it faster than the rest of us proving quite skillful at negotiating turns. That whole trip provided many happy memories.

  9. Although, a closer look shows the car behind also has dad driving. Maybe the kids were too small to be the drivers.

  10. Dredd, you expressed my thought. Dad seems to think it’s all about him. oh, yeah, gotta make room for the kid.

  11. Having been to the American Girl Store for shopping and brunch, this girl needs to suck it up! Her old man just went through Man Hell!

  12. That’s a wonderful picture…but I agree with Dredd he should have let his daughter drive. But maybe she did not want to. I am a bit of a sad sack when I see pictures like this because my father was very cruel to me and my brothers and as an old woman it still haunts me. May I say to all you fathers out there, little girls or even grown woman really need their fathers love and support. It makes me happy that some get it….but I suspect most don’t .

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