15 thoughts on “NBC is 1th In Educational Graphics”

  1. On a story of falling educational standards, this is probably not the graphic that you want to use.” – JT

    But it does prove the point.

    American “news media” is a masquerade.

    Big MEdia is a news brothel.

    I have said that for the 21th 21st time.

  2. This reminds me of when I call someone an idiot in a forum and in the post misspell words/drop punctuation/etc.

  3. I watched a more indepth news story on the PISA matter on PBS NewsHour last night. Things were moving along nicely until the guest, Andreas Schleicher, talked favorably about Common Core.

  4. Yeah, but who was 22th? Or 23th? We’re still better than both of them.

    American Exceptionalism!!

  5. I had to keep rereading it to see what the complaint was. My favorite construct in psych class was “closure” where you saw what you thought you were seeing. Could have sworn it said 21st.

  6. First in shoes.
    First in booze.
    And Last in the American League.

    Where was that? Come on class. Chime in.

  7. Porkchop,

    In my world no…. But as much that is spent…..teaching the kids how to take test rather than subject matter…. I think it’s very poor….

  8. Passively watching the corporate media controlled national news is not an enlightened educational experience.

    And sadly, The reading skills of American adults are significantly lower than those of adults in most other developed countries


    In the first assessment of how well students write using computers, national scores released Friday show that only about one-quarter of U.S. students are proficient in writing.

    Read more: http://www.post-gazette.com/nation/2012/09/15/Test-says-most-students-lack-writing-skills/stories/201209150167#ixzz2mVfQjYxC

    If reading and writing are difficult, then watching the news is the least taxing way to understand events.

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