Holy Roller: Pope Reveals That He Once Worked As A Bar Bouncer

170px-Francisco_(20-03-2013)I have previously said that I find the work (and lifestyle) of Pope Francis to be inspiring. However, that bond became only stronger yesterday when it was revealed that the Pope once worked as a bar bouncer. It appears that, before laying hands on the faithful, Pope Francis would lay hands on the boozeful. He just gets cooler and cooler by the day.

In his discussions, the Pope had an interesting exchange with a woman who asked how she should pray for one of her relatives who was going to become a Franciscan friar. Pope Francis responded that she should pray that the man would have “the perseverance to go forward, but also the courage to turn back if he understands that this is not the right path.” In matters of a church or a bar, it seems you need to know when you have had enough.

Source: Catholic News

12 thoughts on “Holy Roller: Pope Reveals That He Once Worked As A Bar Bouncer”

  1. Mike S.:

    A timely and honest reminder that there are many paths to the truth. Well said.

  2. Look I get the disenchantment of non-believers in the various religious myths, since I feel the same. As I’ve stated here many times before I am a Jewish Deist. To me that means that my personal experiences and insights lead me to believe that the Universe is somehow informed by a creative force, the nature of which I neither know, nor believe can be fathomed by us. That leaves each of us to develop our own ethical and moral beliefs to guide us through this amazing, yet inscrutable, life that we have been born into. Clearly, organized religion has done far more harm than good in its grasping for power and its avarice.

    Where I differ is in the anger towards organized religion that allows for no quarter being given to positive developments among those who believe. The anger no doubt derives from the difficulty that the non-religious have in living their lives without the impediments thrown in their way by many of those who do believe. There is good cause for that anger when we have seen for instance the LDS invest millions to defeat gay marriage in California, or in the RCC covering up what seems to be centuries of priestly pedophilia. It makes me quite angry too, when I contemplate the Ultra-Orthodox in my own religious ethnicity that oppress women. Nevertheless, I think that failing to see the positive aspects of this Pope’s reign thus far is shortsighted. Just as Pope John instituted sweeping and positive changes within the RCC, so might Pope Francis, if he doesn’t meet an unexpected death. These changes can have positive results in moving humanity forward towards a better world, which for those lacking religious fervor seems a common goal. If life is all we individuals have, as I believe, then it is our fellow humans and the Earth that must be encouraged to create a paradise here for all.

    Consequently, in my view Pope Francis seems a positive force for change in the direction of the RCC and therefore should at this point be lauded. It is possible that his expressed attitudes may help to improve the lives of some who have been repressed via organized religion. While it is too early to really tell, the signs have been encouraging. All human progress is made in “fits and starts” and so never moves at the pace we would desire. I think we need to appreciate those positive signs we see, but I understand why some would not feel encouraged.

  3. Off topic: saw Prof. JT (it lasted about 3 seconds) on FoxNews speaking before Congress. Now that’s ‘pretty cool.’

    On topic: the apostle Paul was once a ‘paid’ murderer of Christians, David was a murderer, Abraham almost had God’s wrath against the Egyptians when he lied about his wife Sarah being his sister, the theif/murderer-on the cross-was given a 2nd chance, and the Pope was a bar bouncer….

  4. What Dave said. The church is not the pope, and lascivious magic-thinking is all that remains.

  5. I had a cousin who was a Franciscan fryer. They used Lard on Sunday and switched to Krisco on Monday. We prayed for him every day. Then he became a Jesuit. Now he has three doctorates and can not cook a hotdog.

  6. Good comments, Dave. I suppose being a bar bouncer beats being a member of Hitler youth. I view Pope Francis as a PR guy for the RCC. He’s promoting the “kinder and gentler” version, giving up the gold throne for a simple wooden one, eschewing the red shoes for plain black. All good but still surface dressing.

    When he insists Catholic dioceses stop filing bankruptcy (8 so far) to avoid paying the victims of pedophile priests, when there is a big Vatican “garage sale” with the money given to the poor, then he is putting the RCC’s money where his mouth is and we all know that money talks.

  7. He’s a mammal who pretends to communicate with a sky-tyrant while claiming that he understands, or is at least aware of, the rules set forth by said tyrant. (What’s less humble than that.) Such thinking will always remain a threat to freedom and judgement across societies.

    And the fact that he rides in a Ford or washes feet or worked as a bouncer impresses little, particularly when so many people who work to understand and solve real problems go uncredited.

    Men playing dress-up who make pronouncements in front of and from within marble-adorned palaces should not be praised but treated ever skeptically, as we continue to drag forward these religious institutions that laughably claim cosmic objectivity and insight.

    Likeable as some may find him, it doesn’t change the fact that he claims access to an invisible realm to which our individual and collective behavior must adhere and respect, and all at the threat of eternal punishment.

    There’s absolutely nothing to admire about that.

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