Florida Man Arrested After Leaving Four-Month-Old Infant In Car While He Partied In Strip Club

Andrew+Clayton+SosaIf police accounts are proven, Andrew Sosa of Cape Coral, Florida stands as one of the truly worst human beings in the news this week. Sosa was arrested for child neglect after he allegedly left an infant in a car for hours as he partied in a strip club.

A bystander spotted the infant in the back of a Kia Optima and flagged down a police cruiser. Sosa parked in the far corner of the parking lot. Unable to open the car, the officer broke a window and retrieved the baby covered in vomit and suffering from mild dehydration. Police say that Sosa eventually left the club when the manager announced that someone left their lights on a Kia and spotted the police around his car . . . and went back into the club. If this is his kid, that only magnifies the depravity of the act. For all he knew, the baby was injured but decided to go back into the club rather than find out.

The four-month-old baby girl is expected to recover fully. Local reporters say that Sosa has a violent record, including a prior arrest for beating up his pregnant girlfriend. While the baby is reportedly “home with her mother” I would be equally concerned about her judgment in leaving a baby with such a person.

Source: NBC

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  1. I handled a similar case when with Child Protective Services in SW state–a mother had left a little boy about 3 or 4 years old in the car while she went to a notorious bar. The police officer who responded was in tears it was so upsetting to witness the boy’s terror by the time they were called. Upshot? She kept custody, in part because of craftily moving to the other side of the city, forcing a turnover of the case. I couldn’t believe it when I met with the new team and they had already decided she deserved another chance (she’d already had several).

  2. Well, cmon, now. Would rather he takes the infant with him into the strip club, and expose the child to who knows what kind of degenerate behavior?

    I ask you.

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  4. The Jap reference to the Kia car was on purpose. I figured someone would chime in. But, as to the Dogalogue Machine. We may not get another machine back here. It is a complicated story which we now feel compelled to keep quiet about as to how we could get another translator machine. Our guy has to convert a Dolphin Machine. He does not have the Dolphin Machine yet. Meanwhile the dogs are barking. Especially BarkinDog.

  5. DogBiscuitGuy.

    1/ Kia is a Korean car maker, not Japanese;
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  6. Some people should not reproduce.

    Somebody this dumb is probably an eventual candidate for a Darwin Award, but obviously not soon enough.

  7. what? you can’t take an unweened infant into that type of establishment. they get grabby on the merchandise.

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    The threshold for “alive” in the biological sense is answering “yes” to the question “does it have a eukaryotic or prokaryotic cell structure”.

  10. “I would be equally concerned about her judgment in leaving a baby with such a person.” – JT

    Perhaps this guy was one of the 40% of students who think that genes are alive and are controlling their behavior and they can’t do anything about it.

    I mean look at the tats.

  11. Ditto Gene H,

    You mistake me for someone who thinks you know what you are talking about.

    I know you don’t when it comes to modern science, because you mistake me for the scientists I quote (learn what block quotes mean in HTML … they mean that one is quoting someone BTW).

    For example, in block quotes up-thread I quote professors who teach science (“Is DNA Alive?, Research in Science Education, Volume 43, Issue 4, Aug. 2013, pp.1361-1375″).

    They point out that after instructing students that DNA is a “molecular machine” (using the nomenclature of genetic scientists) i.e. not alive, only ~23% of those students get it (63% – 23% = 40%) when questioned on later tests.

    Somewhere 63% of them had learned the myth before the classes, but only 23% of them could shake the myth, even after the science was taught to them.

    That is characteristic of you and Tony C, so do not feel alone.

    Your fellow students have the same genes which do not permit them to think anything else which would free them from the myth (The “It’s In Your Genes” Myth).

  12. Now, if the proper punishment for this man is to chop off his testicles with an ax, what should the punishment be for killing children by discharging weapons into their homes as they sleep?

    I can think of one recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize who was punished be being re-elected as President of the United States.

    This whole world is wild at heart and weird on top.

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