Florida Man Arrested After Leaving Four-Month-Old Infant In Car While He Partied In Strip Club

Andrew+Clayton+SosaIf police accounts are proven, Andrew Sosa of Cape Coral, Florida stands as one of the truly worst human beings in the news this week. Sosa was arrested for child neglect after he allegedly left an infant in a car for hours as he partied in a strip club.

A bystander spotted the infant in the back of a Kia Optima and flagged down a police cruiser. Sosa parked in the far corner of the parking lot. Unable to open the car, the officer broke a window and retrieved the baby covered in vomit and suffering from mild dehydration. Police say that Sosa eventually left the club when the manager announced that someone left their lights on a Kia and spotted the police around his car . . . and went back into the club. If this is his kid, that only magnifies the depravity of the act. For all he knew, the baby was injured but decided to go back into the club rather than find out.

The four-month-old baby girl is expected to recover fully. Local reporters say that Sosa has a violent record, including a prior arrest for beating up his pregnant girlfriend. While the baby is reportedly “home with her mother” I would be equally concerned about her judgment in leaving a baby with such a person.

Source: NBC

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  1. I’m sorry, but you’ve mistaken me for someone who thinks you know what you’re talking about, Dredd.

    I know you don’t know what you’re talking about, thus I weight your statements accordingly.

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    I was quoting professors who dealt with students like you who do not care about the facts, only about your continually distorted misrepresentations.

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  5. This guy does take the award for idiot of the month. He should not be allowed to be alone with the child again. He would get the stupidity award just for the wonderful tattoos adorning his neck!

  6. Nothing says “I’m a risk to leave child with” quite like a smathering of neck tattoos.

  7. DogBiscuitGuy 1, December 9, 2013 at 1:53 pm

    We got a sailor here on the marina named Gene and he says that Genes are not molecular machines and are alive.
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  8. Honest to God! What is wrong with some people? When raised in such a neglectful dysfunctional environment, how could they grow into normal adults? Not genetic, pathetic is correct.

  9. We got a sailor here on the marina named Gene and he says that Genes are not molecular machines and are alive.

  10. I am a paralegal and 95% of my cases are child custody complaints.
    This does seem to me to be a case that must be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. This guy, if proven guilty, should be sent away for a very long time. The mother must also come under the microscope. If it is proven by Child Support Services that she had knowledge of this guys behavior or is just too plain stupid to understand the protection of ones child, then this little girl must be removed from her care.
    With all we know and see of cops who have no sense proportion and who have forgotten that we are a citizenry conceived in Liberty, this one cop should be honored and commended for protecting children.

    Stephan Gregory Patterson,…….

  11. Some here on this blog keep saying this type of behavior is genetic (psychopath).

    I say it is pathetic, not genetic, because a gene just can’t be that selfish in order to promulgate sexual reproduction.

    Mainly because genes are not alive, they are molecular machines.

  12. People who wear tattoos bear witness to their dumbness and depravity. My father had one tattoo. On his arm. Some flower. He had a saying about tattoos: One tattoo– drunk at a carnival. Two tattoos- sailor. Three or more tattoos- INMATE. Schmucko here looks like an inmate. Why did the mother let inmate take the child off in some Jap car?

  13. Cape Coral…… Alligators have been known to consume folks….. It’d be awful if he was left for gator bait….

  14. Winner of a mother leavingpolyamory the infant with this sorry excuse for a human. Stupid thing is (actually, there are many stupid things to pick from, let’s make it the “Ironic thing is”…) he probably would have been mobbed by the ladies in the club if he found a way to bring the infant in with him.

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