15 thoughts on “Ultimate Cat Nap

  1. What a cat! Not only is she (or he) a great pillow, She must have had some vet training. Gotta make sure the nose is cold!

  2. Boy did I need this today! I came downstairs this morning to find a flood in my kitchen and having to deal with an inept maintenance crew means I needed a laugh!

  3. “The cat is being held out of the last three regular season games because it has become a “pillow” 24 times in the past five games.”

    I thought you meant bench the cat???

  4. I hope the cat is not suffocating through our perceived cuteness. As a member of a different species with similar pulmonary system, I can tell you that at the best can create for some labored breathing.

  5. Saw this about a week or so ago. Wanted to send it but had no clue how to do it (thght was good for find the kitteh, rather then my just giving a link)
    Sara don’t know if you have cats, they love sleeping like this with another cat, if youre lucky with their person. If he didn’t like it that dog would have a scratched nose right now.

  6. Awww… On Dec 12, 2013 3:38 AM, “JONATHAN TURLEY” wrote:

    > jonathanturley posted: ” One can also hear the dog thinking, “I really > miss the cat.” This strikes me as something less than a true symbiotic > relationship.”

  7. Love it. We only have cats right now, but one of them is constantly cold and seeks to get as close as he can to anything — or anyONE — warm. If we had a dog right now, I have no doubt that our chilly little guy would puppysnuggle like this as soon as possible.

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