Was Jesus White?

-Submitted by David Drumm (Nal), Guest Blogger

440px-MegynKellyMegyn Kelly, on her Fox News show, declared: “Jesus was a white man, too. It’s like we have, he’s a historical figure that’s a verifiable fact, as is Santa, I just want kids to know that.” While I grant that Jesus was a historical figure, Santa was only based on a historical figure, a monk named Nicholas. Nicholas was born around 260 A.D. in Patara, in present-day Turkey. Nicholas was probably Greek although little is known about his parents. While it make make Kelly uncomfortable, Nicolas certainly wouldn’t have looked as white as Santa appears in the Coca-Cola ads.

According to Reza Aslan, Jesus was a Galilean, a Palestinian Jew. He would have looked like the average Palestinian looks today. Aslan cites those features: “that would mean dark features, hairy, probably a longer nose, black hair.” Hardly the Jesus seen in so many European paintings. There is great psychological benefit to portraying Jesus as “one of your own.”

jesus in chinese artIn Chinese art (left) we see the Mary and Jesus are depicted with Chinese attributes. jesus in japanese artIn Japanese art (right), Jesus is depicted with Japanese characteristics. The artists may never have seen a foreigner and had no model, other than their fellow countrymen, on which to base their depictions. When trying to attract converts, it is best to remember that people naturally relate to someone who looks like them.

jesus realModern forensic techniques have been used on a skull of a first century Jewish male to create a model of Jesus’ face shown at left. The skin color was chosen as indicative of someone from a desert climate. This image contrasts greatly with the Jesus found in European paintings.

Why is a white skin color for Jesus so important to Kelly?

Many married Christians think they can grow their relationship by inviting Jesus into their marriage. This spiritual polyandry would be less attractive when a non-white Jesus is envisioned.

The portrayal of Jesus has been used throughout history as a political tool. For those who advocate immigration restrictions, a blond-haired blue-eyed Jesus sends a clear message of exclusion.

H/T: Paul Harvey and Edward J. Blum, Darren E. Grem, BBC News, James Nye, Max Fisher.

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  1. Jesus was Jewish. He was a Semite. Corporations just love it when the “little” people get involved in useless identy squabbles while the corporations run away with the store.

    The best thing we can do in these circumstances is ignore Megyn Kelly and move on. There are so many important issues to focus on.

  2. A friend of mine, who was an Episcopal priest and clinical psychologist back in Mississippi, had a nicely framed picture of Jesus hanging on his office wall in the clinic.

    The picture came from the illustration accompanying a magazine article by famed theologian Harvey Cox. As I recall, he had the illustration blown up to about 11×14, excluding the text. Some of his clients were quite offended.

    The illustration was called Laughing Jesus and this is a screen grab of the whole page.

  3. I’ve always thought it to be quaint that – when all the WASPs get to the ‘Pearly Gates’ – that a non-Caucasian is standing there with his hand out.

    As they go – “Oh G-d, not here too, don’t we get a rest here, from ‘these’ people”…

    They then step on the cloud highway, through the gates and immediately fall through to the pit below.

    When they wail in agony – lord, lord, why are ye forsaking us;
    Jesus (the man sitting outside the gate with his hand open) – says:

    “We gave you all the wealth of the world and comfort too, as the inferior race of white people, who lacked the color of life. In the hopes that such a life on earth, for the short span of time of 100 years or less; would bring forth thanks and compassion for all of mankind.

    Even then, with your pockets and bellies full, your bodies warm and a roof over your head; You Spurned, Spat and Looked Down Upon the Lord G-d’s people.

    The Negro Race”!

    Now, I ask you – Wouldn’t that be quaint?

  4. Laser,

    “I’ve always thought it to be quaint that – when all the WASPs get to the ‘Pearly Gates’ – that a non-Caucasian is standing there with his hand out.”

    How about a non-Caucasian standing there with HER hand out?

  5. just remember that the four people you see on Elaine’s link @9:22a.m. had to be spray painted with make-up to look the way they do.

    so santa is really sort of a splotchy, pinkish-pale with rosacea.

  6. I actually find her perpetuation of Santa Claus an even stupider comment then that on Jesus. Santa Claus, as presented in the US is the figure that probably raises the most religious doubt in the mind of Christian children. I knew Santa Claus was from my earliest years. We lived in an apartment. There was no chimney of course for that “jolly elf” to slide down with his bounty of gifts. Children may be innocent but they are not stupid. Admittedly as a non-Christian it seems to me an outrage that what is the most happy day in the Christian holiday pantheon, has been hijacked into a commercialism that is represented by a ridiculously mythical figure drawn for a Coke ad.

  7. “Jesus was the son of God.”

    This is a guy who could walk on water and rise from the dead. I am pretty sure he could look like anybody and anything he wanted: Tommy Lee Jones, Heavy D, a can of asparagus with a cute turned up Irish nose and perfect white teeth.

    It is one thing to see something of yourself or your affinity group in Jesus.

    What I don’t get is the belief that others cannot or should not see a similar relation for themselves or their affinity group.

    Well, I have to get back to the important issue of the season… trying to put the X back in secular, commercial X-ma$. Now… who should I hint to about the really slick personal serving size coffee maker that I have been wanting?

  8. Everyone knows Santa and Jesus are white because there are photographs. Obviously, Santa’s wife, Virgin Mary, is also white. If she was black, Jesus would look like Obama.

    The White Son of Santa provides conclusive proof of the lovely Megyn Kelly’s common sense declaration of what everyone already knew.

  9. bigfatmike;

    I’ll pass the word around on your desire. Please – by all means – pass around my wish (reference of the heretofore article on man spouse marriages) – that Sandra Bullock and/or Jamie Lee Curtis have me as their 6th or 7th. (BTW – could one be married to 2 different persons who are married to 2 different persons)!

  10. Mike Spindell;

    You should have been with me at the church pot luck (next to a school with most of the teachers in attendance) where they wanted to hang me because I NEVER (from the day they were born) allowed my children to be cajoled into believing in Santa, Easter, etc. (Though many found it really strange that one born on Halloween – refused to celebrate it).

    Parents and teachers alike wanted me jailed;
    and/or my children taken away as if they had been abused.

    The school principal (also a Deacon) sought to calm everyone down and figured he would put me in my place – on how mean a parent yours truly was.

    When he asked me how I would dare deny my kids their “G-d given right”

    I responded

    It seems to me that you all are the ones tossing G-d and his son out the window. You demand that I tell my children never to waiver in their faith by starting them out with a foundation of worldly lies that gives credit for my hard spent monies to show them how much I love them and honor “Christmas” by – instead – giving credit to a phony bologna man in a red & white suit.

    The silence thereafter – was deafening.

  11. Breaking news. Megyn Kelly replies:


    “She said that her telling “kids” that Santa “just is white” was a “tongue-in-cheek” attempt at humor, though many regarded it as a bizarre effort to negate the fact that Santa is not, in fact, “just” white, but is often depicted as one of a variety of different races.

    But Kelly saw a broader theme: the danger of “the knee-jerk instinct by so many to race-bait and to assume the worst of people, especially the people employed by the very powerful Fox News Channel.”

    For good measure, though, she acknowledged that she was in the wrong when it came to Jesus’s whiteness.”

    When it comes down to it all good FOX’ers are always “misunderstood” and “victimized” when called on their stupidity.

  12. bfm, …. LOL, don’t do it !!! I have house sat several times where a kuerig was square on the kitchen counter. I may have drank 10 cups of coffee per day while I was there. My mr coffee at home makes a great 1st cup, and maybe a good 2nd one. But that’s it, I do have a 3rd at times, but the thrill is gone by then. The kuerig delivers a fresh aromatic, tasty, delicious cup every time. . I believe I am a coffee addict when the product is top shelf. I can’t do coffee in the pm any longer and sleep well. I believe if I had a keurig my life would go down the tubes. I’d probably end up dumpster diving behind starbucks.

  13. @LaserDLiquidator

    You got it…not a problem. The next time I see Sandra or Jamie I will fix that up for you. I just hope you have a note from your doctor… not prone to heart palpitations or anything like that.

  14. Raff keep listening to msnbc lowest rated propaganda outlet. Do you get a tingley feeling up your leg when you hear Obama speak.

    Megan Kelly’s comment was tongue in cheek.

  15. Nope – just foaming at the mouth.

    I’m here at a Starbucks and everyone is outside;
    maybe I can put a coffee maker in my PC bag and run for it!

    Meanwhile, if your busy schedule doesn’t cross paths with the lady’s

    My other wish is that fast food places would be struck by lightening when their pictures look so great and the product they serve you looks like chit!

  16. @davidbluefish ” I believe if I had a keurig my life would go down the tubes. I’d probably end up dumpster diving behind starbucks.”

    Grant me the serenity;
    To accept the things I cannot change;… must… have ….coffee….

  17. I wonder if Megan’s hair was as blond when she was born as it appears now. And if she wears some pale makeup to make her whiter. I wonder if they inquired into Megan’s education when they hired her.

    I went through the Pearly Gates when I was granted my request to come back on Earth as a dog at my last incarnation. It was a Wednesday. Saint Peter plays golf on Wednesday and has a stand in. While I was waiting in line I observed several candidates get sent to Hell or Limbo. Limbo is a suburb of St. Louis, Mo called Florissant. No one goes to Heaven and no one sits up on clouds with astronauts or Microsoft. There is an oil painting of Jesus up there on the waiting room wall and it does indeed depict an arab looking kind of guy next to a goat. Megan needs to get a goat if she want to get a reincarnation and not get sent to Florissant for her dumb statements about Jesus and Sinter Klaus.

  18. My last post above was BarkinDog barking but he could not get the machine right so I posted it under my name. I am from France.

  19. Jesus….. Was Mexican….. I know…. And messiah lives in the middle of the country…. Like Tennessee ….. Maybe Jesus was an albino….. I’ve seen them…… But more than likely….. He was brown skinned…..

    Now Santa….. We know…. Here in the US…. I think is coke cola version…. Based upon Thomas Nast ….. But hey….. What do I know….. If he was based on the thrower of dowerys in windows at night…. That one…. Then…. He was probably a little lighter than Jesus…. But much darker than the one we in the US have become accustomed to….. But hey…. The Nordic Santa…. Crampus…. It’s possible….. Just when you think things should be copywrite, trademarked or patented….. Oh my too much to think about this morning……

  20. The comments are droll and Kelly’s statements naive at best, whether by design of her Fox producers or out of sincere belief, I don’t know with certanity but suspect the former.

    There is no proof of the existence of Jesus. He may or may not have existed. He may be an amalgam of various rabbis and earlier or contemporary messiah or messiah-like figures in both the Hebrew and non-Hebrew traditions. Mark’s is said to be the first gospel, but Paul’s letters precede Mark’s by several decades. Neither Paul nor the four gospel writers knew Jesus and both Paul’s letters and Mark’s gospel were written a number of decades after Jesus’ is thought to have died. The gospels were written using the mechanism of midrash. This is how wikipedia describes midrash:

    “In Judaism, the Midrash (Hebrew: מדרש‎; plural midrashim) is the body of homiletic stories told by Jewish rabbinic sages to explain passages in the Tanakh.[the Hebrew bible]

    “Midrash is a method of interpreting biblical stories that goes beyond simple distillation of religious, legal, or moral teachings. It fills in gaps left in the biblical narrative regarding events and personalities that are only hinted at.[1]

    “The purpose of midrash was to resolve problems in the interpretation of difficult passages of the text of the Hebrew Bible, using Rabbinic principles of hermeneutics and philology to align them with the religious and ethical values of religious teachers.”

    Midrash explains in part why there are so many contradictions and differences among the gospels and why they do not conform with Paul in all cases. Some scholars see Paul as not one who believed literally in Jesus’ death and resurrection but was writing metaphorically.

    I too saw that composite of Jesus face many years ago. It makes sense.

    There are many scholars of early Christianity. women and men.

    One can’t go wrong with any of the many books of Robert M. Price. The Incredible Shrinking Son of Man: How Reliable is the Gospel Tradition? is a good place to start, even though it is a challenge in size and density of analysis.

    I came across a less scholarly treatment recently and a much smaller one, from 1992, this time with respect to Mary, written by Episcopal Bishop John Shelby Spong: Born of a Woman: A Bishop Rethinks the Virgin Birth and the Treatment of Women by a Male-Dominated Church. That book calls upon the work of various scholars and the bishop’s own evolving understanding of the tradition to call for a rethinking among believers of who “Mary” was and what she means. You will find info re some of the women scholars who are enriching our insight into Jesus, Mary, Joseph and the early church.

    Elaine Pagels is a well-known and highly praised scholar, and I believe counts herself among the faithful, and writes with deep insight, clarity, and precision.

    As to St. Nicholas/Santa Claus of all the various traditions, I love him. Long may he live!

  21. I would have described middle east skin tones such as the one shows in the bottom of the pictures as ‘white’.

    I would not describe someone as ‘black’ unless they had dark brown African skin tones.

    Obviously other people use different definitions – when there was all the fuss about Obama being the first black American president, my general reaction after looking at his pictures was: ‘he’s not black though’.

  22. Everyone needs ratings. One way of accomplishing this task is to make ‘interesting statements/comments.’ I thought FoxNews had discussions of pulling the plug on her show months ago due to everyone watching The O’Reilly Factor’? For some reason, FoxNews keeps moving ‘The Kelly File’ around different times (12 noon, 8pm, 9pm, etc.), and having her appear on ‘The O’Reilly Factor’ at least 3 times a week (how many times have Bill O’Reilly appeared on her show? Maybe once? I haven’t seen him on her show?).

    Prediction: Megyn Kelly will move to FBN by June 2014 (or join the O’Bama Adminstration’s Department of Justice as the new Attorney General or Director of Homeland Security.😦 ).

  23. Theo,

    There are many who agree with you train of thought with respect to women being historically significant in the grand scheme of things…. But what do you expect from a pretty much male dominated hierarchy of power grab…. Read about Lydia….

  24. Theo

    As one who is (G-d help us) more verbose than I; please explain the following diametric reflections by ye.

    There is no proof of the existence of Jesus.

    and this one

    I too saw that composite of Jesus face many years ago. It makes sense.

  25. @Anonymously Yours

    Meanwhile, back to taking down the G-d/POTUS wannabe and his magic underwear (most likely being recalled right now) –

    It is day 57 of the “Haas v Romney” Racketeering litigation.

    So – I now have to believe in


  26. ” my general reaction after looking at his pictures was: ‘he’s not black though’.”

    There was a time when the black and white photos of the day were handled a little differently so that the skin tones of African Americans appeared a few shades lighter in the news paper. Most people probably did not notice. But it could be a little surprising to see an African American leader standing next to a northern European American – both with the same gray-scale skin tone.

    Do you suppose we will reach a time when politicians demand that there news photos be Photoshopped so that there skin tones appear darker and browner?

    We already have politicians changing their accent and using different vocabulary – depending on their audience.

  27. Well laser….. Maybe in the Masonic year of luck will you bring down the corrupt….. So they really tried to have you replaced as the court appointed liquidator….. If you’d looked the other way…. Hmmm 500k fine and 5 years incarceration…. Not quite worth it…

  28. Anonymously Yours;

    Here’s a question proffered to me just yesterday (when I was asked to be involved in a Malcolm Gladwell forum on Tuesday on LinkedIn) –

    “So, Mr. Haas – you turned down $850,000 and a chance to be partners with a guy that was running for Governor of Massachusetts. But I have to ask you, for the sake of the curiosity of our readers. Are you envious that Michael Glazer was given $18 million, now is CEO of Stage Stores and came real close to being partners of a POTUS”?

    To which I said.

    “So you are asking if more money and higher partnerships with Capone would have cajoled me to the dark side”?

    And (I kid you not) – he replied

    “What’s Capone got to do with this”?


    I guess I’m the only one who understands that 18 USC 1964(c) RICO was created to specifically take down above the law, off shoring, POTUS wannabes!

  29. By the way Anonymously Yours, that reflection of $500k fine and 5 years in jail makes certain assumptions (like that of legitimacy).

    Here’s a more truer (harder to answer) question.

    If – Laser the Liquidator had known the fix was in all the way to the White House (where even the Public Corruption Task Force would be shut down before any prosecution would come) AND that he could help make a POTUS wannabe become POTUS (and then be such persons partner).

    Would Laser the Liquidator then – at least – pause and consider the option?


    After all, I’m a liquidator by profession (an opportunist).

    What was it that made the opportunist – not even for a nanosecond – consider selling out his client for the biggest one day payday of his life?

    For reporters to be “that” smart and ask such questions;
    they’d have to understand what Capone has to do with this.

  30. “There are no ‘colors’, only the various energy levels of photons (wavelength, frequency) which stimulate the cones in our eyes, which our brains then interpret as ‘colors’.” -Dr. Lakoff

  31. Hey… Capone had lots to do with lots of things…. Not one you wanted to cross and he generally forced his bed mates…. You do an honorable job by not selling your soul…..

    You know O’ Hare (ORD) is named for a pilot in WWII …. But he was also the son of Capones Tax man….. That sold the man in power out….. Things do have a way of catching up with you…..

  32. I do understand that the whole reason I’m in a battle that most couldn’t even dream of – is because I didn’t consider selling out my clients (knew the moment I refused their last bribe offer that I was in deep pooh too).

    One could not take Hollywood’s best, drug them to their worst and dream up the stuff I’m dealing with here.

    All too surreal!

  33. Nope –

    But I will provide the more apropos subject matter.

    If G-d was before the earth – then he IS an alien of it.

    Jesus is a son of an Alien by a “beam me down Scotty” invitro;
    who could have had his Photon blasters laser’beam the planet.

    If G-d created us as his “free will” entertainment – like watching us on TV

    as we watch what we create on TV (especially those damn reality shows)

    Then who (WHAT) – is watching all the G-d’s doing all the creatings;
    with the ability to step out of time – and all?

  34. DAVID Drumm, I don’t quite understand your last sentence saying that those who are for immigration restrictions share in being racists. It only shows your bigotry and ignorance since I am all for immigration restrictions and I have done more in the civil rights movement in the 60s than I bet you have ever done. In FACT I take as my guide on this subject, the Jordan commission recommendations named after the late great BLACK Rep Barbara Jordan who chaired it. I call myself a Barbara Jordan Democrat in fact since I think she was one of the best politicians around. I would suggest that YOU read her remarks and her recommendations before you sling your invective around.

    For your infomation, she and her commission recommended strict border enforcement, an E-verify system to ensure only legal residents get jobs, massive deportations as needed among other items. Try calling her a racist if you are stupid enough.

  35. It does not follow that because she is the best looking fox on television that she is dumb or just reads the teleprompter. This woman is 43 years old and graduated from a law school. There was no mention of Swarte Peet in the blog or the story and that should be part of the Santa aspect. Peet was a topic of conversation previously this joyous season. If you are a black midget go to Amsterdam prior to December 5th each year and you will be employed. December 5th is Sinter Klaus Day in Holland. That is when Sinter Klaus gives out the gifts. They separate the Sinter Klaus charade from the Jesus BD so that when the fraud comes out it does not transfer over to HeyZeus right on his BD.

  36. A friend had a 200+ post card collection of Jesus portraits collected from around the world. They ranged from the loving infinite compassionate Jesus to the DFH snuff porn Jesus, paying for your sins-that Mel Gibson enjoyed so much… pictures say 1,000+ words.

    & in related news of the weirdos..

    This is Molly Ivins, Quoting Gov Ma Ferguson who settled a dispute about foreign language teaching in public schools by pointing to her King James Bible and saying…
    “If English was good enough for Jesus Christ, it’s good enough for the schoolchildren of Texas.”

  37. Txdave,

    One of the few female governors…. And kinda funny they Impeached her hubby Jim……. And then if I recall Jim ferguson ran again and won…..

  38. My 5 year old granddaughter asked me yesterday if the Romans were the bad guys who killed Jesus.

    “Ah … ,” I hesitated as it is always best to wait to see from whence the 5 year old’s question has sprung.

    “Well, gandma,” she said with an impatient sigh, “did the Romans wear purple or green?”

    “Purple or green?” I asked.

    With growing impatience at my mental sluggishness, she responded, “Yes, gandma, were they Roman Vickings or Roman Packers?”

    Aha, I thought, football! Thus allowing me a way out.

    “I don’t know, dear, ask your father.”

  39. LaserDLiquidator 1, December 14, 2013 at 12:10 pm


    I’m setting you up with a blind lunch date

    with Ben Sanders.

    Take a week, find some hemp and enlighten us all with more “colorful” insights.
    So, are you a multipersonality or just grandiously speaking for everyone as an encounter group leader?

    Anyway, take up your argument with the brain scientist I quoted.

  40. kinda funny they Impeached her hubby…
    where have i heard that before…

    “Ma’s” wiki page sure has wet my (historical) appetite.
    Amazon; Miriam Amanda Ferguson: First Woman Governor of Texas : Her Life Story Presented Through the Clothes She Wore
    1 new from $5,938.68 9 used from $5.10
    Seriously ? 6G for a book?

    During two non-consecutive terms in office, Mrs. Ferguson (a-teetotaler) issued almost 4,000 pardons, many of them to free those convicted of violating prohibition laws. Though never proven, rumors persisted that pardons were available in exchange for cash payments to the governor’s husband. In 1936, voters passed an amendment to the state constitution stripping the governor of the power to issue pardons and granting that power to a politically independent Texas Board of Pardons and Paroles

    God Bless Texas

  41. I wish someone would tell Ms. Kelly about Krampus. Actually, I wish someone would torture her by telling her on air that historically there is no mention of a Mrs. Sinterklass, just a faithful black ‘companion’, Zwarte Piet. Voluntary companion in some retellings, slave in others but mischievous (possibly murderous) and loyal nonetheless. I would like to see if her head would ‘splode. A ‘wink, wink, nudge, nudge’, and somewhat drawn out “companion” would probably do it. And who’s to say; what happens in the workshop stays in the workshop.

    Thanks for mentioning Sinter Klaus Dog/Beldar, you set my creaky data retrieval system on a twisted path. I hope you you have a new or fixed dogalogue machine.

  42. From the scientific evidence minority: Jesus is probably not an historical figure at all; there is very little evidence of that, and the Bible contains several anachronistic mentions of roads and towns that did not exist until after 250 AD, and some apparent allusions to events in the 200-300 AD era. Detailed Roman records of gathering and crimes (down to simple fist fights) of the zero to 50 AD era contain no mention of Jesus.

    Although I am not one of them, I have read about non-religious researchers familiar with the evidence that believe Jesus is an invented figure cobbled together from various myths with a common theme, dating back to Krishna and before, relying in part on verbal-tradition stories and myths refined by thousands of years to be compelling and memorable.

    I do not grant that Jesus was an historical figure; there is no evidence an actual person lived circa 30 AD, and there is evidence that around 250 AD, stories began to appear about a savior born 250 years earlier, modeled after several verbal traditions extant at the time.

    I think Jesus was a very popular remix of greatest hits.

  43. Some professionals have considered the question, including blind people:

    Although the meaning, significance, and definition of race have been debated for centuries, one thread of thought unifies almost all of the many diverging perspectives: a largely unquestioned belief that race is self-evident and visually obvious, defined largely by skin color, facial features, and other visual cues. This suggests that ‘‘seeing race’’ is an experience largely unmediated by broader social forces; we simply know it when we see it. It also suggests that those who cannot see are likely to have a diminished understanding of race. But is this empirically accurate?

    I examine these questions by interviewing people who have been totally blind since birth about race and compare their responses to sighted individuals. I not only find that blind people have as significant an understanding of race as anyone else and that they understand race visually, but that this visual understanding of race stems from interpersonal and institutional socializations that profoundly shape their racial perceptions. These findings highlight how race and racial thinking are encoded into individuals through iterative social practices that train people to think a certain way about the world around them. In short, these practices are so strong that even blind people, in a conceptual sense, ‘‘see’’ race. Rather than being self-evident, these interviews draw attention to how race becomes visually salient through constitutive social practices that give rise to visual understandings of racial difference for blind and sighted people alike.

    (Do Blind People See Race?, PDF, emphasis added).

  44. Tony,

    As a comparative religion instructor I once had said, “Whether Jesus was a real person is really kind of irrelevant. Real or myth, his impact and the impact of his followers on Western civilization is undeniable.” I agree that, unlike Buddha, there is not conclusive historical and archeological evidence as to whether Jesus of Nazareth was a real man or not. However, I have to admit that at a certain level of analysis, it isn’t important other than than that the truth – no matter what it is – is the preferable state of knowledge.

    Was Jesus white? Given the demographics of the region at the time, if he was real he was probably olive skinned.

  45. GeneH,

    You know nothing of Jesus unless you know Alabama & their great religious prophet Ricky Bobby.

    Jesus was a Blond haired, blue eyed miracle baby, conceived one day when dad was away tending the flock.:)

  46. Would it have killed Megyn Kelley to say Santa was whatever children envision him to be? What a Scrooge. As for Jesus, wasn’t he a Semitic Jew? Why would she make an issue out of it to begin with and then when the poo the the fan and she looked stupid, she says people should lighten up? Perhaps she should’ve never gone there to begin with.

  47. Waiting for Megyn to reassure the kids the following are white, too:
    Easter Bunny
    Great Pumpkin
    Arch Angel Gabriel
    Frosty the snowman (duh)

    Rearrange SANTA and you get SATAN…
    … Who’s tan/brown-ish.

  48. I saw the idea of Zwarte Piet when I was in The Netherlands one Christmas. My wife’s cousin and I drove to a park where a celebration was taking place and I did a serious rubbernecking when I saw children dressed that way. I was in complete disbelief of what I saw, not knowing about Zwarte Piet before. But what they celebrate is their affair.

    Admittedly the Christmas I liked the most was in Basel, Switzerland. The Weihnachtsmarkt I went to there was wonderful. (Chrismas Market) I would trade that any day for Christmas here, which I do not care for due to the hyper-commercialization of it.

    As for the notion of Jesus goes I think the representation done by the scientists is more accurate but of course we ave never going to know what he actually looked like. I take much interest in how especially the Madonna and child is represented over the years and lands. It is a good insight into the people and culture there.

  49. @Max-1 “Waiting for Megyn to reassure the kids the following are white,…..God”

    I am guessing there are at least a few white folks who are really, really hoping the God is a white, merciful God and not a dark skinned vengeful God… uh oh!

  50. Gene: I agree either way. If a real person, he would be of the area. If a fictional one, the most sensible casting would be as their own perfect image of themselves.

  51. Technically she is correct. Middle Easterners have been “white” for State Department purposes since the early 20th century, and therefore eligible for naturalization. In Jesus’s time, of course, there was no such concept as “white” with respect to human beings.

  52. Gene: “Whether Jesus was a real person is really kind of irrelevant.”

    In my personal experience: Not to the people that believe in him, it isn’t.

    Real person equals real miracles and a real afterlife. It basically means God is real. If Jesus becomes fiction the Bible becomes fiction and they have wasted tens of thousands of hours of their lives on heartfelt religion.

  53. I still think that God is a Black woman, an angry Black woman. If Jesus was (thanks, Tony), he was her son and of dark skin, race bedxmned

    Megyn is an excellent example of white privilege in action. And, typically, she is clueless about that privilege.

  54. Arthur Randolph Erb:

    DAVID Drumm, I don’t quite understand your last sentence saying that those who are for immigration restrictions share in being racists.

    I don’t think that is an accurate reading of the intent of the last sentence. If one believes that Jesus had blond-hair blue-eyes, then I suspect that racism is involved. Not everyone who believes in immigration restrictions believes that Jesus had blond-hair and blue-eyes. There have been those who support immigration restrictions who have used a blond-haired blue-eyed Jesus to garner support their cause. See the first H/T.

  55. I personally feel that Yesuha ben Yoseph (aka Jesus of Nazareth) was a very real person. Why? Because several middle-eastern Asian men of the time period wrote about him (i.e. Apostles of the Bible?). Then after his execution for sedition by the Italians (aka Romans) a Jewish expatriate turned official Roman historian interviewed the apostles and verified Jesus’ existence (i.e. Flavius Josephus).

    Where there any “white men/women” in the bible? Yes. The Greeks and the Romans. Where there any “black men/women”? Yes. Nimrod, Jethro and his daughter Zipporah (Moses’ wife and father-in-law from Ethiopia), the Shulamite Maiden mentioned by Solomon, the Queen of Sheba, and the Ethiopian Eunuch Phillip preached to. Was Jesus BLACK? If so that would mean he was of African descent. He only visited Africa (i.e. Egypt) when he was 2-years old.

    Jesus was from the line of David. David was a Semite or descendant of Noah’s son Shem (hence the name Semite). It appears that the descendants of Shem where the people’s who settled in Yemen, and parts of Northern Africa today (according to DNA testing by Dr. Spencer Wells of Harvard). The peoples of Israel today are mostly descendents of Ashkanaz the grandson of Noah’s son Japeth (who fathered the Caucasians). So it appears that Jesus was not Caucasian (aka white) as inaccurately depicted in Renaissance Italian paintings.

    That would mean all of the apostles, disciples, and Jesus probably where tanned skinned just like for example the Palestinians who live in Israel today. Another unrelated example would be the same shading of let’s say a common Puerto-Rican person here in America. Not too dark and not too light (there are many shades of Puerto-Ricans though). Definitely not like Megyn’s complexion. The same would go for the hair and eyes. That would be black hair and brown eyes.

    As Jesus was living under Jewish tradition he probably also had long curly hair, beard, and those curly lock sideburns. He did not adhere to all Jewish traditions as he NEVER took a wife as Dan Brown tries to inaccurately suggest.

    So IMHO Jesus was neither white nor black. He was Asian. He was born in Israel. That’s in Asia. Was he GOD? No! He worshiped a God himself so that means he was NOT God. He worshiped the same God the Hebrews did. The only reason for the confusion was the mythology of the Trinity arguably invented by a Catholic priest named Athanasius of Alexandria.

    The miracles performed by Jesus where NOT from himself. They where from the meta-physical extraterrestrial that he worshiped. The miracles where akin to baffling technology light years ahead of even our understanding today. Hence the definition of miracle: a surprising and welcome event that is not explicable by present understanding of natural or scientific laws and is therefore considered to be the work of a divine agency.

    This is no different than you trying to explain analog television to an indigenous native of New Guinea. First I don’t think any of you can actually “really” explain the technological nuances of television in the first place but just imagine how baffling it is to the native in question? You’d be viewed as a god yourself.


  56. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Historicity_of_Jesus

    “The question of the existence of Jesus as a historical figure is distinct from the study of the historical Jesus which goes beyond the analysis of his historicity and attempts to reconstruct portraits of his life and teachings, based on methods such as biblical criticism of gospel texts and the history of first century Judea.[23][24][25][26] Nor does it concern supernatural or miraculous claims about Jesus, which historians tend to look on as questions of faith, rather than historical fact.[27]

    Virtually all modern scholars of antiquity agree that Jesus existed, and most biblical scholars and classical historians see the theories of his non-existence as effectively refuted.[1][3][4][9][10][11] In antiquity, the existence of Jesus was never denied by those who opposed Christianity.[28][29] There is, however, widespread disagreement among scholars on the details of the life of Jesus mentioned in the gospel narratives, and on the meaning of his teachings.[5] Robert E. Van Voorst states that the idea of the non-historicity of the existence of Jesus has always been controversial, and has consistently failed to convince virtually all scholars of many disciplines.[9] Geoffrey Blainey notes that a few scholars have argued that Jesus did not exist, but writes that Jesus’ life was in fact “astonishingly documented” by the standards of the time – more so than any of his contemporaries – with numerous books, stories and memoirs written about him. The problem for the historian, wrote Blainey, is not therefore, determining whether Jesus actually existed, but rather in considering the “sheer multitude of detail and its inconsistencies and contradictions”.[30] Although a very small number of modern scholars argue that Jesus never existed, that view is a distinct minority and virtually all scholars consider theories that Jesus’ existence was a Christian invention as implausible.[5][24] Christopher Tuckett states that the existence of Jesus and his crucifixion by Pontius Pilate seem to be part of the bedrock of historical tradition, based on the availability of non-Christian evidence.[24] Graham Stanton states that “Today nearly all historians, whether Christians or not, accept that Jesus existed”.[11]

    The sources for the historicity of Jesus are mainly Christian sources, but there are some mentions also in a few non-Christian Jewish and Greco-Roman sources, which have been used in historical analyses of the existence of Jesus.[31] These include the works of 1st-century Roman historians Josephus and Tacitus.[31][32] Josephus scholar Louis H. Feldman has stated that “few have doubted the genuineness” of Josephus’ reference to Jesus in Antiquities 20, 9, 1 and it is only disputed by a small number of scholars.[33][34][35][36] Bart D. Ehrman states that the existence of Jesus and his crucifixion by the Romans is attested to by a wide range of sources, including Josephus and Tacitus.[37]

    The Mishnah (c. 200) may refer to Jesus and reflect the early Jewish traditions of portraying Jesus as a sorcerer or magician.[38][39][40][41] Other possible references to Jesus and his execution may exist in the Talmud, but they also aim to discredit his actions, not deny his existence.[38][42]

    Accepted historic facts[edit]Main article: Historical Jesus
    The reconstruction of portraits of the historical Jesus along with his life story has been the subject of wide ranging debate among scholars, with no scholarly consensus.[25] In a review of the state of research Amy-Jill Levine stated that “no single picture of Jesus has convinced all, or even most scholars” and that all portraits of Jesus are subject to criticism by some group of scholars.[25] According to James Dunn, nearly all modern scholars consider the baptism of Jesus and his crucifixion to be historically certain.[6][43] He states that these “two facts in the life of Jesus command almost universal assent” and “rank so high on the ‘almost impossible to doubt or deny’ scale of historical facts” that they are often the starting points for the study of the historical Jesus.[6] Amy-Jill Levine has summarized the situation by stating that “there is a consensus of sorts on the basic outline of Jesus’ life” in that most scholars agree that Jesus was baptized by John the Baptist, debated Jewish authorities on the subject of God, gathered followers, and was crucified by Roman prefect Pontius Pilate who officiated 26-36 AD.[14]

    Scholars attribute varying levels of certainty to other episodes. E.P. Sanders and Craig A. Evans independently state that there are two other incidents in the life of Jesus that can be considered historical: that Jesus called disciples, and that he caused a controversy at the Temple.[44] This extended view assumes that there are eight elements about Jesus and his followers that can be viewed as historical facts—four episodes in the life of Jesus and four about him and his followers, namely:[7][44]

    Jesus was baptized by John the Baptist. He called disciples. He had a controversy at the Temple. Jesus was crucified by the Romans near Jerusalem.[7][44]
    Jesus was a Galilean. His activities were confined to Galilee and Judea. After his death his disciples continued. Some of his disciples were persecuted.[7][44]
    Scholarly agreement on this extended list is not universal.[7][44][45]

    Myth theory[edit]

    Main article: Christ myth theory
    “Christ myth theory” is an umbrella term that applies to a range of arguments that question the existence of Jesus as described in the Christian gospels.[46][47][48][49] The theory that Jesus never existed at all has support from a small minority of modern scholars.[9][50][51][52][53]”

  57. Oh and BTW? Since we can agree that Saint Nicholas (aka Santa Claus) was born in Patara Turkey, we can assume that he was not white either. Why? Well Apostle Paul was not white as he was a Jew born in Tarsus Turkey. He had Roman citizenship but not Roman (i.e. Italian) white colored skin. So it must be assumed (as Jon Stewart points out in the video above) that St Nicholas was a dark tanned skin fellow.

    So Megyn’s comments where indicative of her education-level and cognitive reasoning skills. She needs to get on Google to be careful not to catch “foot-in-mouth” disease.:-)


  58. Sonofthunderboanerges,

    I follow/adhere to most of the Christian Apologetic movement, but I do consider myself as a non-denominational christian. Does that answer your question?

  59. The adults usually let a kid know that Santa is not real at about the time the kid starts questioning things like the sleigh and high altitude gift giving. But the adults never question the HeyZeus thing about Christmas. I wonder why.

  60. I am very impressed by the amount of the time several responders have allocated from their busy day to play wordsy with the Fox network opinionators. In the world that I observe, that should mean that 501(c) employees are involved. The religion involved is money – the disagreement is circular.

  61. @RWL – Well it does kinda’ sorta’… However, I would like to hear your opinion on whether you believe Jesus ever existed and what you think his complexion was like.

    @BarkingDog – It’s a lot easier explaining a little “white lie” about Santa Claus then to try and explain celebrating a pagan Roman ceremony (i.e. Saturnalia) on December 25th when Jesus NEVER once instructed anyone to celebrate his birth. His sacrificial execution on a stauros (i.e. tree) had more meaning and was instructed by him to his followers to celebrate that on Nisan 14 every year. That’s despite the fact that his birth was never in the dead of winter but more into the fall of Sept/Oct. Imagine explaining that whopper of a lie to your kids!

    Well I guess a parent who condones celebrating pagan celebrations that stem from ancient Babylon and Egypt can’t quibble over details like loyalty to a Judeo-Christian meta-physical deity. Exclusion devotion is meaningless to some people today I guess. Most people have no idea the origins of birthdays, Easter, Halloween, Xmas, etc. Ahhh why quibble… it’s only your fate that’s at hand…😦

    (please use that acronym it’s easier to type)

  62. I think if someone checked the old Roman records for the name Santa Claus, Jr., they might find the white man we now call Jesus. I’m pretty sure Santa Junior was the name he was using when he was jerking those Roman clowns around.

    Santa is known to be white and the name Virgin Mary is a white name, so she is probably white. Now, Joseph, Virgin Mary’s old man, might have been an angry black man – especially when he peeped Santa Claus, Jr. and saw them baby blue eyes.

    There’s no question that the deity of the white people is Santa Claus, the senior, and he created them in his image – white.

    I can’t understand why FOX News hasn’t covered all this crap amidst this manufactured controversy. Aren’t they the main source of religious knowledge in America today?

  63. @RWL – I know you are being sarcastic BUT… Jimi Hendrix (aka Johhny Allen) is a bit extreme… why? Because not only was Jimi a “mutt” but was also a dope-fiend. Conversely, Jesus was not a mutt but a pure Semitic Jew (that had some divine tinkering with his DNA). Jesus also refused drugs during his execution unlike Jimi who would take them on general principles.

    Jimi’s complexion was due to a melanin combination of an African American father and a Native American-Irish mother. So his complexion would have been too dark. If you need an example of a 1st century middle-eastern complexion I refer you to Ramón Rodríguez . Ramon was in the TRANSFORMER (Revenge of the Fallen) movie.


  64. SOTB,

    I wasn’t comparing the 2. I was implying: Who cares about his physical features. What He accomplished, via the cross & resurrection, matters most.

  65. Megyn Kelly is a dim bulb in the cultural darkroom that is Fox News. She did not say that Jesus was Caucasian. She said he was white. For her and her viewers, Jesus must be white, just as Santa Claus must be white. We need to remember that she speaks for those whom Sarah Palin calls the “real Americans,” conservative white people who attend conservative churches and reside in small, homogeneous towns throughout the country. It is that segment of society most fearful of demographic and cultural change, people who desire to “take our country back” to a time that never was and for whom a white Jesus and a white Santa represent the last, best defenses against diversity and pluralism. Her comments were not “tongue in cheek.” They were thrown down like a gauntlet.

  66. Nal,

    You hit this one out of the park.

    At one point in my life, I wished I would’ve lived 2,000 years ago so I could have seen the beautiful one for myself.

    Now, I wish to see him in all his glory, forever. And to bring him a gift when we finally meet face to face.

    My favorite painting. http://www.akiane.com/

  67. I agree with Mike Appleton. To some extent. We dogs in the dogpac had a discussion about which television show or channel to have “left on” here at the marina dogpac room when the humanoids were “out”. We had a vote and told DogBiscuitGuy that we wanted taped versions of Fox when The Fox i.e. Megyn was on. We have discarded Animal Planet. Since some of us dogs (the majority of us dogs) were humans in a prior life and the male dogs out vote the female (itchBays) our vote won out. We cant stand Hannity or that other old fart who writes books and Juan has sold out. We call him Sell Out Juan. We figure if your name is Juan you can pronounce HeyZeus correctly. We in the dogpac are also fed up with the Santa, the Seighs, and the Xmas apCray. We went out to the stores with our half blind guys on Black Friday and white people were out and about and we went again on Green Monday and the sky was blue. On Cyber Monday there was not a troll to be seen. Our poor half blind guy humans are strung out buying gifts for their spoiled brats and dorky wives. On December 26 we are calling on all Americans to celebrate Dog artFay Day. If you know what I mean jelly bean, by the Pig Latin. On Dog artFay Day we will demand the end of the NSA. They were responsible for the destruction of the Dogalogue Machine a week or so ago.

  68. @Mike Appleton “Her comments were not “tongue in cheek.”

    I was especially impressed by Megyn Kelly’s reassurances to children that Santa really is white. The approximate quote as nearly as I can transcribe it from the clip posted by Elaine M.

    “For all you kids watching at home, Santa just is white… Santa is what he is, So you know we are just debating this because someone wrote about it. OK, I wanted to get that straight.”

    There is more, but this quote captures most of what impressed me.

    She seems to feel it necessary to reassure children that there is a fundamental ‘truth’ that Santa is white, as though children might be disturbed or damaged by the thought of an ethnic Santa.

    I think her reassurance to children did more than anything else to convince me of the seriousness and importance Megyn attaches white Santa, and white Jesus.

    I admit I will never know exactly what was in Megyn’s mind at the time of the broadcast.

    But Megyn’s remarks to children are what convinced me that the later releases claiming that the piece was tongue-in-cheek and the program unfairly criticized are nothing more than spin to minimize damage to FOX.

    Megyn is a one of a group of Americans that are not kidding when they say they are dreaming of a white Christmas.

  69. “I admit I will never know exactly what was in Megyn’s mind at the time of the broadcast,” said bfm.

    I’m thinking something like this:

  70. As a child, waiting eagerly for Sinterklaas and Zwarte Piet to visit my family on the night of December 5th, the skin color of this supposed saint was the least of my worries. At school, when he finally showed up with his Piet (yes, white male with black face paint), I didn’t worry about the skin color, I just worried about Piet grabbing me and putting me in a potato bag, the one bad kids were thrown into. I was spared that spectacle as it was usually one of my brothers who was forcefully caught into the bag. His four siblings would share their gifts with him afterward. I wonder why this one brother kept going to the Sinterklaas school party after his fate was repeated quite a few times. All it did was encourage him to be ‘bad’ some more. Interestingly enough that it was the Zwarte Piet who did the snatching. I’m sure it helped the white kids believe that black people are mean. Fox News moving Ms. Kelly to a prime spot fits one of their ‘best’ strategies: a good-looking blonde to sell the news; what man doesn’t like to look and listen to THAT package as they can continuously fantasize she is noticing them. Why else would she look so intensely into their eyes?

  71. **Gene H. 1, December 14, 2013 at 2:38 pm


    As a comparative religion instructor I once had said, “Whether Jesus was a real person is really kind of irrelevant. Real or myth, his impact and the impact of his followers on Western civilization is undeniable.” **

    The other day some here, & I’ve heard it said elsewhere, stated that they were uncomfortable with the gen pop/law of Southern States.

    I replied I’d rather be here in Oklahoma with the Jesus Freaks then up in NY,NY with all their mob corruption.

    To better qualify my remarks I will add 1st we seem to have plenty of mafia type corruption of our own down here as well.

    2nd at least with these Jesus Freaks here & in many places in the world they in many ways have a belief that they are obligated to be decent human beings under threat of the Christian religion’s god.

    That as society shifts away from organized religions of the past the parts of society that have already moved away from religion seem without any beliefs for a foundation in which to build their lives around. Of course I don’t mean everyone, but many seem like that.

    With the lack of that religious foundation “many” seem to have replaced mindless obeisance to organized religions with mindless obeisance to a domineering a State, (govt).

    From my perspective it could be a few more decades until “many” people move away from the fallacy of mindless obeisance, until then at least I know in part where the Jesus Freaks around here are coming from & what their foundation for their lives is.

    Another observation that may/may not be the case is regardless if it’s the Hard Right Religious Extremist people or those of the Far Left Stateist Extremist I believe both share a common trait.

    Both groups seem to demand an authoritarian Father Figure Type Leadership. Top down, Vertically Integrated leadership we see in the Military & corporations instead of Bottom Up, Horizontally Integrated Leadership as the Founders intended for this nation.

    That they are fearful of be responsible for making leadership decisions for themselves & their family & that that’d rather submit themselves & families to be followers.

  72. @Mike Appleton – “Well said sir!” (In a pompous Foghorn Leghorn Southern accent)… no really well said. I agree 100%

    @RWL – I got that… You know (or you should know by now) I just had to say something pithy and informative… It’s what I do…😎

    To the guy who said the mob is in NYC? Nope… check NOLA. More of them there. NOLA is where the wise guys who whacked JFK confabed back in ’63. Just ask Oliver Barr McClellan**. He spilled all the beans on who was behind the JFK thing. And yes he implicated the VPOTUS too.

    How does Barr know this? Remember that line from Enemy of the State – 1998: where Will Smith and Gene Hackman said: Will: “Conspiracy theorists of the world unite.” Gene: “It’s more than a theory with me. I’m a former conspirer. “ Yes Barr was a former conspirer turned whistle-blower. Read his book: “Blood, Money & Power”.

    **Barr’s son was GWBUSH’s Press secretary Scott McClellan.

  73. 2nd at least with these Jesus Freaks here & in many places in the world they in many ways have a belief that they are obligated to be decent human beings under threat of the Christian religion’s god.

    that kinda depends on their definition of “a decent human being” and what they feel obligated to do for his favor.

    over the past 2000 years there’s been some pretty horrible sh!t done to people by other people who considered themselves to be righteous, decent, even law abiding human beings.

    i’d rather have a neighbor who minds his own business.

  74. Pete,

    I’d much rather deal with an atheist than a self professed Christian….. I think it was one of the St Fraces that said when actions fail…. Then speak….. I think that’s the right one….

  75. Kidsworld Bali 1, December 15, 2013 at 9:58 pm

    Never heard of the “Black Madonna” – the earliest representations of Mary. Impossible her son was white.

    The Vatican has many explanations for this. One they say is that the original ones where exposed to candle soot and took on that patina. The one I like the most is the one about her trip to Egypt in Jesus’ 2nd year of life. It is claimed that Apostle Luke (the Evangelizer and doctor) made some sort of artistic icon of her on the trip and made some comments about her skin-color. Of course I believe this to be apocryphal but it is claimed that Luke said he accompanied Joseph and Mary on the trip and acted as their personal physician. She being a middle-eastern Asian her already medium-tanned skin probably suffered from sunburn in the deserts between Israel and Egypt. She was on donkey-back the entire time exposed to the sun. So the Vatican also offers this as an explanation for the Black Madonna.


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