The Morning After

vSw0ixxIt the morning after and most of the kids (save one watching Mulan) are still asleep. We had a glorious dinner for 27 and everything this year came out on time and hot for the rollout. The only party in the dog house is Fanatics Outlet which failed to deliver a box of Bears shirts and sweaters for the kids as promised despite ample time for the order. It is something that millions of Americans face with little recourse other than returning the items. Some companies routinely do a bait-and-switch to get people to order with the assurance of a pre-Christmas delivery only to leave them without presents. However, this year apparently was worse due to some weather problems, though weather has not been bad in Chicago.

Fortunately, we had no shortage of presents for the kids and we got a beautiful light snow shower in the evening for a picture perfect White Christmas. Our dog Luna’s first rump in the snow was a roaring success. She clearly loves the cold and snow.  We are trying to avoid the constant danger presented by the boys receiving remote controlled helicopters.  Yes, we are trying to remember what possessed us in buying those particular items.  Everyone is quite blissful and I am enjoying the cold weather.  It just does not feel like Christmas if the temperature is above the teens.

I even had Christmas dinner with a Packers fan in the ultimate display of seasonal love. My niece’s finance, Matt, is a Packers fan (yes, we do inter-marry) but he is otherwise a decent chap.

I hope everyone had a wonderful time. We will be starting our usual visits to the haunts like the Science and Industry Museum, the Chicago Museum, Ed Debevic’s, and other hot spots in my hometown.

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  1. pete 1, December 26, 2013 at 7:40 pm

    meatloaf, mashed potatoes, and little green peas.


    Yep. With butter on the potatoes and peas. Real butter.


    Gotta have ketchup with the meat.

  2. About the recipe for Ed’s Mom’s Meatloaf…

    I forgot to mention that the quantities haven’t been reduced. The recipe calls for 6 cups cream,10 pounds bread crumbs, 31 pounds ground beef…

  3. I should also mention the caption picture with the bulldog was a nice composition.

  4. I wonder what meatloaf would taste like by using pesto sauce instead of tomato sauce. It might suck, but it is a nice change to do this with pizza.

  5. My sister’s cat, which lived to be 24 years old, loved the snow. He bounded endlessly around like it was such a joy. I would sometimes climb atop the roof via the fence and leap from the roof into the snow.

  6. mespo,

    As an aficionado of good meatloaf, I will mark that as a “must try” next time I’m in Chicago.

  7. For those of you who claim that your Christmas gifts were late you must recall that you said that you wanted them delivered before Christ’s BD. That happens to be May 23rd. The good shepards moved it back to around the times that Jews celebrated so that the two groups could Christian mingle so to speak. When I complained to the UPS about my package not making it to Chicago they told me the above.

  8. Nice write up on your Christmas professor! As a Green Bay Packers fan, it pleases me that your Bears merchandise was held up, but alas, the same thing happened to me with some Packers items I ordered for my family. (Merchants seem to be blaming UPS for it this year, but my vendor is adjusting the shipping charges accordingly.). As for the game, unofficial channels are reporting both Aaron Rodgers and Randall Cobb will return to the field of play this week for Green Bay, so I don’t think you should hold out too much hope for DaBears making the playoffs this year. Oh well, you can always pop your copy of “Super Bowl Shuffle” into the VCR and relive 1985, again. :). Happy Holidays Professor Turley and please keep fighting your good fight for the Constitution!

  9. The Christmas Eve table centerpiece was to be an elaborate Gingerbread House put together by Williams-Sonoma complete with my youngest granddaughter’s name over the door. By Monday morning, when it still had not arrived, I was getting nervous. What in the world was I going to do with a gingerbread house after Christmas?!

    At 4pm, just as we had finished loading our truck and were about ready to leave for my daughter’s where we would be spending the next few days, the UPS truck pulled up at the end of the driveway delivering my centerpiece which had been air-shipped.

    After dinner all the adults and grandkids descended on the gingerbread house breaking off pieces, eating frosting covered windows and doors, and grabbing gum drops. The gingerbread was fresh and fragrant, even the icing was different flavors depending on the color.

    Thank you Williams-Sonoma … I’ll be back next year.

  10. One of one of my granddaughter’s presents from me didn’t get delivered, darn frustrating! But at least she got one of them, so grandma wasn’t a total grinch.

  11. I breath easy today on the morning after. I am in Den Haag with my half blind legal scholar human, presumably giving him guidance. We went to Amsterdam to our favorite spot on Damrak. An Angel without wings got ahold of my Pal and he and she had a wingless tryst that landed him on the floor with a broken finger. Dog only knows where that was. Trip to the clinic and Swarte Peet was in there getting a sore foot worked on. No sign of Sinter Klaus but he is gone in these parts on December 5th. Peet was also a cab driver and he gave us a ride all the way back to Den Haag. Today we argue with Germans over NSA and spying on Merkel. Peet told us that the NSA folks were probably bugging the cathouse.

  12. There is nothing quite as cute as a pet having their first encounter with snow. My Norwegian Forest Cat, Gabriel, used to love the snow. But the first time he saw it? He took about three steps into it and looked back at me with a look of pure wonder. “What is this and why have you been keeping it from me?”

  13. Thanks for the personal account of your Christmas, Mr. Turley. It is one of the many things I like about you. It makes this more than just a legal blog.

    On the T-shirts. UPS may be the culprit and not the shirt company, according to news reports. Big game next week. I know I keep harping on this point but remember, Jay Cutler is not a winner. I think every coach he’s had comes to realize that basic fact. I think most Bear fans have come to that conclusion as have Cowboy fans vis a’ vis Tony Romo.

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