The Morning After

vSw0ixxIt the morning after and most of the kids (save one watching Mulan) are still asleep. We had a glorious dinner for 27 and everything this year came out on time and hot for the rollout. The only party in the dog house is Fanatics Outlet which failed to deliver a box of Bears shirts and sweaters for the kids as promised despite ample time for the order. It is something that millions of Americans face with little recourse other than returning the items. Some companies routinely do a bait-and-switch to get people to order with the assurance of a pre-Christmas delivery only to leave them without presents. However, this year apparently was worse due to some weather problems, though weather has not been bad in Chicago.

Fortunately, we had no shortage of presents for the kids and we got a beautiful light snow shower in the evening for a picture perfect White Christmas. Our dog Luna’s first rump in the snow was a roaring success. She clearly loves the cold and snow.  We are trying to avoid the constant danger presented by the boys receiving remote controlled helicopters.  Yes, we are trying to remember what possessed us in buying those particular items.  Everyone is quite blissful and I am enjoying the cold weather.  It just does not feel like Christmas if the temperature is above the teens.

I even had Christmas dinner with a Packers fan in the ultimate display of seasonal love. My niece’s finance, Matt, is a Packers fan (yes, we do inter-marry) but he is otherwise a decent chap.

I hope everyone had a wonderful time. We will be starting our usual visits to the haunts like the Science and Industry Museum, the Chicago Museum, Ed Debevic’s, and other hot spots in my hometown.

28 thoughts on “The Morning After”

  1. Now why did you buy them remote control helicopters…. Because you like penguins on the roof….

  2. I surely give credit to the customer service reps that work for parcel shipping companies this time of year. I can only imagine the earful they get, when calls are actually fielded, then sit back and take it on behalf of the company they work for.

  3. I’m delighted that it went so well…blessings to you all for the New Year! By the way, that is one solemn Bully!

  4. Nice write up. Mine: very quiet. Dinner: grilled swiss on rye. UPS and FedEx are both claiming an overload. USPS didn’t have that problem. USPS is faster and cheaper.

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