New York Shelter Worker Arrested For Allegedly Taking $500 To Care For Dog And Then Throwing Her Into Dumpster

3117659_GPapinimugshotFor animal rights advocates, Michael Papini, 30, could be the ultimate fallen angel is allegations against him are proven. The Suffolk County SPCA says that it was a videotape of Papini throwing a plastic bag into a dumpster that they say contained the female Lhasa Apso shown above. He is being charged with felony aggravated animal cruelty, animal abandonment, and other related charges.

The dog was placed in a box with holes in it, then wrapped in a plastic bag. The dog chewed its way out of the container and bag and was later found by a dumpster diver looking for food. The dog has been sent to a shelter and is recovering.

Police say that a woman paid Papini $500 to take her two dogs to the shelter because she could no longer care for them. That leads to a question of fraud given the payment to arrange for the proper treatment of the dogs.

The case raises a question as to whether, if proven, someone like Papini should be given an enhanced sentence due to his position. Putting aside the $500, some courts will include an aggravating factor for abuse of authority or position. That would certainly seem relevant if the $500 payment is proven, but even without it, should a shelter employee be given a harsher sentence than a non-shelter employee?

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  1. Four legs good! Two legs baaaad!

    That is from Animal Farm, not Animal House. We gotta keep our animals in the right houses and farms. But, dogs are better than people. Except twice on Sunday when people get to walk into the church and later into the liquor store while us dogs have to sit outside and thank dog we don’t have to go to church or drink.

  2. There are two thoughts as to whether he should if convicted receive an enhanced sentence.

    In one sense all should be equal before the law and in general it would be unfair to say that certain occupations and social statuses receive different sanctions for the same crime. But in the case where one is entrusted given their office and that is broken it diminishes the public’s trust and faith in the services provided that in the long term can be more damaging to the welfare of these animals than what was done to an individual animal. That is, people don’t trust the animal shelter and then great numbers are abandoned and are uncared for.

    So, I would be in favor of a larger sanction against him if the law permits.

  3. Please, bring this ‘sub-human’ to Florida…. and feed him tothe alligators…… 1 quarter at a time!

  4. There a humans who walk on two legs that display less humanity than the lowly flea bitten mongrel of the canine species who walk on all fours.

  5. Poopin, Schmuck is Yiddish. An Italian would call this guy faccia di merda! At least in my family. There are many more.

  6. Put him in a box with holes in it…. Wrap it in plastic…. And dump him in a locked dumpster….

  7. Dear gawd, where is the other animal?? The punishment for animal cruelty should be severe in all cases. Granted, I’m one of those humans that likes the four-legged variety of mammal to the two-legged, as they are generally loving and accepting of everyone until either nature or nurture program them to be otherwise. (I’m also not a lawyer.) My question is, did he work at the animal shelter, or a homeless shelter? If he worked at the animal shelter, there should be an additional sentence thrown on, absolutely. If it was the homeless shelter, his sentence should include being locked in a room with all of the animal-loving homeless people he was there to help so they can let him know what they think of his actions.

    Dogs and cats and every other kind of animal we keep as pets can’t actually speak for themselves. We need to be their voice and their advocates. They don’t understand cruelty, but we do, even if we can’t explain it fully. They don’t understand justice, but that doesn’t mean they don’t deserve it when abused, abandoned and treated like the garbage that more accurately describes someone who would do what this man did.

  8. I believe that this worker has a duty to take care of animals put into his care and yes I think he should get an increased sentence if convicted. To do this to an animal is sick and depraved and for animal shelter worker to take this action is disgusting.

  9. Absolute scumbag. If it were up to me l’d throw him in a hole for the rest of his life. I would release all the marijuana inmates so there would be lots of room for dirtbags like this.

  10. Italians, and others, who live in New York now have a new word for what they characterize as a “schmuck”. “He is a friggin Papini.”

  11. If he has a house and yard alert the dogs in the neighborhood to his dangerousness but encourage a lot of dog poop in his yard.

  12. Put him in a large plastic bag and deposit him in a dumpster which is scheduled to be picked up within the hour and taken to the dump by a dumpster truck driver who is deaf and can not hear yells.

  13. “fallen angel” – JT

    What is interesting to me is, assuming the statements are true, that this guy was once an animal lover to the point he was a good employee of the SPCA.

    His lawyer even said such acts he is charged with would be out of character for the defendant.

    How far he has fallen if he is guilty of the crimes he is charged with.

    “The case raises a question as to whether, if proven, someone like Papini should be given an enhanced sentence due to his position … should a shelter employee be given a harsher sentence than a non-shelter employee?.” – JT

    Those who work at SPCA are assumed to care for the animals they are helping in times of need.

    I think he is like congress who raised the amount of tax money being used for military imperialism, but cut off money for those in need in the U.S.

    Congress is worse than someone on the street doing that because they promise to work for the people if they are elected to an office, and this guy is worse than another person who does not fake that he still cares.

  14. Of course Mr Papini should be severely punished. He seems to have a mental condition that requires continuous surveillance.

    The question of dogs and homeless folks is a tough one. Everyone needs companionship and companionship plus a level of protection is even better. But pets are not welcome in homeless shelters or anywhere else and they cost money. The best solution to this and other questions of poverty is a minimum sustenance stipend for everyone. That would eliminate the need for homeless shelters, SNAP, and many other poverty programs.

  15. why would he just throw away the dog? why the f would he throw it in such a way as he assumed would cause the dog to suffocate in a long suffering death?

    You got $500.
    1. Take care of it.
    2. Sell it
    3. give it away
    4. let it loose somewhere

    heck, kill it you must but why would he cause it to suffer so much? A psychological exam should be part of whatever sentence he receives.

  16. Michael Papini, of Lindenhurst, NY, may your every remaining step on Earth land upon a fresh and steamy pile of doggy droppings whilst when you wake in the morning your mouth be found have the taste of dog poo upon it’s tongue.

    Happy Poo Year.

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