Wal-Mart Recalls Donkey Meat In China As Containing Fox Meat

225px-New_Walmart_Logo250px-Donkey_1_arp_750pxNormally, a product containing donkey meat would be the reason for a recall. However, in China, it is the lack of donkey meat that has caused a scandal. The Chinese have found that a produce called “Five Spice” donkey meat contained traced of meat from other animals, particularly fox meat. We previously saw scandals involving rancid or rat meat being sold in China. However, from a Western sensibilities standpoint, this is a rather novel claim that donkey meat was contaminated by non-donkey meat.

Wal-Mart will reimburse customers. Donkey is a popular snack with 2.4 million donkeys slaughtered each year in China for human consumption.

Thus, “not enough donkey meat” is now a complaint being investigated in China. Of course with Wal-Mart you are guaranteed it is also the cheapest possible donkey meat.

We have not heard from the foxes however for one simple reason . . .

28 thoughts on “Wal-Mart Recalls Donkey Meat In China As Containing Fox Meat

  1. This was nothing but an excuse to post the Fox video. Not an uplifting way to begin 2014, but someone is sure to get a kick out of it.

  2. Homer: “mmmmm Donkey”

    On second thought it might not be Homer but rather Æsop. It sounds like one of his fables “The Fox and the Donkey”

    There once was a fox and a donkey.
    The fox taunted the donkey saying “Donkey, you are dead meat. The Chinese are going to eat you. But I am safe because they don’t like me” Not to be outdone, the Donkey told the fox “You think you are so crafty, don’t be such a braggart.”

    The argument lasted for 7 days and 7 nights until they were met by a panda bear.

    The panda said “A great chasm has formed between two friends and this is not good. Come over to my pagoda friends and I will bring you both together.”

    And so the three walked to the pagoda, the fox and the donkey hoping for a better chapter in their friendship where they could be closer. But to their mutual horror, the panda put on his blue vest and said “Welcome to Wal-mart”, with knives glistening in the sunset.

    And soon the fox and the donkey were together, much closer than ever before, purchased in 24 can cases by Hermaphrodite: a food she can relate to.

    The moral: Others can help but friends should beware of Wal-mart Pandas bearing cans.

  3. Homer: “mmmmm Donkey”

    “The moral: Others can help but friends should beware of Wal-mart Pandas bearing cans.”

    What do you get when you cross a donkey and a fox? A can of Fonkey Spam.

  4. I’m guessing Chinese foxes are not as wily as US foxes. And Bruce, the problem w/ meat is it is often not labeled. I have eaten horsemeat which I assume is similar to donkey. It’s quite lean.

  5. When I was in Canada’s Yukon Territory once upon a time on a vaction, I asked a rough looking fellow “What do you eat around here sir?”

    The old codger looked me in the eye, spit a bit on the ground, and said “boy, we eat anything that don’t eat us first!”

    Get in touch with your inner machine for heaven’s sake.

  6. Dredd, The Yukon is so different than just about any place I’ve been in North America, and that includes the people.

  7. Dredd:

    you ever eaten bear or mountain lion? Both are tasty though it is a little hard to wrap your mind around eating the cat.

  8. On the topic of donkeys, the Bears just resigned Jay Cutler FOR 7 YEARS. This is a donkey who has thrown almost as many picks as TD’s. Sorry Bear fans, the man is a loser, and an ass err..Donkey

  9. From all accounts, donkey is both tasty and better for you than beef. At least that’s what Zimmern said. It looked okay. But adulterated products are adulterated products. If I’m buying Soylent Green? I want it to be made out of people, dammit.

  10. I agree with WalMart’s decision. When I eat donkeymeat, I want 100% donkeymeat. And I prefer to enjoy my donkeymeat with a nice cold glass of cockroach juice. I don’t want my cockroach juice to be adulterated either. Can you imagine a nice glass of chilled cockroach juice tainted by traces of apple juice? Disgusting.

  11. How dare China be upset with Wal Mart. After all, how many hundreds of thousands of well paying manufacturing jobs have been shipped overseas to China and other nations, so Wal Mart can pad their profits.

  12. My sister in law has sampled lion meat. Once a lion or lioness escaped from a Chinese zoo and was shot dead by the police. The Chinese never waste anything so they cooked the lion and my sister in law got to sample a piece. I will have to ask her opinion of it.

  13. Keep in mind when you are in a grocery store and thinking about pork, that Smithfields has been bought out by some Chinese company. Think twice. And thrice on Sundays.

  14. How did fox meat get into the donkey meat? Looks like they’ve been caught shoveling road kill into the vat.

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