Elderly Man Arrested At Florida Walmart After Confrontation Over Two Items Above The Express Line Limit

williamgollawayIn Florida, two elderly men got into an argument that led to an arrest over two items at an express lane. When John Malherbe, 67, drove his motorized shopping cart into the express 20 or under lane at Walmart (yes, it appears that the “express” lane has 20 items at Walmart), he found himself being monitored by William Golladay, 77, behind him in the line. Golladay counted each of Malherbe and discovered, heavens to Betsy, that Malherbe had two whole items over the limit. That’s right, 22 items in the 20 item line. Golladay then lost it and things went from bad to worst. He is now facing an interesting felony charge.

The confrontation at the Punta Gorda store resulted in Golladay yelling at Malherbe. They exchanged heated words and separated, but it idid not last. Golladay started yelling at him again and and then “Golladay then intentionally pushed the metal shopping cart into Malherbe’s right elbow causing pain.” Managers escorted him outside, but he then returned and approached Malherbe in a threatening maker “with both fists raised.” He was then interviewed by a deputy who described Golladay was “uncooperative and was ranting about how the man in front of him was in the 20 item express lane attempting to purchase over 20 items.”

What I found interesting about the story is the charge. The 77 year old Golladay was charged with battery on a person 65 years or older — a felony. It is not the usual profile of this crime when the culprit is actually ten years older than the alleged victim.

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  1. Now I have yet another reason to stop visiting Walmart. Walmart gets added to my list of such stores I have stopped visiting. JC Penney, Sears, Target, Walmart. I wonder Who’s store will be next? I have not shopped at Sears since 1983.

  2. I have a theory that there is an aspect of dementia in which compassion and empathy deteriorate as with memory. A general notion of why old folks are crotchety. I’m over 65, and I find myself much grumpier than I used to be, or than I want to be.

  3. About a year ago I stood behind a woman at the 20 item check-out line at a Walmart in Oklahoma who had at least 50 items in her cart. The clerk looked at the cart, looked at her, and said “Which 20 would you like to buy?” Can’t beat that for a quick quip.

  4. AY:
    I’m not much for reality shows, but your idea just might get me to tune in. Amusing thought. Sorta. Kinda. :-\

  5. Flori-duh. Why did I never see that great descriptive word before? They have a governor who shaves his head and numerous wackos in office. Some issue or event makes the blog every other day. But, all that aside. A schmuck with a wheelchair cart in Walmart who abuses the 20 limit line rule is a candidate for old farts home. At age 77 he is getting there. Notice how these people can walk all the way from the parking lot but need one of those wheelchair carts to ride around in and hog the aisle? Same artFays wait for the bill to be presented and then start writing the check and then have to complete the ledger before they hand the check over. The check is a good idea rather than a debit card after the Target fiasco.

  6. Imagine being this Express Lane Sheriff’s wife or child. He needs some exercise, Prozac and a hobby. I doubt Walmart will hire him as a greeter.

  7. It is common to be in a Walmart 20-item line behind people with 2 shopping carts full. Probably because there is seldom more than 1 regular line open.

  8. A textbook example of how something totally stupid by someone mushroomed into a felony charge. Oh the drama at Walmart.

    Here is the PC Statement . (two pages, link to second page at the right of the original)

  9. Flori-duh again. Good thing Malherbe wasn’t carrying. It might have become a case of Sit Your Ground.

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