A New Year’s Resolution? Iran Executes 40 People Since The First Of The Year

330px-The_Hanging_by_Jacques_CallotIran has been on a killing spree of late. According to the Iran Human Rights Documentation Center (IHRDC) and Amnesty International have reported Iranian has executed some 40 people, including 19 in one day. Having executed 529 people in 2013, Iran seems on course to another banner year of Sharia excess.

The spasm of hangings undermines the image of President Hassan Rouhani as the “moderate” reformer.

Twenty-one of the executions have been acknowledged by the government while Amnesty has accounted for 19 more.

The Iranians use a particularly brutal form of hanging but tying a rope around the neck of the subject and then pulling him up into the air with a crane. It avoids snapping the neck of the person, which is the purpose of trapdoor hangings.

Iranian officials have long viewed hangings as a way of cleansing the country of those who violate core Islamic values. For example, a few years ago, the head of an Iranian delegation, Mr Yahyavi, shocked Western leaders at a conference when he responded to objections to the hanging of two teenagers believed to be homosexuals by declaring that homosexuals and lesbians should tortured and killed . . . all in the name of morality.

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  1. We need a topic devoted to constitutionally requiring states to give “last rites” to humans (inmates) just before they are killed (executed). The dead human will soon have an interview with Saint Peter regarding there destination. They should know their rights.

  2. Angela: Those who can: do. Those who cant: teach. Those who cant teach: teach teachers. The lessor offenders do learn from the greater offenders. Take George Bush and Obama for example. Rick Perry learned from his predecessors. He learned not to pay any attention to calls for pardon of a man proven to be innocent and therefore killed the guy while he was busy campaigning. If Rick Perry as Governor does not pull the lever then I don’t know who does. Blame it on the minions I guess. When his time comes at the Pearly Gates for his audience on the issue of Heaven, Hell or Limbo, Saint Peter will have a stand-in because he plays golf on Wednesday. The ex inmate from N. Korea sitting in for Saint Peter will probably send Rick to Limbo. They do not want Hell to be a learning center for lessor offenders to learn from the likes of Ricky boy. Limbo is a suburb of Saint Louis named Florissant.

  3. This is one thing that Iran does right. No repeat offenses. No wasted $$$ spent on housing human garbage, enabling them to “teach” their schemes to lesser offenders,

  4. Once again, we seem to be in good company with our death penalty laws, right up there with China, Russia, Saudi Arabia. Maybe there’s a prize being offered to the country that can execute the most people.

  5. While it is abhorrent action on the part of Iran, as BD suggested, we have a lot of blood on our hands as well.

  6. Texas has about one third the population of Iran. Texas killed 19 humans in 2013 in the name of the People of the Great State of Texas. Iran is ahead. But not by much. You have an Iranian and a Texan in line at the Pearly Gates. The Texan goes first. Saint Peter sends him to Hell for being a citizen of the State that killed people in his name. The Iranian goes in. What country do you Hail from? asks Saint Peter. Norway.

  7. Just trying to keep up the upper hand on anything thing the Texas governor will allow to happen…..

  8. The Sixth Commandment says: Thou Shalt Not Kill. Iran has adopted the Sears Roebuck version applicable in Texas and many states in these United States which is along the lines of Thou Shalt Not Murder so its ok to kill a murderer as long as we do it in the name of the people. In Iran they do it in the name of Allah. It figures that those pirate territories over there can not adhere to the Sixth Commandment. How dare they. They adhere to the Texas law on the killing of other humans: Y’all can.

  9. Of course the crane is used to make a public spectacle of the event. Crazy.

  10. “So what the hell is your point? Do you want to personally grab a rifle and try to stop them?”

    You don’t have to advocate war to take the important action of identify injustice or outright evil. .

    The worst thing we could do is remain silent as though nothing is happening.

    BTW wiki has an article on hanging. According to the article low hanging which dos not snap the neck can leave the condemned suffocating for 10 to 20 minutes. This seems to be a particularly senseless and cruel method of execution.

    I object to the method. I object to capital punishment for the crimes. I object to criminalization of personal behavior.

    That is the point. I hope you all will all join with me in making those important points.

  11. How many have Saudis our BFF’s have hanged so far this year? How can we find that out?

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