Nova Scotia Human Rights Commission Reportedly Supports Martial Arts School Bar On Female Contact With Muslim Man

300px-ShihonageWe have another conflict that has arisen between non-discrimination laws and religious practices. In Canada, a woman has challenged the decision of a Halifax aikido school to protect a Muslim man from having contact with females and relieving him of the need to bow in adherence with the traditions of the martial art. Just last week, we discussed another story out of Canada where a university ordered such an accommodation for a Muslim man who did not want to have contact with female students despite the requirements of the curriculum. This decision was reportedly supported by Nova Scotia human rights commission officials. [Photo does not show any of those involved in this story]

Sonja Power, 17, objected to the decision of the of Halifax’s East Coast Yoshinkan Aikido to bar contacts with the man. Notably, the school meets at the Community Center, which is presumably government property. That has been a key issue in controversies in the United States where discriminatory groups like the Boy Scouts have been banned from public property.

Power says that the sensei (teacher) at the school “put all the women on one side and then offer a side for the Muslim man so there wouldn’t be any problems.” The man also refused to shake the hands of women, which is part of the tradition after class. He would also refuse to bow — telling the sensei that he only bowed to Allah.

Islamic scholars have challenged the view of the man, noting that the Koran does not bar contact with women and that, unless the sensei was claiming to be God, there is no reason why a Muslim cannot engage in the act of respect. Notably, such scholars also questioned the religious basis for the demands of the university student in the earlier story out of Canada. Yet both the martial arts school and the university imposed segregation rules in deference to religion.

Power says that the man also passed out Islamic literature speaking of the need to beat wives for serious “misconduct” and how woman who show their bodies simply want “attention and possibly much more.”

Notably, the sensei says that his decision was supported by both the Nova Scotia Human Rights Commission and the Halifax Recreation Administration. He says that Canadian officials told him that segregating the class was.“prudent, lawful and correct.”

Source: National Post

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  1. It could be worse- in Canada, people who have posted disagreements with the decisions by the Human Rights Commission have been charged with rights violations and successfully prosecuted. Thou shalt not contest the findings of the Human Rights Commission. Coming soon to the US.

  2. Isaac
    Please know your Muslims from your Arabs, Yes, Arabic culture is patriarchal, by not all Muslims are Arabs. Muslim religion, generally called ISLAM, does not need to evolve. AND, there are fewer Arabs than there are Muslims. In other words, most Muslims are non-Arabs, and in most non-Arabs communities women have the rights men have.
    And, Angela, that’s the extent of your argument? Really, pedophile?

  3. Ooooo. a Muslim… a follower of the great pedophile Mohammed. Let’s all run, and let him have his way with us.

  4. This moron was just afraid of getting beaten up by a woman. Typical ultra religious cowardice hiding behind his religion.

  5. There is possibly something to those who think that the muslim is afraid of being bested by a woman. One of the things that slavery, the racism found in America, and any other dreg of a religion requiring female subservience to men is an automatic position of superiority merely by being born a male. One of the reasons that the most cerebrally disadvantaged males of this country continue with their racist positions is that without the black man to look down on, they would be the bottom. This might be, and probably is, the same force keeping the Muslim religion from evolving. Just by being born a male in an Islamic country, that male has a full half of the population to be superior to. A Muslim man grows up as a small god. I have known western women who have married Muslim men and the way they are treated by the mothers of their husbands is as chattel. For the most part, a Muslim woman does not acquire any respect, if at all until she becomes the mother of the demigod(s) or grandmother.

    There is plenty of love, caring, and affection in these societies. There is, however, a free pass for the male. It most likely is what this trouble maker fears most, being bested by a woman and if that were to be found out, his reputation among his cronies would render him a laughing stock.

    Perhaps we should be creating all woman special forces squads to scare the bejesus out of this irritant. Just the mere fact that they might be whipped by a woman might make them stay away from the fight as in this case.

  6. While I think a reasonable accommodation could be made for someone who had real religious problems with touching women or bowing, this guy was there to preach, as someone suggested earlier. I am concerned why anyone would file a complaint or lawsuit because of the accommodations made here. I understand the school used government space for the class, but how was she harmed by the stupid and unnecessary ruling by the school?

  7. Why is it lawful to discriminate against women? Canada is a civil society, supposedly, not a religious state. Which religion shall they honor? My religion, the FSM, requires men that hold such stupid beliefs to be confronted with their stupidity.

    Why aren’t my religious beliefs counted in Canada? I believe I should file suit immediately to impose my ways on this man!!

    P.S. I think Darren is correct. This man is afraid of having his hat handed to him by a woman.

  8. Bowing to magic-thinking only breeds more of it. Good for Sonja Power for getting these silly men out of their ruts. Segregation is never prudent nor correct, and those that make it lawful need to be removed from office.

  9. Wait…. Aren’t terrorist sometimes female….. Is there any chance these folks might interact with a female Mossad….. I bet they’d just give them a free pass…..

  10. Why is he allowed in the program when he won’t follow the rules? He appears to want to be there to “teach” his form of religion, not to learn the art as it is being taught there. It would be one thing if this was a mandatory course in school for instance and one had to take it to graduate (but even then: when I went to college I was unable for health reasons to take phys ed which was a requirement. They had me “take” the class (I never had to set foot in the gym) and then gave me a “C” – which was the reason I did not graduate with honors, GPA off by .04. I was choiceless, this fellow is not.

  11. “Forget it, Jake. it’s Hoser Nation.” If the man can’t conform to the traditions of this sacred and centuries old sport, then run his ass out of the program!!

  12. I’ll bet it would be quite a shattering of his ego to have one of the women drop him to the floor and pin him. Maybe that is his greatest worry.

    Again, as I stated in the prior, similar article of Canada, why did this guy even sign up for the Aikido class if he knew there were women students? The rest of the class shouldn’t be fforced to bow down to his beliefs.

  13. another distraction to keep your eyes on muslims instead of the jews are who the ones destroying our country… DO I WANT TO HEAR FROM THOSE WHO THINK THEY KNOW BETTER? ANS NO. i will not aid in your continual blindness to the truth. if you did your research then you already know the truth. and if you did but are not ready to admit that your whole life is a lie then i still have nothing for you..and your denial means your still mind.body controlled and no even in my league so please do not bother responding

  14. “Marital” Arts School am sure was not exactly how you meant to word this in the title, unless it was all pun intended. Just incase, it was purposely done, then LOL! I hope I wasn’t the only person to “get” it.

  15. The Muslim men are coming. The Muslim men are coming.

    This is a segregation law sponsored by the government which is a shame. I would like to know if the school is free of cost to all and paid for by the Canadian Government or the sensei charges fee? If the latter is true then all have equal rights and the rules of the school should be obeyed by all.

  16. Another example of women being punished because some men claim that men cannot control themselves around women. I say the man should be required to be in a class with all women. Perhaps Karma would work her magic.

    If this is Canadian law perhaps a boycott of Canada is in order.

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