Smartie Heads: School Officials Warn Of The Danger Of Nasal Maggots In Latest School Fad

hqdefaultAs parents, many of us have an ever-expanding list of things to worry about for our children. We can now add “nasal maggots.” That’s right, nasal maggots. School officials are warning parents in Rhode Island that students are snorting Smarties and the latest fad is causing allergic reactions, lung irritations, and potential maggots in the nasal cavities.

School officials say that children are hearing about the fad from Youtube and it has become a “widespread phenomenon.” A few are below.

220px-SmartiesOn one level, it seems pretty harmless. “Smoking” smarties is usually just grounding up the candy and blowing out the powder to look like smoke. It mimics real smoking which is obviously not good for kids who may move on to the real thing. However, that aspects has led many to say that the dangers are remote. It has the same danger as candy cigarettes that we used to play with as kids.

However, around the country officials say that kids are also snorting smarties. Rathe than glorifying cigarette smoking, this use is glorifying drug use. There is no actual high (no not even a sugar high), because there can be infections and other problems, including nasal maggots. I remain unsure however why nasal maggots is such an obvious danger or the link to this fad.

This is still an improvement over my childhood where kids would sniff glue and paint. However, I would think one warning about nasal maggots would be enough for most kids. It certainly show that when it comes to Smarties, you are not always what you eat or snort.

15 thoughts on “Smartie Heads: School Officials Warn Of The Danger Of Nasal Maggots In Latest School Fad”

  1. Bob Marley: Cigarette smoking is dangerous. Hazad to ya health. Does dat mean anyting to you?
    He said this years and years ago in a song about legalizing marijuana.

    Today we have uttBayheads smoking tobacco right and left and in the halls of Congress. Et tu Boehner? It is the biggest self inflicted suicide mechanism on planet Earth. Guns are quicker.

    The article is sort of interesting. You might put up a topic about those college students in DC at George Washington U who smell farts and grade them. They post the grades on a bulletin board next to the graduation list.

  2. How bored are these kids? Jeesh. Get a hobby or go to the library and read a book!

  3. Darren:

    Truly funny story. It is also an interesting take on the placebo effect.

  4. I had a case where one 14 year old boy was convinced by other students that smoking oregano would give you a killer buzz. So some of the students sold him a baggie of oregano and he smoked it and believed it worked. He then hid the oregano in his room, fearing his parents would find it. They did find it and thinking it was marijuana they called my department. When I looked at it is obviously wasn’t but the parents were pissed off at the boy that he would do this and bring embarassment to the family. The boy was in a lot of trouble and I’m sure there would be no lasagne and ravioli for a long time for him.

  5. How about kids will experiment with things based on rumors…. Or dumb ideal passed on by one kid to another….

  6. What some fail to realize is getting nasal maggots is a plus for some Beavis and Butthead types.

  7. Djeesus, you really are gonna go worry about children snorting sugar?
    Is this really a public policy problem, or a parental discipline problem?

    “OMG Nasal Maggots!”

    This is just another nanny-state hysteria in the making. Another Crucible-like mania.
    Soon sugar itself will be banned because it looks like a drug, and then any other white powder for the same reason.
    Notch it down a few decibels, and deflate your view over what is only little kids behaving childishly.

  8. Smarties are M & Ms where I am now in the UK. But I’m not convinced that letting powdered sugar circulate around the throat could set off a chain reaction of maggots in the nose!

  9. As parents, many of us have an ever-expanding list of things to worry about for our children.” – JT

    Would that this type of stuff is the only thing to worry about.

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