Illinois Man Sells Drugs To Judge . . . Man Faces 11 Years While Judge Faces 18 Months In Jail

5277add4c1c8f.preview-300cook-michael-150x150Former St. Clair County Circuit Judge Michael Cook (left) is no doubt facing a nightmare after pleading guilty to buying and using heroin while on the bench. However, he is still far better off than his supplier, Sean D. McGilvery (right) who is looking at a 10 to 11 year prison term for the crime.

Distribution has always brought greater time than possession, but the sharp disconnect in the treatment of the judge as opposed to the dealer raises obvious concerns. Judge Joe Billy McDade will have to finalize the sentences and has asked for the U.S. Probation Office to prepare a supplemental presentence investigation report on former St. Clair County Circuit Judge Michael Cook. That might allow for an upward departure for the former jurist. After all, Cook was a judge who handled the cases of other citizens while he engaged in the same criminal conduct.

McGilvery, who could get from 10 years to as much as life in prison after pleading guilty to conspiracy to distribute heroin, is scheduled to be sentenced Thursday. Cook faces sentencing in February.

McGilvery is a former legal client of Cook’s and admitted to selling the judge heroin on a daily basis. Worse yet, Cook routinely presided over drug cases. The conflict was obvious to others. Defendant Justin D. Cahill, told the investigators that he was happy to supply OxyContin pills to Cook, because he assumed Cook would give him a lighter sentence. Cook later sentenced his own dealer to three months in jail and probation.

To make matters even weirder, another downstate Illinois judge, Joe Christ, died of cocaine toxicity last year at a hunting cabin owned by Cook’s parents.

Source: ABA Journal

26 thoughts on “Illinois Man Sells Drugs To Judge . . . Man Faces 11 Years While Judge Faces 18 Months In Jail”

  1. well Bill been there and done that and you are obviously a heroin user and or related to the judge somehow…..

    i was addicted to heroin in the early 90’s so i know the hell you’re talking but your comment makes no sense. as a JUDGE he knows the effects/affect of drug use since HE SITS UP ON HIS HIGH HORSE and sentences people to jail for doing exactly what he did.. yes heroin is a physically addicting drug.. ive been off it since 95 and am still dealing with the effects today.. but herein lies the pay to ur bs…..

    IM NOT NOR WAS I IN LAW ENFORCEMENT. and your buddy the judge was. so do tell us what was your buddy hiding from in reality that he didnt want to deal with? because that is the purpose of addicts alcoholics there is or was something terrible that happened or is happening to them and to numb the pain and not have to deal with it. we turn to drugs/alcohol. it doesnt make the problem go away as a matter of fact it brings on many many more problems..

    with that said your buddy the judge is full of chyt. he could have gotten help long before his addiction . and if he isnt trying not to deal with something that brings pain.. then he is a user for PURE ENJOYMENT which makes him even worse.. he should be sentenced under the rockerfeller laws. and thrown in prison with the same dealers/ users he put there

  2. Nothing to see here dealers are supposed to get more time than users. The guy with tons of drugs should do more time than someone caught with and ounce.

  3. The dealer gets time, the judge gets rehab and never sits again as a judge. Since he’s an addict judging other dealers and users instead of recusing himself, he should be punished but not sure what’s appropriate. Maybe jail time.

  4. I feel both the judge and the dealer should get the amount of time due to their crime. The judge should be dusbarred from judgeship 4ever! Also there a many prisoners in prison right now that are addicts that go thru life without treatment. This should b mandatory classes in the prisons. They need reformed and yes these drugs do take over people’s lives and some even take their own life. So very sad

  5. BarkinDog.

    There in lies the problem. The sauce- heroin- is not good for any human. Heroin is the worst drug on the planet. It

    Heroin may not be harmless for all users under all circumstances but I do not believe it is nearly as harmful as the anti-drug warriors insist. In my view legalizing heroin, banning alcohol and encouraging alcohol users to switch to heroin would result in a net social gain.

    Most of the harm caused by heroin comes from the side effects of prohibition. People die because the black market does not provide it in consistent concentrations and the percentage variation in concentration is of the same order of magnitude as the difference between a safe and a lethal dose. Prohibition cause prices to be exorbitant thus forcing poor users to steal and the expense also steers users into using intravenously with all the concomitant health problems.

  6. You people on your high horses have no business judging someone for being an addict. If you haven’t been there you have no clue of the Hell it puts one through, especially heroin.

  7. What is “sauce” for the goose is sauce for the gander. There in lies the problem. The sauce- heroin- is not good for any human. Heroin is the worst drug on the planet. It ought to be illegal as should cigarettes. The later kills more people but heroin would kill more if it were more available. We need an island some where to send these people to rather than jail. An island with no drugs, no cigarettes, no rotten tangerines and plenty of work to do. Not pick and shovel kind of work but picking grapes or something. Then pay Australia or some country to take them in after they have done their Island Time. We don’t need them back here. This is why England used Georgia as a penal colony. They were smart.

  8. Given that “people of the law” hold a job intended to enforce laws, the breaking of any laws should be dealt with more intensity.

  9. Give me brake.whats good for the goose is good for the gander, both should b sentenced the same. If anything the judges sentence should b more severe because he was sworn by oath to uphold the law.

  10. They should throw the book at that Judge that is just bullshit he is supposed to be a authority figure how can we possibly trust the justice system when we have judges doing heroin
    n while at work???

  11. U.S. drug laws amount to little more than a gigantic corporate welfare scheme.
    THINK of who benefits from them. The list is long, so don’t expect things to change much beyond going easier on Marijuana.

    The most important word in the English language is “why”. Ask yourself why
    we have drug laws, and if you are honest with yourself – and reasonably well-
    informed, you’ll quickly realize that the collective “we” are the main victims of
    the War On Drugs. So, why is alcohol legal? Ditto tobacco? etc.

  12. Under most circumstances I would agree w/ Dredd and zack. I think the war on drugs is one of the biggest travesties by govt. in my lifetime. That said, a judge has to be above reproach. If he came forward and asked for help. If he recused himself from drug cases. Well, then I might cut him some slack. He did neither. He knowingly, willfully and maliciously betrayed the public trust. There’s no way his drug cases were righteous.

  13. whats sad about this is how out country treats addiction as a crime do you think this judge enjoyed throwing his life away for herion? no. he had an addiction to one of the most pwerfull drugs in the planet. he needs treatment not jail time!!!
    its a victimless crime people! as for the dealer he could use some jail time but in all reaility hes just giving the people what they want. if addiction was treated as a problem more and more people would just know to stay away and sooner or later he would just be outa people to sell to

  14. And the drug war marches on destroying the lives of consenting adults everywhere who have the temerity to ingested substances the government has deemed verboten.

    The blatant hypocrisy on part of Mr. Cook and his legal ilk in sentencing others for the same types of “abuses” they themselves have committed is deserving of some time in jail.

    Mr. McGilvery, so long as he wasn’t/isn’t selling his poison to children, should be set free as this was simply a business transaction between two consenting adults.

  15. Drug addiction needs to be handled as an illness. Judge cook at least deserves the same consideration as those whose psyche has collapsed under some social dynamic.

    1. Dredd, Normally I would agree with you on this, but given the fact that he did NOT come forward on his own, he deserves no consideration whatever. Given his position, he deserves a doubly harsh sentencing.

      This should be treated the same way alcoholic pilots are treated. If they admit they have a problem, they are given a chance to go to rehabilitation and they can get their jobs back. If they are caught flying while drunk, they go to prison, and are banned from flying. We do not treat drunken pilots like we do drunken drivers, since the first offense for pilots is prison time. I think that same thing should apply to judges, lawyers, and police.

  16. This is similar to the treatment that LEO’s are afforded in the multiple shooting and alleged abuse cases we have seen here. While I am not in favor of long sentences for most drug users, this judge abused his position and may have given lighter sentences to his suppliers.

  17. I thought that lawyers, judges, and police are supposed to be held to a higher standard that the rest of the public. If that is the case, then the judge should get a higher sentence if he is found guilty. The crook is relatively honest in their contempt for the law, but any person is law enforcement is FAR worse than a crook since they not only spit on the law, but they subvert the trust of the people in laws, and promote corruption of the system. So I think that an appropriate sentence would be double that given the rest of us for a similar crime. if this is not possible under current law, we need to enact a law to make such criminal activity by such persons be enhanced to double the sentence that is given to the ordinary citizen. That should sober those folks up damn quick, plus it will give legal expression to that higher standard we expect from them.

  18. I applaud the Federal judge for seeking an upward departure. I’m certain it still won’t be what this corrupt judge deserves, but it’s the thought that counts.

  19. This is sad…. Treatment should be had…. Unless the judge departed greatly in sentences of defendants… They should be allowed to stand…. As far as the dealer…. It doesn’t appear to be his first rodeo…. So I’m not surprised …. But maybe the judge should get something enhanced…. I have mixed feelings on this…. But clearly he’s not fit to serve as a judge….l

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